Monday, May 16, 2005

What is my problem with Sengkang?

How stupid can I get. Got a call from some tuition agency yesterday and there was a job offer for me but I dunno what the hell I was thinking, so when I heard the location was at Sengkang, I thought it was too blardy far for me to accept the offer. Hence, I told the woman on the phone that I didn't want it. Fuck man. Wasted. After that my mum asked who called and I told her. She said I was fucking dumb which I totally agreed. After all I realised Sengkang wasn't too far and not too inaccessible as there were bus services linking Sengkang to both Paya Lebar(my camp) and Pasir Ris(my home, of course). I should have told the woman I would like to consider for a few days first. Oh man I am a fucking dumbass. Such calls only come once in a blue moon...and I squandered this chance totally. I have only myself to blame I guess.

Actually i wanted to call back to say I will take the job was a damn private number. Regretted. Can only hope that I get such calls more often in future. I will definitely be not so rash in my decision next time. Stupid me. Stupid Stupid Clement.


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