Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanks Shaun

I just want to say 'Thank You' to Shaun, my fellow colleague in the unit. Thanks very much for your birthday gift for me and I really like it and I appreciate it lots. It was really nice of you. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One bus, one silent farter


Before I start on today's main topic, I would like to comment on the Korean drama I'm currently watching - Love Story In Harvard. The first few episodes have rather impressed me..Actors and actresses have their handsome and pretty faces respectively, but what I really want to say is that the theme song is really good!!! Haha..Soothing and the melody is perfect..I always sing along when it plays..haha :)

Okay, onto today's issue. Basically I would just like to share with everyone this experience that I often go through when I travel on buses. Have you ever been a victim on the bus such that whenever you travel on the public bus all of a sudden a smelly stench will somehow get to your nose, and it smells seriously fuckin sickening. Immediately you would think it's fart, which 99% I'm sure it is. Do you get pissed off with this? I sure do. Everytime this happens I swear I felt like strangling the idiot who was responsible, and just fuckin stab him with a knife on his chest. Often I will try to find out who the black sheep is but one will never know who was the one who actually farted. AHHHHHHH!! It's just so shitty when this happens. If this happened to you before, I'm sure you feel the same as I do. And the worst thing is, the smell stays there like forever, so more often than not you gotta live with that smell throughout the whole bus journey. There is no way you are goin to hold your breath all the way unless you are superman who needs no oxygen to live. Sometimes, I really wonder, what those people who silently fart in buses think of their acts? Two most common mentalities will be:

1. Oh my god, I need to fart. I can't help it. I'm so sorry to those people around me. Just endure the smell ok?
2. Oh man this is so funny. Everybody should get a chance to smell my fart...especially in silent mode. WHAHAHAHAHAHA.

As if to fart irresponsibly on the bus is not bad enough, if the farter has mentality no.2, he/she ought to die a terrible death. That is just totally DISGUSTING, SICK AND PERVERTED BEHAVIOUR.

I hope any one you readin this entry is not one of those whom I just described.

Imagine you were caught in one of these two situations. Which situation would you rather encounter?
1. To be sitting comfortably on the SBS bus only for a stench of blardy fart to disrupt your pleasant journey. And you gotta live with that smelly fart for like 45 minutes...


2. To be sitting beside a madman on the SBS bus, and that mad guy spouts all sorts of nonsense and rants all kinds of funny languages at you and unfortunately you cannot switch seats...

Time to :P

Monday, November 21, 2005

I love Mahjong!!


Woke up bloody early today because I had plans to go Colin's house for mahjong. It was bloody hell far as I would have to travel from Pasir Ris all the way to Holland V, but thankfully Terence's mum gave me a lift as I went over to his place to meet him first before we proceeded to Colin's together. Finally got to play mahjong again in a very long time as it took me awhile to get warmed up. It was goin good during the early stages and I was winning quite abit until Colin began his crazy streak, lost to him twice in a row as I fed him the winning tile on both occasions. Disgusted with myself. That was when I started goin down and down. But I was not to be the biggest loser for the day, as Terence got crushed badly. Haha. Poor him did not even win a single round haha! I could hav recouped my losses in the last round as I was on my way to a maximum combination, but sickening Eugene was so fucken lucky I couldn't believe it. He won with a minimum combination and my money flew away just like that...Oh wells...Haha.

On my way home I passed by Janice's place by chance and decided to drop by for a little while since she told me she was at home rotting her time away anyway haha. Her bro wanted to play mahjong but he couldn't find enough people to play so in the end I was lookin forward to nothin. Haha..we chatted the whole time and it was really good to see her after we haven't contacted each other for quite some time already..In the end we were still so bored I suggested goin down to walk around, but unfortunately her neighbourhood had nothin interesting as well lol. Her exams are ending pretty soon so after that we must all meet up ok haha... =)

What a satisfying scoreline! Every Liverpool fan would love to see that!! Haha..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

November's Chopin and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

I can't help but comment on the latest Jay Chou album coz it's really a great album to listen to. For those who haven't got November's Chopin, you must go get it now. This album is betta than the previous one by leaps and bounds and I am so totally WOWed by some of the songs in this album. Here are the songs that I highly recommend that you should listen to (in order of course):

1. Feng
2. Hei Se Mao Yi
3. Shi Mian Chu Ge
4. Fa Ru Xue
5. Shan Hu Hai


I watched the movie 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose' with Kai An on Friday evening. And I must say that this show is really not bad. Not the typical horror show that you would usually expect. This movie focuses more on what happened to Emily Rose when the exorcism took place, and how the Father who conducted that ritual was put on trial for negligible homicide. Anyways, some scenes were disgusting as expected. The body contortions were just pure sickening, plus when Emily chewed on insects it was just Eewww.. The best was of course the exorcism ritual of course. I loved it! Couldn't believe it when there were like a total of 6 demons that possessed her body. Emily should get an award for her excellent acting. Serious. Ohh...I must mention the lawyer who defended Father Moore too...the way she fought her case was simply breathtaking. Even Kai An told me he was impressed haha. Good movie to watch. Relax man, it's not scary a bit.

RATING ---> 3.5 / 5

That Friday evening before I watched the movie I also saw Felicia Chin in Town!! Oh my goodness shez so pretty and was dressed so elegantly!! I just love her lots n lots!!! My MEI REN YU!!! Haha..

Today I was at J8 so I decided to check out the auditions of Campus Superstar. It was fuckin crowded all right. And I simply can't believe so many students actually took part. Ok..fine, a minority really sang great but the rest were just bad. I can tell you 80% were just there for the sake of hoping to get their faces captured big on primetime television. Shameless people man. Why would people want to take part unless they are sure they have at least that bit of talent to sing?? Why?? Don't they feel embarrassed at all? I watched the auditions for about close to ten minutes then decided to leave thereafter. Now I just can't wait to see the auditions because I know it will definitely make me laugh out loud...Haha.. WANNABE STUDENTS..This show will surely attract many consumers..

Friday, November 18, 2005

Describing Tioman trip with photos


Herez some of the photos we took in Tioman. Great trip indeed!

Strong wind makes my day!!

Another pose on the speedboat..

The majestic waterfall

Me feeling the power of water at its fullest..

5 of us together @ the waterfall

Minus Ngai Han

Tioman Jetty At Night

Me With Qingyong

We r snorkellin baby!!

Just got out from the water...5 of us on the boat

Should I suntan like that??...

or will the effect be betta like this? Haha..



Lightning captured on camera!!

With a resident on the island

How about 2? Haha..

Time to keep fit

AHHH I am so happy I am going jogging every evening for this week. I have never in my life went jogging for 4 consecutive days. Let's make it 5 tommorow. Whahaha.

It's STRESS to be in my department HAHA. You have to give a treat for everythin. Pass driving gotta treat the people to lunch, get best personnel for the month also have to treat, ORD also have to treat. Haha. Poor Ngai Han. Think hez already mentally prepared coz Terence is demanding a treat at the Fullerton stretch. 30-40 bucks a person.... he can just die. Haha. If it were me I will just faint.

Oh and finally today I am done watching finish my KOREAN VCD SET. Nopes it's not Jewel In The Palace. It's FULL HOUSE!!! Very good. So hilarious and both female leads are so chio!! I luvvv them deep deep!!!! Haha. Muz watch if you haven't and especially if you are into Korean shows like my mum. Shez fallen in love with that Chengjun-Ge in Stairway To Heaven. Siao wan le she. Haha.

- Clement rates FULL HOUSE 4 out of 5 STARS -

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Funny Daqiu

I finally drove my papi's car for the first time since I got my driving license. I took the chance as I was on leave yesterday and we decided to have breakfast together at Loyang Point, thereafter I drove his car through the entire stretch of the PIE all the way to Jurong area to collect my DVD player which I sent for repair for like 3 weeks back. I miss my DVD player soooo muchh!!! Now I can switch back to the times when I can get to watch my dramas in my cosy room, savouring on my potato chips of course! Hahaz.. Anyways, driving was fun!...No clutch, no need to observe 50km/h and of course no more pressure on myself to need to pass any shit TP!! :) Still need to practise on my parking though, guess more practice will reach near perfection...yep. Looking forward to my next chance to drive papi's car againz..

I just finished watching TONG XIN YUAN on Ch8 and I was really amused by some parts of the show, particularly the scene which took place near the end of today's episode..Here is a brief take on what was shown (translated, of course):

Uncle : We shall use this idea for the upcoming food fair. These are some of the beauties I specially engaged to promote our fishballs.

Daqiu: VERY GOOD!!! To think you were able to come out with such an idea...

Uncle: Yeah, with this we don't have to worry whatever fishballs Dayang will be selling at the fair. Haha.

Daqiu: What??What is that idiot thinking? Hez selling fishballs too?

Uncle: Yeah, apparently hez making chocolate fishballs. It's quite nice..I have tried..


It's so fuckin farnie when they act the whole thing out!! Especially when Cavin Soh emphasizes on the word 'Stupid' and the way he told Dayang to go make fishballs stuffed with shit instead..Haha...I really LOL man! Hope during the upcomin Star Awards 2005 he will win the role for Best Supporting Actor which I think he duly deserves...Hahah.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Back From Tioman


My skin on the neck and shoulder area is peeling like fuck. Man.'s been one week since I came back from the Tioman trip together with some of my closer buddies in the unit. It was a great experience for me, not the most luxurious of trips but it was still freaking fun because after I went with frens. Tried snorkelling for the very first time in my life (hope it's not too late, haha) and also swam with schools of fishes in the sea. Also gambled every night and it was full of fun. Although I lost quite alot, it didn't really matter coz even if I had won I had to treat the guys anyway, which was what Ngai Han and Calvin did. Haha. It was a pity though there was no BBQ on our 2nd night if not I bet it will be even better. The greatest spoiler during the trip for me was when the sea engulfed my cap when it flew away from my head while I was on the speedboat back to Mersing. Well..was sad initially but I asked for it really coz I should have listened to Yu Tian's advice to take off my cap before that. Oh. After this trip I have learnt to appreciate SBS buses alot. That's because when you compare SBS buses to those of Malaysia, they are worlds apart. Serious. And people from Malaysia dun fucking queue to board the bus. Throughout the bus journey I was feeling like shit coz it was so squeezy in there even though I had the luxury of sitting. Can't imagine those who stand and endure being sandwiched for the whole of the bus journey - which was like almost 2 hrs. It was absolute torture. So guys, appreciate what SBS provides you with man. They are tonnes better than those stupid buses you can find in Malaysia. Regarding what happened throughout the trip, I m kinda lazy to pen it down actually. Once I get hold of all the pictures from the trip, I'll post them up and let em tell you all about the trip.

Was on leave on Thursday and so I made use of the chance to meet up with Kian Guan to catch the movie 'TOM-YUM-GOONG' starring my idol Tony Jaa. Hez an incredible bone-breaking machine. A damn good show it was and definitely worth my 7 bucks. If you haven't caught it, you must.

- Clement rates TOM-YUM-GOONG 4 OUT OF 5 STARS -

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Passed my driving!!!


Yeah and it's damn true!! Although it was a marginal pass, but who cares? Still a pass..and that is what it all matters...haha...I could have gotten 8 points if not for my fucked up mistake at the very last part when I was going to turn back into the driving centre...haha..Apparently I missed the driving centre coz I was too concentrated about the oncoming traffic on the opposite road, and by the time I realized it was kinda late but still I quickly turned back and the right turn back to the centre almost looked like a u-turn. Haha. At that moment, I tot I was goin to fail but luckily there were no pedestrians around so he did not jam-brake the car. Got 10 points for that stewpid mistake which eventually totalled up to 18. PASSED! And I was elated although he was still putting on that stern face coupled with that pair of sunglasses, as he kept scolding me for my mistakes but I just didn't care because all I was thinking of was a pass..Haha. There I exited the tester's office, and I couldn't hide my delight as I happily went to close my account with CDC, then waited to watch the video for newly qualified drivers. I am so looking forward to drive my dad's car now that I have passed! Haha....I just knew today will be a DAMN good day..

Watched 'Star Idol' on Ch 8 just now and the auditions were so funny as usual. Really enjoyed watching it. Chew Chor Meng was making a fool out of all the applicants and there were some people who really didn't feel shameless about taking part in the competition. They were so lousy I think I could have performed betta haha! Anyway, Mum showed me one of the pages in TODAY which showed the pictures of all the 20 contestants...and I scanned thru them..only to find Cheryl in there! Haha..Can't believe shez one of the top20 contestants! Back in VJ we were mere shez takin part in this competition! Truly wish her all the best...she has the 'Star Idol' face la...think she should be able to go far in the contest...and I will be rooting my support for her thruout haha! Jiayou jiayou! :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still nervous about Wednesday

Current Mood: Still Nervous

The day has finally arrived for me to face it - THE MUCH DREADED DRIVING TEST THAT I AM SO AFRAID I WILL FAIL.

Thank you to my dear cousin Grace for giving me a treat @Marche yesterday for dinner.

Yesterday I had to work overtime in the office because of the fact that I will be away for the whole week and will only be returning on the 7th. One of the leave combos I have taken..Tmr taken leave because of my driving test and Friday will be goin to Tioman with some of my camp mates. That reminds me...gotta go renew my passport validity tomorrow or I can forget about going on the trip!! Haha..

Anyway I worked till it was close to 6pm and Grace gave me a lift down to town for dinner with my sis, brother-in-law and also my GP teacher. Hasn't changed abit man..but I was impressed coz he has slimmed down alotz physically!!Haha.. Well, it was normal dinner I guess..therez really nothing much I can say about.. A get-to-know-you dinner between Grace and my teacher? Haha..wadever. But conversations were hard to come by..if there were any they always used me as bait haha. But anyway...everything turned out fine and it was just like any other dinner...

Today was the final day of the wake as I went down to see her for one last time. There were cries and tears from several people present there, obviously sad to see her go just like that...Even I felt a tinge of sadness in myself when her coffin made its way to the crematorium. Wish her well in her afterlife and hope her immediate family takes it easy. :)

Just received an SMS from Nagi Han and hez jio-ing me to Zouk tommorow night. Well, if I pass I will probably join them to partee...but if I don't I'm afraid I will have no mood to club. I think tomorrow's outcome should decide if I will be looking forward to the Tioman trip. Jeez.

Here's an interesting question which Yutian posted to me a few days back:

Would you rather live 5 years as a tiger, or 20 years as a sheep??

For me, it would be the former.