Friday, June 24, 2005

Michelle Wie is my favourite women golfer

It's official.

I will be studying in NTU business sch. My appeal was successful. I guess business is the most suitable course for me, most importantly because I am interested in it. Its tough to say whether it is the right choice, certain people have been advising me to take accounting instead cos its a 'safer' degree, but what's done is done, since I opted for business I guess I should make the best out of it. I know I can make it right. Study good, study well, study smart in university next time and it shouldn't be a problem. I will always remember what someone said..

Whatever you do, as long as you really like it you are bound to be successful in some point of your career..

Was watching US Womens Open Championships 2005 just now..

I am so falling in love with 15-year old Michelle Wie. So pretty, so beautiful. And especially when she hits the ball, her posture is so elegant.

How can you not like her?

I am going to watch NBA Finals Game 7 now..
Go go Detroit Pistons!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Jane Smith looked so beautiful

Caught up with the usual gang on Friday night after my duty. Angie the PMS queen surprisingly gave me a lift to Orchard cos she saw me still stupidly waiting at the bus stop as bus 90 was never at sight. I thank her for that. But what a change in mood. Earlier that afternoon I got ticked off by her for nothing apparently and it totally spoiled my day at work. Well, I guess that the fact she gave me a ride neutralised everything. So she is forgiven. Heh. Joined Becks, HJ, Russ, Ken and KY for dinner@Spaggedies over at Paragon. Ate this stir-fried pasta they ordered for me while I was still on my way. It was quite good, most importantly its cheap cos I was running low on cash haha. Then later we walked around in town aimlessly again before Ken fetched us all home. Thank you Ken again. Really feel very bad to make you drive all the way to Pasir Ris when you stay in Eunos. Promise I will give you a treat someday man. Haha. Again it was great to catch up with the guys, Russ and HJ finally POP and Becks told me she learned how to upload pics onto her computer haha. Oh wells...wadever haha. Pity I din see Janice again, its really long since I last saw her.. shez the undisputed pang-seh queen man haha. Hope all of us can get together again. Heard Jacq and Anthea wants to organise a BBQ soon. The proposed date is this coming Saturday.. hope its still on and the turnout will be good. Well....

Met Shaun in the morning yesterday to head to Hougang Polyclinic to request for a referral to NSC to try to solve our acne problems. I got my referral quite easily but Shaun was very unlucky coz he had to wait so long..he was still waiting for his turn to see the doctor even after I finished with all the paperwork. Well I was in a rush so we couldn't leave together, but I hope he got his referral too. Then met Kian Guan@Plaza Singapura for lunch. We ate LJS and had a good talk about everything haha, walked n shopped around PS, before finally sitting down in a cinema to watch 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. I liked the movie alot! Very good. Angelina Jolie looked so gorgeous and Brad Pitt was just cool shit. Definitely worth my $9.50 and I rate it 4/5. Highly recommended.
Was hoping to but this HangTen Polo-T but it ran out of sizes so I guess I will only get it next time. Then went to Aunt's house for dinner, and therafter went to play pool with Kai An. By the time I got home I was like totally beat. Oh and I bumped into Edwin in the MRT. Haha he din recognised me until like it was his station to alight. Well..he hasn't changed abit man. Voice same, face same, only hair-less haha.

Gotta work tomorrow again......Dread it totally...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Jian Xiong

I stayed up till 12 midnight hoping to catch the repeat telecast of Project Superstar yesterday night. But the very disgusting Channel U station cheated me of my time as I waited for nothing! I stayed awake till like 12.15am..but still no Superstar! Instead they skipped the show somehow and showed the repeat of 100% Entertainment!! Arghhh...Stoopid U! Not saying that 100% Entertainment was not nice, but I wanted to watch Project Superstar, not that! I am never gonna trust your TV Listings anymore...Bleahhhh.... See what you've done, you made me miss an episode of Project Superstar! I was so looking forward to it cos the first episode was pretty humourous...with people wanting to realise their dreams of carving out a singing career for themselves..haha. There was this 34-year old auntie who was trying so hard to impress...but she was trying too hard, instead making a fucking fool out of herself haha. Its really hard to believe there are such contestants in extreme. So there were suggestions that these people get paid to do this sort of stuffs and its all rigged. They are just there for the entertainment value. Maybe this is really the case. Hah. But at the end of the day, who cares? At least I don't, cos I had a farkin good laugh. That's all what matters to me haha.


A few of us OSC NSFs went out to eat dinner with him at Macphersons after soccer yesterday evening. Soccer was great yesterday. Scored a few goals to cap a good performance by my team (Janan, Thiam Hao, Wong Keng, Jian Xiong and me of coz). We only lost once throughtout and that was the last match when TH was not around. Janan was our stronghold guardian, tackling every ball in his path. Keng outsmarted everyone with his usual skills and TH's work rate is crazy. Jian Xiong did some marvellous goalkeeping and in all it was a great team to play with. Haha. Anw now back to dinner at Macphersons. Ate the 'Famous' Chai Chee Minced Pork Noodles (I am beginning to dislike it coz I dun think its really good) complemented by a plate of carrot cake and a plate of really good 'Wu Xiang' (I dunno the English word for it. Very very long since I last ate there and it hasn't really changed I guess..haha.

Unfortunately saw this bunch of uncouth gangsters on my way home which dampened my mood a little coz they cheated the bus driver by entering from the exit door without paying the bus fare. But that's not the point. The point is that they stole the empty seat that I was heading to as I entered from the front and they happily cut my queue. Screw those bastards man. Glared momentarily at them and think one of them saw it. We had to alight at the same bus stop and I think they kicked an empty bottle in my direction cos I felt something hit me on the legs as I was walking in front of them. Fuck to you man. Hope you BURN IN HELL. You people can't even be compared to dog poo and don't deserve to belong to this society. I am sorry if my ranting is too much, but I seriously detest such ill-mannered people who behave like that in public.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where is that Casio Exilim EX-Z3???

A packed Saturdy coming up. Will be meeting colleague Shaun in the morning to go seek a referral letter to National Skin Center from Hougang polyclinic. Hopefully both of us will turn out to be successful coz if it is then thank the SAF. They will be paying for our consultation fees and medicine for the skin. Better whack SAF for medical expenses now before its too late. In this way, I can save some money too and use them on other priorities.

Thereafter, should be meeting Kian Guan at Queensway to shop for shoes and clothing. I am in SERIOUS need of a pair of good shoes and I will most likely purchase one on Saturday if I see something that I like. And hopefully its cheap coz I am running on a low budget currently. Should be getting old models like Adidas Superstar or Nike Air Force One/Cortez because I really still prefer these models to the new designs? Anyway, the jeans and t-shirts over there sell quite cheap too, and also very nice, so hoping to get a few of them at a worthy price. Hehe. Oh and after that we plan to watch 'Mr and Mrs Smith'!! Looks interesting and tempted to watch. Movie prices are $9.50 now so it betta be good or I will hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haha! Still remember that disgusting experience of spending that amount to watch 'Divergence' (yeah, that one starring Gallen Lo, Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu). That movie was a freaking disappointment manz. Haha.

Recently did some camera shopping at E-Bay but lost out to other idiots who bidded so high that I decided to give up. Especially liked this Casio Exilim EX-Z3 and I bidded quite high for it. I even took the fucking effort to remember when the bid ends in case if someone outbidded me I could counter at the last minute. I am sure the auction was supposed to end at 11am this morning, but when I checked at 9am today, the product was gone. What a damn waste. To think I was so sure I was gonna win the fuckin bid. The only reason I can think of is that the seller decided to withdraw the auction...any better reason? If that's really the case, you are one stupid seller. BLEAH!! Currently bidding for this other camera. Quite stylish and is black. 90 bucks. I won't go beyond 100 for this. Still liked the other one. In any case, I don't need a digicam that badly, its just that if i can get one for a blowout price, then why not rite? Oh wells...

So looking forward to soccer later...I want to play play play! :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In the end

I tried so hard, and got so far,
in the end, it doesn't even matter...

Nothing has changed.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Current favourite song

F.I.R - 刺鸟



F.I.R brings Chinese rock music to a new high!
Love them so much!

BTT no problem!

I passed my Basic Theory! And I finished it within a record 15 minutes! It was rather easy I had to say..I knew I had to pass coz everyone who took it before was like saying how easy it I was under tremendous pressure pressure to pass, it would be disastrous and embarassing if I had failed. Seriously. And the thought of failing was just unthinkable. Luckily, I made it through and now I have 1 month to study for my next hindrance, FTT. People all say this is much harder and there is a higher chance of failing this test, so I guess I must really sit down and study the shit book. Now so looking forward to my practical lessons...I just want to get my driving license asap! Haha..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Saturday well spent, a Sunday well destroyed

Had lunch in the afternoon yesterday with Daddy at Geylang, at this place called Ho Kee. Famous for their tim sums, and I have to say I am quite impressed with some of the dishes, like their steamed chicken feet and this seafood wrap. Was sinfully delicious and if not because of the carrot cake and porridge we ordered, think I could have munched down more of those tim sums. Then I realised it was at Geylang Lorong 27, which was freaking near Meng Siong's house. Haha. Next time must come back here more often, tim sum are just one of my favourite foods man. :p

Then headed down to PPC@VJ to meet up with HNF people. They got every game there except floorball. Yeah. No floorball. Sucks big time. To think I was so looking forward to it. No floorball. Because of that dumbass Tan Yew Hwee whom the juniors claimed won't loan them the sticks. How idiotic can he get. But at least got to play some tennis, some soccer, some basketball, some captain's ball. At PPC met Melissa too who gave me valuable advice as to whether to go for accounting in SMU or NTU. But I think I will just settle for business in NTU. Thats if my appeal is successful. Currently as things stand I will take the NTU accounts place. Asked grand-senior Damien about Business also, and learned quite abit about the different areas you can specialise in business. Think Banking And Finance to me is quite interesting, Acturial Science too. But heard the latter is freaking exclusive and you need to be with the big boys to be able to do that. But the money is there coz its a very very specialised profession. Ahh..we shall see haha.

Its really hard to make a decision because you are subject to so many people's opinions. Like some says SMU is better, otheres prefer NTU. What the fuck rite. Can't blame me for being so fickle-minded right? But I think up to this point in time, I should be pretty sure about myself already. Its going to be business or accounts.

Damn beat. Had to do duty today so went back to office. And I had to keep my eyes open coz theres the Asian Security Conference going on. Just glad my duty is done and dusted and the conference is over. Haha. Oh and tomorrow is my BTT. Oh my god I betta pass this shit or it will be quite embarassing truth i never really touched the book. Guess I will just scan through the book once more tomorrow before I go sit for the test.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Fickle Mind

Oh my god. Look around you. What's up with the fashion trend nowadays man? Its scary.

Today on my way home I saw this Malay who had a seriously weird dress sense. He was wearing this yellow-blue alternate striped tee matched with those kind of tropical shorts, the colour black and red. Its crazy. I'm sorry, but issit just Malays who dress up like that? No offence really..and to tell the truth...that guy i saw, he was totally OFF. He should have looked himself at the mirror before steppng out of the house.

Yesterday met up with MeiQi and KiaYing at Parkies to have dinner. It was a good dinner, and all of us agreed it was value for money. Crystal Jade was where we dined. 20 bucks each, we had rice n dishes, I think 5 or 6 of them. BBQ meat, Sichuan sweet and sour soup, Tilapia in black bean sauce, Oyster Sauce KaiLan, Fried Tofu, and the very nice Beef Brisket in claypot. Plus dessert which was red bean paste. Hahah. Hows that for 20 bucks. I had almost the whole pot of beef brisket coz MQ and KY were like damn full. I ate in so much pork fat, I became sick of chewing it even. Haha. So tomorrow I plan to the the gym in the morning. Hopefully can wake up manz.

And once again I changed my mind. I am opting for NTU Accounts instead of NUS Engine. The more I think of it, the more I can't see myself being an engineer. Haha. Thats just on the safe side. In truth I have already appealed for NTU and NUS Business. Hope to get into NTU Business. Just found out it is ranked 7th in Asia by Economics Intelligence Unit. Betta than eh. Yep. I would have truly considered SMU if not because of the fact that it is not really established yet. If not I will sure apply for SMU business. Last time, my brain always tells me to stay away from NTU, probably influenced by my sister who says NTU has no life. Maybe the "life" must be discovered by you, maybe its not that bad after all. Its up to you to create the "life", ain't it? maybe I shouldn't be prejudiced towards NTU.. yeah.

Why the fuck am I so fickle-minded?

Suzanne Jung is so pretty..well especially when I caught her on CNA interviewing Jackie Chan!! So beautiful! Thank you CNA!! :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Zero To Hero

Does anyone even bother to watch the 9pm Channel 8 series "Zero To Hero" starring Edmund Chen and Chen Liping? Oh my god.. I think Mediacorp is trying too hard or something. Apparently this show talks about life after death and everything, and its really a very very badly done show I feel. Its so unrealistic I even fell asleep while watching it with my mum yesterday. The show portrays life after death to be so good(like what, you can't get tired, it doesn't rain in the netherworld, and whatever nonsense). If it was so good, I really don't mind going in lor. I am so not going to watch this show. Its blardy full of nonsnese. Feel like laughing at times when I think of how absurb the content can get.

Sister told me about Miss Universe which was aired on TV yesterday. She said Miss Singapore(the Cheryl woman) looked so bad compared to the rest when they were introducing every nation to the stage. Haha. Can't even be bothered to watch. But I personally feel that shez not bad looking compared to past Singapore Universe winners like Sandy Chua or Nurhaliza Osman. Shucks. Didn't they look much worse during the past years' competitions? Haha. I guess Singapore just can't compete on the big stage with regards to such competitions. The usual ones like Panama, Mexico, and Venezuela will always be there as the top few contenders. Oh yeah. Prove me wrong judges.