Friday, June 03, 2005

The Fickle Mind

Oh my god. Look around you. What's up with the fashion trend nowadays man? Its scary.

Today on my way home I saw this Malay who had a seriously weird dress sense. He was wearing this yellow-blue alternate striped tee matched with those kind of tropical shorts, the colour black and red. Its crazy. I'm sorry, but issit just Malays who dress up like that? No offence really..and to tell the truth...that guy i saw, he was totally OFF. He should have looked himself at the mirror before steppng out of the house.

Yesterday met up with MeiQi and KiaYing at Parkies to have dinner. It was a good dinner, and all of us agreed it was value for money. Crystal Jade was where we dined. 20 bucks each, we had rice n dishes, I think 5 or 6 of them. BBQ meat, Sichuan sweet and sour soup, Tilapia in black bean sauce, Oyster Sauce KaiLan, Fried Tofu, and the very nice Beef Brisket in claypot. Plus dessert which was red bean paste. Hahah. Hows that for 20 bucks. I had almost the whole pot of beef brisket coz MQ and KY were like damn full. I ate in so much pork fat, I became sick of chewing it even. Haha. So tomorrow I plan to the the gym in the morning. Hopefully can wake up manz.

And once again I changed my mind. I am opting for NTU Accounts instead of NUS Engine. The more I think of it, the more I can't see myself being an engineer. Haha. Thats just on the safe side. In truth I have already appealed for NTU and NUS Business. Hope to get into NTU Business. Just found out it is ranked 7th in Asia by Economics Intelligence Unit. Betta than eh. Yep. I would have truly considered SMU if not because of the fact that it is not really established yet. If not I will sure apply for SMU business. Last time, my brain always tells me to stay away from NTU, probably influenced by my sister who says NTU has no life. Maybe the "life" must be discovered by you, maybe its not that bad after all. Its up to you to create the "life", ain't it? maybe I shouldn't be prejudiced towards NTU.. yeah.

Why the fuck am I so fickle-minded?

Suzanne Jung is so pretty..well especially when I caught her on CNA interviewing Jackie Chan!! So beautiful! Thank you CNA!! :)


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