Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Song By Jay Chou

It's called 'Qian Li Zhi Wai'. Very soothing nice song..

But...Fei Yu Qing is entering the pop industry too? Hmm..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

ClemCube Tea Break Recommendation


Went lunch with my dad after my session with the dermatologist today. Haha my skin seems to have improved, but I'm still hoping for better results, having spent so much of my savings on these skincare professionals..

We lunched our main course at 328 Katong Laksa (the one opposite Ampang Yong Tau Foo, that is the authentic Katong Laksa, if you've not been eating your laksa from there, you are eating fake Katong Laksa) along East Coast Road. I love the Laksa there because the soup base is rich in coconut...:p

But my recommendation for this entry will have to be the traditional coffee house a few shops down 328. The name is Chin Mee Chin Confectionery situated right next to Chapel Rd, which is near some church (it's pretty obvious) along East Coast Rd. We went to have some light snacks after the Laksa meal and I must say the food there is delicious! The shop has an incredible antique setting, just like some Hainan Kopi House in the 70s. Their tables are made of marble, even the chairs are almost matching, and when I went in there, I almost felt like an old man reminiscing fond memories (I'm full of crap). Their Kopi-O was fantastic and suited for my taste (I like it thick and not too sweet), served in those porcelain cups which ensures your coffee is kept warm for the longest amount of time.

Then there is their signature dish: Bun-style Butter-Kaya Toast. That is something you definitely must try if you happen to drop by. Soft on one side and toasted on the other, the taste is just perfect. Their kaya is better than Ya Kun's as far as I'm concerned (maybe Ya Kun's standard has dropped tremendously ever since they started on their franchising spree)..and I'm really impressed with such an idea to make toast using these hamburger buns. Most importantly, the setting and the food eaten there matches almost perfectly that it makes people feel so comfortable having snacks there.


You might want to note that besides toast and Kopi-O and tea, they also sell a variety of pastries and also their delightful sugar rolls...

Drooling now?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Singapore Idol Season 2


I'm dying to know how the Singapore Idol judges honestly feel about this competition, about the 6 remaining contestants being the '6 best singers' in the competition. They must be kicking themselves in their faces and asking themselves 'How did Joakim appear in the top 28?' Come on guys you gotta admit Joakim's singing is full of crap (If he could make it to the top 6 by singing like that I could make it to the top 12 at least), so the judges actually have themselves to blame for putting Joakim into the top 28 in the first place.

I feel really sorry for the young lad ya know, he must feel bad for being so popular among the girls, with Gayle, Jay, Mathilda and Rahima all being his victims so far. Does he really want it still knowing that his singing is actually nothing special? Is he hoping he'd get out soon to end it all finally? It's so sad really...to know that people out there are voting for image rather than pure vocal talent.

I've got to say, even though she is my friend (acquaintance, to be precise), Jasmine hasn't performed up to expectations (but she really has a great voice). She is still surviving in the competition because of her cutie pie image. She has to choose the right songs (I think slow is good for her) really. I watched the Asian Pop Spectaculars last night and she chose Tata Young's 'I Believe' to sing. She was struggling la...it was actually quite bad. And her dress sense and makeup just got to improve. She makes herself look totally horrible on stage, and coupled with her choice of bad songs, it's hard for the judges to praise her on anything at all.

Twohill is another guy whom I'm not the greatest fan of. He thinks his bloody fantabuloustic hair can get him all the way to the finals..we'll see. Keep his fringe so long, swipe here swipe there, it really pisses me off and I think hez just acting like an idiot. He can sing but is blardy inconsistent. And I had no idea why the judges were so impressed with his Chinese song last night, but I certainly wasn't. His pronounciation is way off and he keeps doing his trademark slangs, you can't do that for Chinese songs unless you think you can match Jay Chou in terms of singing ability. He should go out as soon as Joakim leaves.

If there is still hope that this competition will be a success and that a top-quality singer will be produced, HADY MIRZA is the one that should win the competition based on pure vocal talent. Extremely versatile, as justified by his song selections week-in and week-out, he can attract the crowd to sing with him and he is by far the best out of the top 6. It would be an injustice I feel if he doesn't make it to the top 2 at least. His malay song yesterday totally shut Ken's mouth up and his English song rocked like hell. I believe Singapore won't make the wrong choice in voting him out tonight, just like how they did for Mathilda.

Although, I would love to see a Singapore Idol Grand Finals featuring Joakim Gomez VS either Jasmine Tye/Paul Twohill/Nurul Maideen! HAHAHAHAHA.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Pok Pok


Before I start with what I intend to write in this entry, I just want to share with you my viewpoint on a certain issue.

If you have been taking public transport to the airport recently, you would realise that everytime before the buses can go into T1 and T2 they will actually be halted by a policeman at a security checkpoint. The policeman then makes his way up the bus, walks right down to the rear, in the process looking left and right at regular intervals. Once he is convinced that the bus is not jeopardizing the security of the airport, he gives a thumps up and gets off the bus, finally allowing the bus to move on. This whole process takes on average about 2 minutes. Apparently this is one of the many measures taken by 'I dunno who' to enhance security in Changi Airport. But, if you ask me, I seriously think this is crap. I think the policemen will say the same thing too, it's just that they probably have to follow orders.

Come on, if I were a terrorist of some sort, would I make my bomb so visible for policemen to catch me? All they do is just walk up and down the bus and check for any suspicious article on the bus. They don't even check your bags in the first place, meaning, I can just hide my bomb or whatever dangerous crap inside my bag and the policeman can't even see it! So, may I ask, are the security guardposts leading to the bus interchanges a necessity? I think they should just scrape this crap idea and move on. Since it's not necessary, why even install a guardpost there in the first place? It's funny to even think of it. If you want to do a check, do a thorough one, agree? Sometimes, I really wonder how the policemen working there feel about this. Do they ever think of themselves like some stupid fool checking the buses for litter? I'm sorry if I'm insensitive but I'm not against them in any case. That's all I got to say.

Sunday afternoon is never a good day to hang out. That's because you gotta squeeze with all the other Filipino maids in public transports like MRT and buses while on your way to the destination. I remember yesterday as the MRT passed Paya Lebar, a swarm of Filipinas just came storming into the train, there were at least 20 of them I swear, and the train was so packed. It was literally Filipino land. Apparently the huge influx of maids was caused by the location of City Plaza (a hotspot for those maids), which was situated near Paya Lebar and that's why there were so many of them.

I watched 'The Break-Up' with Henry and the twins at Marina Sq that afternoon. The movie is pretty much average. But Vince Vaughn was hilarious and Jennifer was still pretty although she is fast approaching 40. Yeah. It's really normal and there's really nothing spectacular about the show. I wonder if we should have watched 'My Super Ex-GF' instead. But 'Click' would have definitely beaten these two movies by a thousand miles. Haha.

Attended Pok's birthday function in the evening at the expense of Terence's farewell dinner (I'm really sorry, how I'd wish it didn't clash). It wasn't as HAPPENING as I had expected haha. The food...eh I would have prefered Chinese food but the food last night was fine :) But it was really kinda weird as Pok didn't go with the conventional cake-cutting. Instead, she claimed that cup-cakes were the IN thing right now and that was exactly what she planned. Haha, 1 cup-cake for each person. The icing on the cup-cake was horribly sweet and for a moment I tot I would get diabetes. But for me it was just great to see my classmates again. Especially Anthea, Jacq and the never-changing Meiqi! I finally knew where Anthea was studying and it was good to see her doing fine. Megastar Rebecca arrived late because of her President Star Charity's rehearsal, but she was still acting cranky as always haha...Hopefully I will grab hold of some of the photos taken yesterday..that's provided Becks ever come online. Haha.


hope you liked the Mango outfit and the Aldo necklace shared among us...

Friday, August 11, 2006


She is suffering so much deep inside, but I'm afraid I can't really do much to help. I feel so ashamed of myself..It seems like deep down I don't understand her enough..

Please talk to me if you really need to...You don't want to contain all your troubles to yourself..We really do need more communciation.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Opportunity Cost of $1200


*ClemCube has a story to tell. The story is about Clementine.

Clementine(Name changed to protect identity) is a soon-to-be 24-year old who likes to watch soccer. He catches up with news concerning global football frequently from different soccer websites. As such, he thinks it is really easy to predict match outcomes and feels he can be a soccer pundit. Very soon he started to pick up gambling on soccer with Singapore Pools. Wins and losses cancelled each other out, so he didn't really earn from gambling. But still he thought he could win big someday. He became more compulsive each day. His gambling habits were made worse with the World Cup setting in this year. Eventually, the tournament ended. Once again, Clementine had a World Cup gambling campaign with no profit and no loss. Therefore, he still thought lady luck will smile on him someday. Then disaster struck....

He even began betting on soccer leagues which he didn't have much knowledge on. And the bet values became bigger and bigger by each day. The inevitable happened. Clementine went on a losing spree and lost $300,$400,$500 respectively. He had lost $1200 just like that to the damn government when he could have spent it on something much more meaningful. Think of the opportunity cost with $1200. Even mahjong won't have caused him to lose so much in a day.

So he sat down and began to self-reflect. He urged himself to stop this compulsive streak of his. He promised himself he will stop for awhile to prevent excessive bleeding. He realised that betting was really harmful and told himself to calm down. He shouldn't be gambling heavily because he told himself there's no way gambling will bring him his fortune. He hopes he can quit eventually, if not play small and know his limits. He is glad he woke up his idea in time.

*Disclaimer: The content of this story is only true to a certain extent. Some parts are exaggerated so as to alert people that gambling is really unhealthy. Clementine's plight is really not as serious as what was described above.

Over here, ClemCube would like to advise people who are gambling heavy to cut down on their bets. Playing for fun is okay, but if addiction sets in, the consequences might be really dire. And if you know that you are on a losing spree like Clementine, stop and don't continue. Always set aside a sum of money that you can afford to lose if you wish to gamble for fun. Never touch money not intended for betting or you might be left to rue on your foolishness.


I watched Tokyo Drift this afternoon at home(thanks to Victor's Media Services) since I was on MC for the day. Typical action flick with a very shallow plot. But I liked the drifting of the cars and I think its freak cool. Although I didn't really like the main guy's acting, I thought the girl was cute and the main actor's Japanese mentor (Han) was really cool to the max(He may look plain-looking to you but I think hez cool coz of the way he carries himself). It's such a shame he had to die near the end of the movie, but I sorta expected it to happen. Just shows how predictable this kind of movies are. Apart from the drift, I feel the other aspects of the movie are not worth your money(Oh please, thats why it's CALLED Tokyo Drift). Still preferred the previous installment 'Too Fast Too Furious' which had a better cast including Eva Mendes and Paul Walker :)