Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Frightening Friday


Let's just say I'm lucky enough to be sitting down in front of my computer blogging right now.

It was something which I really did not expect to happen, and something which I hope will not happen for the rest of my life again.

For those who still don't know what happened to me, I was involved in an accident on Friday. For those who witnessed it, it's really up to you to judge whether you felt it was minor or not. To me, being involved in an accident was bad enough for me, so think at one point in time I thought I was going to die..haha..guess I was really fortunate to have escaped without any serious injuries. In those sort of situations, anything could have happened. But because the other car who knocked into the car I was sitting in was speeding, the impact was rather overwhelming and it caused me to suffer from a whiplash or some sort. To make things worse, I was sitting closest to the smashed part of the car,and the collision caused my chest muscles to jerk suddenly and this forced motion caused me to suffer severe pain in my chest and neck area for a few days.

And my dear colleagues, please believe me it still hurts a little until today (Damn it I'm not faking it or chao-keng lor!!). I'll probably give it a few more days to see whether the pain eventually subsides, if not I think I will seek the doctor's advise again.

I really don't want to go through every detail about the accident..Many people have told me that I can actually seek monetary claims from the fucker who smashed into the car I was sitting in that fateful day...I did think aboout it. But since Human(name not mentioned to protect identity) did not want to blow matters up, I will respect his decision. After all, he fetched me to the destination out of goodwill so I shouldn't give him more trouble. You know the thing about money and claims and whatever, the paperwork really makes you go mad..

Anyway this whole incident is over and we should just move unforgettable experience and maybe a lesson for other drivers out there, SAFETY FIRST, NO MATTER WHAT.

With that, I shall sum it up with this poster:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Thing About Clubbing


I've been thinking long and hard about how I should go about writing this entry. I still do not know how I should start, so I'll just write whatever comes to my mind. Here it goes..

Just last night I had another clubbing experience as I visited Gotham Penthouse. Apparently they were having some NUS bash there, and Hian Liang managed to grab some tickets from his friends and stuff so I told Hian liang I didn't mind checking it out. We asked Henry too and he agreed so reluctantly to tag along haha. It was a rather boring night to say the least, not what I had expected definitely. The place was freaking small and there was hardly any room to explore. Sad to say, I thought their toilets were the nicest thing around. In actual fact, I saw alot of people I knew during my VS and VJ days but they were just mere acquaintances and I din felt like saying hi to them so in the end I didn't.

There were lots of pretty girls around, most of them walking around only with a piece of cloth wrapped around them, either promoting beer or tequila shots. Up till now I still can't believe 3 of us got fleeced by these two stupid girls who kept bothering us and kept insisting us to be brave and down 1 tequila shot each. It's not about being brave or not havin enough guts to drink, but we knew they had ulterior motives and stuff so as tough as we tried to resist, they eventually fed each of us with 1 shot each. We are some fucking dumbasses to have succumbed, in the end, the gals gladly told us to pay 8 bucks for each shot. To make matters even worse, they shortchanged me! Claiming they didn't have enough change to return me. Blardy sluts! I wish you get raped someday seriously..I don't give a shit whether you are a FHM or SNAG cover girl...the fact that you robbed me of my money, you deserve to die!! Guess the breakdown of the 8 bucks will be: 1 dollar for the shot + 7 bucks for the feeding service by the girls. Haha..

After yesterday night, I will gladly say that, in my opinion, clubbing is a total waste of money and time. It increases your risk of contracting lung disease too, because of the fact that you inadvertently inhale smoke around you in the clubs. To conclude, don't go clubbing unless you have other intentions.

Why do people want to go clubbing? For guys, I get it because they want to get to know more girls and hopefully be able to pick some pretty chick on the dance floor and stuffs. It is such a sad case beacuase to me, when I think of clubbing, words like 'lust', 'sex', 'temptation' naturally come to my mind too..It's hard to not think that when you go club you are actually seeking for lust. I'm a guy too, so I understand if guys do want to club. But how about girls? WHY WHY WHY do they want to club?

Do they, like guys, hope to meet some hot hunk and maybe hit it off from there? Or do they seek the 'highness' that is derived from drinking alcohol and dancing to the club music? Why do a minority of girls want to stoop so low to sell themselves for the sake of money? Don't they think it's a very unglorious(As Henry always says it) act? Just take last night for example, there was this other woman who fuckin hell tried so hard to make me buy some beer so that she could earn some commission. She touched my arms here and there, pleading with me whiningly, and at one point even rested her head on my shoulder like I'm her boyfriend or some sort. Fuck you la! No matter wad you do I'm not gonna buy your beer can, I'm not like any other Caucasian who would normally give in once the girl pulls in some tactics to persuade you to buy. But thanks for the effort though, I loved that short feelin haha! (Comon, I'm a man too! Haha) 30 minutes later, I saw the same girl dancing with these two other guys and brushing her whole body against those guys. Disgusting, and I was totally turned off by that act. So.. Do these women think it's really fine to earn quick bucks by doing these things? I dunno man.. Girls who are frequent party animals..aren't they worried about the tremendous risk of getting drunk and subsequently being taken advantage of? Hmm...

To be honest with you, I'll be very worried if my girlfriend loves to club week in week out. I will seriously feel uneasy that she is hanging around at these kind of places and mixing with alot of other guys whose background is shrouded in anonymity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that clubs are a decadent place to be in, but why waste huge amounts of money just to get yourself 'high', or wasted, and next morning waking up to feel a sharp pain in your head?

Just my two cents worth on clubbing as a hobby..or wadever..

Here are some pictures taken yesterday night:

Friday, September 01, 2006

For My Teachers


How appropriate.

Today is teacher's day and I have decided to pay a tribute to the teachers who have taught me before and whom I think deserves my respect. This idea originally came about thanks to Kian Guan, whom I met on Wednesday for dinner. Haven't met him in a real long time already, and it was nice to have been able to catch up with him @ Parkway that day.

We dined at Crystal Jade Kitchen where I had my favourite roast chicken and duck porridge, while he made a wrong choice in ordering 'Fried Rice With Egg And Crab Meat'. His dish was overstuffed with vegetable cubes and it looked too green to be edible for a plate of Fried Rice. The portions of REAL crab meat (not those red and white cylinder-shaped stuff you can get in supermarkets) were miserably little and the food was definitely not worth the price of $10.90. So don't order that dish for your next dose of crystal jade, for you might regret it. :)

Let's get back on track here.. after dinner we played some pool and chilled out over at McCafe where we talked about alot of things during our VS days. If only we could turn back time and experience those days again...I guess girls will never understand how fun life in an all-boys school can get. So many crazy things we are capable of doing and stuffs.. I wonder how the teachers in VS were able to cope with it last time. Haha.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers in VS and VJC whom I tot were outstanding in one way or another, and at this same time, I would like to blast some of my teachers too whom I think are not fit to be appreciated on this very meaningful day.

Ms Lau Hui Bian(Sec 1 Maths)
Thanks for being such a bitch and always looking down on me. I remember there was once I did not study for my Maths Test and eventually failed, you lambasted me like hell and made me felt like some dumb fuck. You also criticized me for not putting in much effort for Maths. HELLO. Get your facts rite. Maths is my favourite subject, and why would I not be putting in effort for it? Thanks to your castigation, I so bloody wanted to prove you wrong and I got an A for my subsequent Maths Test and Exams during Sec 1.

Mr Anuar Ikhwan(Sec 1 Geography)

I think he is both a fantastic teacher and a friend. He teaches well in class and almost all his lessons are so interesting. He listens to your problems too and he is just an amazing individual. Full respect for him. So lucky to have been in his form class for Sec 1. And in truth, he was one of the main reasons why I joined Concert Band as my CCA and I have never regretted since then.

Mrs Ho Beng Huat(Sec 2 Maths)
As strict as she can get, I feel she is actually one of the best Maths teachers VS has to offer. She teaches her topics clearly, gives you a tremendous amount of homework to do so that you get to reinforce the concepts thoroughly in your head.

Mr Jimmy Chan(Sec 2 D&T)
You are the man. You truly wanted us to learn. I remember you so graciously gave us the answers to every test questions before every D&T test itself. You were one amazing teacher with your unique style of teaching. Respect is all I have for you.

Mr Alvin Lim(Sec 3 A.Maths)
You could really connect with us. One who taught us well, was like a brother to us, and never angry with us even though we may have upset you in some way or another. Kian Guan was telling me how you gave him that one vital mark for E Maths during the prelims so that he could push his grade up and have an L1R5 good enough to enter VJC for the first 3 mths. Amazing teacher who understands how much pressure students face to perform well in their studies. Kudos to you.

Mr Wang Jun(Sec 3/4 Chinese)

I respect him for his passion in teaching. Although I always slack and doze off during his lessons, I know that he really wants to share his knowledge with us. He is brilliant in the language and he just needs to improve his teaching skills. The 'A1' I scored for Chinese@O Level is specially dedicated to you.

Mrs Lee Kian Soon(Sec 4 Chemistry)
One hell of a great teacher. Just explains why she is HOD Science. Really teaches so well that you have to understand the concepts. If you do not, you can always ask her and she is always there to help you out. She doesn't believe in scolding her students, and she earns full marks for that.

Mr Richard Phua(Sec 4 A.Maths)
He is what you get when you mix an emotionless individual, some cold humour and lots of great teaching. HOD Maths, he proved me totally wrong when I tot he could not teach as well as Mr Alvin Lim. He teaches the concepts with clarity, and is another teacher who gives tons of homework so that you can reinforce the topics taught in class.

Ms Loh Sing Huay(Sec 4 Biology)
How can I forget you? The best Bio teacher by miles in VS. You will always be a great teacher in my heart. The 'A1' I got for Bio@ O Level is dedicated to you.

Mr Michael Lim(JC Physics)
I enjoyed almost all the Physics lessons with you in JC times. You made us understand Physics topics so well even though we always skipped always joined in the fun whenever me, HJ, Ken, Koay and Russ talked bullshit in class. And when it's time to be serious you always are. A teacher young at heart, he totally made me enjoy Physics for 2 years even though it wasn't my favourite subject. You know, you play soccer real well. Missed those times when we talked about Liverpool's performances after lessons haha..I'm sorry I let you down because I din do well for my Physics@A Level.

Mr Lim Cher Chuan(JC Chemistry)
You are one biased bastard, looking after the best students in the class and always neglecting poeple like me, HJ, Russ and others. You only look at results and it's true. If I'm not socring well you will just leave me to die. It's kind of different treatment to different groups of people. Being in your class was a bad experience because I always think that I'm unimportant to you. For that, thumps down to you.

And finally,

Mr Basil Chan(JC Economics)
Fun-loving and crappy teacher. He teaches economics but is so anti-economics. Haha. His lessons are interesting most of the times and he tries his best to get the concepts across to us. During the time between my prelims and As, he spent time and tutored me personally to correct my mistakes on econs essays and I was glad there was significant improvement. Thank you Mr Chan.


For those I have commented, thank you for your hard work. For the two people I have played down, you don't deserve my respect and I hope you have actually changed for the better after I graduated. For those I did not or forgot to mention, happy teacher's day nevertheless! Your efforts will definitely be appreciated by me in one way or another in my heart.

Thank you.