Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Robinho, Detective Mok and Mr. Wisely

I just finished watching two HK TVBI serials, namely The 'W' Files and To Catch The Uncatchable.


If you like the supernatural, you should probably enjoy this show. Well, as for me, it was quite interesting to watch the different types of weirdo stories, some they really portrayed very well...but overall, I kind of expected more out of this show, since it was Gallen Lo's swansong performance. Not fantastic, but good to watch in my opinion. My favourite actors will be Gallen Lo (Wei Si Li) and Michael Tong (Bai Qi Wei), actresses will be Tavia Yeung (HongHong) and Yoyo Mung (Bai Su). Ending was superrr crappy and I was rather turned off by it. But for the rest of it, it is really worth watching.

FINAL VERDICT -----> 3.5/5


Yeah yeah the title may sound extremely cheezy but I tell you this is one hell of a good show. If you want lots of humour you can definitely get it from this show. Perfect show, perfect cast. Favourites included the ever pretty Ada Choi who is really versatile in her acting, Huang Zi Hua aka Detective Mok, Michael Tong as Jim Jim, there is Mary and Mia in the show whom I don't know their real names, and also not forgetting Marco Ngai (Romeo) who will guarantee make you laugh like shit in the show. Really loved the cases they solved in the show, especially the Chan Wai Keung case and also the fake religion case. Strongly recommended..

FINAL VERDICT -----> 4.5/5


This guy was really impressive when I watched him play. He came on as a substitute for Real Madrid in the match vs newly promoted side Cadiz. Orchestrated the winning goal for Real Madrid and is simply unstoppable. Watch the video and you know what I mean.

Robinho And His Samba (Real Madrid vs Cadiz)

Now, are you impressed?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend at a glance

Never would I have expected that I would have to use my knowledge of changing tyres to get back home on Saturday. Saturday was a well-spent day, in the morning I went to tuition Guo Xiang, and thereafter Mahjong wannabes Tianhao, Jia Hao and Calvin came over to my place to try their luck at winning some money. But in the end, only two prevailed. That was Calvin and me. WHAHAHA. The usually skillful Jia Hao actually had a bad day, as he was the biggest loser. Too bad we didn't play till late night coz I had to meet up with my classmates in the evening, if not I would sure be happy to continue the session till midnight even. An unsatisfied Tianhao called me soon after they left to ask me if I was available during early Sunday morning coz they wanted to play somemore coz they felt it wasn't enough. Thinking that Mommy won't be too happy about it even if I didn't mind, and that Dawn will surely complain about the noise, I had no choice but to turn down his request, but I assured him that we would have another session very soon haha.

Hurriedly went to take a shower and changed up and rushed over to town to meet my classmates. So long since we got together (That's what I think). Apparently this probably might be the last time we can hang out with Meiqi coz shez going to UK to further her studies. Lucky her how I wish I can go overseas to study too. But she deserved the place because of her excellent 'A'Level results, unlike me...haiz.. Anyway, we met at Marche@Heeren for dinner. Shared the total cost of whatever we ordered, which included pasta, calamari, pizza, crepes, rosti and of course soft shell crab. Haha. Thereafter, we walked around for a while before settling in at Party World Orchard KTV. Sang till like about 2am like that... Me, Russel, Janice, Jong and even KY really sang alot..but a pity Meiqi and David didn't like to sing...in particular Meiqi, we would have loved to hear her sing manz..We tried so many times to get her to sing but shez ever so stubborn and decided to just sit in and listen to our beautiful voices whahaha. Russel sang his favourite HEI SE YOU MO by JAY CHOU, then I duet with him this song by DONG LI HUO CHE, which we tot we sang really to great effect haha. And I was pretty honoured to sing ROOFTOP with Jan..although I slightly regretted coz I didn't sing that song too well that night. Well wadever haha. I'm sure we enjoyed the night@KTV..the song of the night was probably MR VAIN haha..Thanks to Russel Fong, who was able to find that stupid dumb song haha. Ken too found a farni song in FAST FOOD SONG...whose lyrics are just so funny..haha

Then shit happened. The ever so nice Ken decided to see all of us home coz he was the only driver, and I dunno for what reason, the tyre had to go flat on us. Probably because of our excessive weight, or maybe Ken drove onto something sharp on the road? It didn't matter, coz the tyre was already punctured. And we had to change it no matter what. Luckily I had my lesson on changing tyres at the driving centre not too long ago so I was roughly able to recall some of what I learnt that day. All of us guys helped to change the tyre except Hwi Jong who probably helped by safeguarding the wheel screws to make sure they aren't misplaced haha. As for the girls they just sat beside the kerb and watched on helplessly. By the time we finished replacing with the spare tyre..it was already slightly past 3am. And by the time I got home it was 4. Haha. But I think all of us guys would have felt a sense of achievement that night, for we changed a tyre by ourselves. kOOL. Moreover the conditions in which we did the job weren't particularly favourable because it was late at night already and the place we punctured the tyre had no street lamps nearby to supply sufficient light. Our only source were phones and a torchlight provided by David haha. Guys, we should be proud of ourselves. Without our expertise, we wouldn't have got our asses back at home HAHA. But I really hoped Meiqi enjoyed that Saturday night..because it was sort of an outing organised for her before she leaves for UK. Hope Saturday is not the last time I see her, I will probably be free to see her off at the airport on the day she leaves...yep..:)

After that night, I was so beat. I slept like a log till it was time to give Zhang Rui tuition. After tuition with him I went back and I slept again. You probably can imagine how tired I was. Haha.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Korean dramas attract consumers

Drove Daddy's car and we went out for lunch together as I had the day off from work. We went to Ho Kee@Geylang Lorong 27 to eat. The Tim Sum there is just heavenly and I gotta say it's my favorite hangout for Tim Sum so far (I think this is really one of the best in Singapore). If you ever go there the fried seafood ball is a MUST TRY. Anyways, it was money well spent.

Headed over to Bedok Reservoir where I gave tuition to my new tutee, Guo Xiang. Hez an extremely hyperactive kid whose PSLE is just around the corner. That's why his mum requested me to tutor him 3 times a week. The pay is not fantastic but it's not bad either that's why I decided to take this assignment. I will probably take this as a challenge coz his results are horrendously poor. Extremely lazy boy, but well..I will just take things as it comes.

From there I headed over to Ubi to attend my driving lesson after a rather long abscence of 1 week. Reached pretty early so I decided to have a cup of coffee to keep myself awake and alert. What a coincidence it was as I met Amanda and also Moses a while later at the driving centre. I chatted with Amanda for a short while and she told me her test was tomorrow. Haha. Wish her all the best for tomorrow's test and hope her tester will be more lenient since it's already her 2nd attempt haha. She probably got to know me better coz she didn't remember my name before today. Haha just had to tell her I am the guy moving to Registry and she recalled. Anyways, was nice talking to her. Moses came too and it was really so coincidental..Later I had the session with beng-looking Vincent once more and thankfully he cleared my Module Two today so that I was able to book my practical test date. It is now official, 2nd Nov. Please wish me luck cos I think lots of it HAHA.

I have been following the Korean Show recently aired on Channel U at 10pm every Monday and Tuesday. It's a great show and I am just glued to it. I lurve the character playing the young Han Jingshu cos I think shez really pretty for her age..I feel so sad everytime she gets bullied by the disgusting Han Youli and also the horrible mum. They make me so angry everytime I watch the show. So the question is, what makes Korean dramas so successful? Answer? MAKE YOUR SHOW FREAKING SAD. Yes you and I gotta admit it Korean shows are dominating Asia right now with their melodramatic plots, and although we know their plots are so amazingly unrealistic, we still love to watch them. Because they make you bloody emotional. Oh yes it's true. Just look at the overwhelming amount of brainless Bae Yong Jun fans in Taiwan and you will know why Korean dramas are so successful. I hate to admit this, but I think that I am beginning to get infected by the K-WAVE and I even plan to borrow some Korean dramas from Calvin to watch haha. Anwyay, I must emphasize that the young Han Jingshu is really pretty! heh..

Isn't she pretty? Park Sin Hye is her real name, acting as the young Han Jingshu in Stairway To Heaven.

Monday, August 22, 2005

SBS Bus Drivers

Before I start on the main topic for today, I would like to comment on the Liverpool match I watched on Saturday night. Okay, although Liverpool did eventually win the match, I was disappointed with the team performance, especially when Gerrard went off. It just showed how much we need Gerrard to play every game for Liverpool and also our inability to break defences with good crosses. We are in serious need of a right winger. Rumours are spreading that Liverpool are lining up a bid for Cicinho, and I certainly hope we get the man. But whatever, I must reiterate my point that Rafa should stop playing Cisse out of position. Although his finishing was poor in the last game, I believe in him still and I know he can score. His pace is threatening enough to scare off opposition defenders. The best will be if Owen comes back to Anfield, then I feel goals won't be a problem anymore. To round up, Liverpool need to buck up if they want to win the Super Cup vs CSKA Moscow. I hope I can watch the match..Liverpool vs Sunderland is absolutely not the kind of standard us fans can condone throughout the whole season. We won, but the performance was disgusting. Seriously. I hope their next match they will be playing more fluent football.

Our saviour, Xabi Alonso, scoring the fantasic free kick, to secure Liverpool all 3 points against a determined Sunderland. Hez probably the only bright spark in the Liverpool team, together with Sissoko.

Anyway, to the main topic today. Bus drivers. What triggered me to write about bus drivers today was because I witnessed something that happened this morning on my way to work. There are indeed very nice bus drivers, but unfortunately there is probably an equal amount of unfriendly bus drivers around. The bus driver I saw today probably possessed both the good side and the ugly side. I originally thought he was one of the good bus drivers around by sparing a thought for people rushing to work and couldn't get on a saturated bus. But he helped out by asking the people in the bus to move in. That resulted in me being able to squeeze into the bus and I had a really good impression of this driver. But right after his attitude changed or something, for at the next stop when people were alighting he did not even bother to check if everyone has alighted or not. This resulted in an accident to happen, where one of the bus passengers trying to alight got his poor hands stuck in the doors of the bus. Worst still, that particular passenger had cried for help. Pretty loudly as I could hear it, so there was no reason why the driver couldn't have heard it. Maybe he pretended not to hear it, and he started to move off. Let's just say he really did not hear it. He could not have missed the stuck hands in the door for he had to refer to his side mirror in order to move off. I dont't know. But such negligence on the driver's part is totally unacceptable. In the end, the poor guy gotta to run with the bus for a relatively short distance before he could finally force his hand out of the doors.

I would like to express my thanks to those very nice bus drivers serving us civilians all over Singapore, and I know particularly one of them, driving service 359 in Pasir Ris. He never fails to smile at all his passengers and I really think it's very nice of him to do that. His golden pin worn on his collar probably shows that he is really a courteous driver. But I scorn those low-life unfriendly bus drivers who don't even give a damn and drive a bus for the sake of driving it. Shame on you. How in the blue hell can some bus drivers be so unfriendly? You mean the faster you reach your destination you get more pay? Nonsense. So why can't bus drivers stop at a bus stop in which someboday wants to get on? Oh yes you bet, I have experienced such situations before, where even though you stretch out your hand and wave at the bus driver, the driver ignores you and speeds past the damn bus stop. Worst, sometimes drivers ignore you even though they see you trying to chase the bus. They just purposely don't want to wait for you. These few acts by a minority of bus drivers really make me sick. It's unfortunate that such problems cannot be be tackled by the management because it is beyond their control to as it is human nature. Just sad that some of these bus drivers are even being employed coz they give bus drivers such a bad impression with their bad attitude.

This probably concludes my topic today on bus drivers. I think most of you who read this entry would tend to agree with me, I am sure that such situations happened to you before, at least ONCE..and don't you think such 'bad-attitude' drivers should be expelled from our society? These minority do not even deserve any respect nor do they even deserve to be paid because of their lousy service attitude.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Project Superstar

I don't wanna watch the Grand Final of Project Superstar anymore.

Kelvin Tan Wei Lian got into the Grand Final at the expense of Hong Junyang? I was always so confident Junyang will definitely ease through to the final but Kelvin's fan base proved to be ever so powerful. Dun get me wrong. I am not looking down on Kelvin because of his physical disability. He sings great and I have to adnmit it, but to be a superstar, I seriously doubt he has what it takes...In my personal opinion I think he is far from fufilling the qualties of a superstar (if that is what they are looking for, of course). I hate to say this, I don't hate him, but I gotta say that I think at least 65% of his votes were based purely on sympathy. Well, yeah coming to think of it, I really feel so sorry for Junyang. I thought he really deserved to reach the final. Oh wells..all I have to say is..if Kelvin gets the honour of being named the Superstar, the show would have failed coz there is no way Kelvin can be groomed to become a Superstar I feel. Kelvin will NEVER be as successful as Taufik.

On the other hand, I was relieved Kelly got into the Grand Final, although I have to agree that Xinhui was a much better performer amongst the pair that night. I'm pretty impressed with Xinhui coz I really hated her the first few rounds for she was so lousy. But she really made the effort to improve and it's there for everyone to see. She just keeps improving and has even surpassed the likes of Kelly. Now that is one thing that I have to respect her for.

I don't really care who wins Project Superstar now coz I thought the deserving winner should have been Junyang. Bleah.

So looking forward to another week of Premiership football...

live on ESPN, Sat 10pm

I really hope they put Cisse on for a full 90 minutes coz I believe he is our main goal-getter. So Rafa PLEASE stop playing Cisse on the right wing. I don't like it and I don't think he likes it either.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Football can be THAT cruel

Oh come on..

Surely Wigan didn't deserved that. Fuck Chelsea coz it was really lady luck on their side..Wigan deserved at least a draw. But I gotta say..Crespo's goal was top-class.

If I were the Wigan manager, I would be cursing Jose Mourinho right now.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rui En My Pretty Idol

I LOVE RUI EN!!!! so pretty don't you agree?

Friday, August 12, 2005


After yesterday night, I understood how powerful one's determination can be...

I felt a great sense of achievement last night when I finally managed to fix the faulty ceiling light in the kitchen. It was much tougher than I expected. Not the usual replacing of light bulbs where you just had to take off the spoilt one and fix it up with a brand new bulb. Initially that was what I thought, but when I opened up the covering it was a complicated electrical circuit to say the least, wires all around and screws and funny-looking things and everything. I asked Daddy for directions on how to get the light fixed and working again and I totally understood how to do it. But the sickening part was the screw. It was so old, so rusty and so bloody tight that I could not unscrew it out at first. Was so fed up about it that I was throwing tantrums at everyone after that 1st try. Then I decided to cool down and by the time I tried again my sweat had all dried up already. I wanted to give up coz I can't stand sweat dripping all over my body. You know it's always tough to fix something on the ceiling because you are acting against gravity..but I told myself to stay determined...and fortunately it paid off. Hah. I got that fuckin screw out, replaced the burnt wire with the brand new one, installed the starter back to where it was originally and..TATA!! I switched it on...and it was working again! At that moment, I really felt so happy for myself coz I did it..and somehow I was convinced that determination always prevails..and nothing is impossible.

I realised how important it is to know how to fix basic electrical units and appliances at home in case they become faulty or get spoilt. Well right now I am wondering if CCs offer courses such that it trains people learn how to DIY when certain appliances at home go faulty. I might enrol into this course if there ever is one in the first place...Could be rather interesting..and I think it is useful knowledge to know some DIY skills..can you imagine when you have your own family and your own house in future, and something goes wrong...you have no fuckin idea how to fix it...what will your wife and kids think of you? Your wife thinks you are stupid and your kids feel Papa can't do anything? Haha maybe not that extreme but it certainly says lots about you I guess...A MAN should be able to do such trivial things. After all, you are goin to be the breadwinner of the house yeah..so in conclusion: Go get some DIY skills and that's what I plan to do.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

- John Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The demise of Everton FC

Watch Villareal destroy Everton. I just love to see Everton DIE in the Champions League..Haha..

The Josico goal was fuckin sick.

Blame it on Everton's luck that they had to draw Villareal, arguably the worst team to be drawn against en route to the Champions League qualifying group stages.

Figueroa's goal
Josico's goal

Check out the Spanish commentary. I just bloody love their commentary.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bye Jac...

Bye Jac...Hopefully you will enjoy your experience in NYU and have lots of fun studying overseas.. Really wish you all the best in whatever you do..hope to have a chance to meet up when you return to Singapore..

Sorry I wasn't present to see you off at the airport on Sunday...I didn't know about it.. If I knew I would have tried my best to make it...but no use saying all these right now...

Yup. farewell...it was my greatest pleasure and honour to have known you and been your classmate for 2 years.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Seven Swords

Had a very fufilling weekend, well at least I did not laze around at home, and instead made full use of my free time to go and meet out with respective friends.

Saturday morning I had driving lessons at CDC, and I learned the art of lane changing as well as how to negotiate right turns. Then rushed down to Changi after that to give Zhang Rui tuition. I am so looking forward to my fourth lesson with him so that I can get my deserved pay, coz right now I am so blardy bloke. I need funds to supplement my driving!!! Arghhh...

Meet Kai An@Somerset MRT and we decided to catch Seven Swords directed by Tsui Hark. Went to Cineleisure to try to get tickets but it was sold out, considered Wedding Crashers too but it was also sold out. Therefore, we decided to check out Lido for tickets, and walked past Paragon where kai An decided to buy a music CD. 'Funeral for a Friend' was the artist he bought, and he claimed that it was a very good band. Well, he let me listen to one of their songs later that night and I must say that it was a really good song. We queued at Lido, got our tickets, went over to Lucky Plaza to have our dinner and headed for pool@Mambo. I lost touch with pool for like dunno since when and indeed it showed very clearly, I was missing easy shots that I normally would have put in and it's really an off-form day for me at Mambo.

Anyway here were the people I met in town that day, realised I haven't been to town for like 3 weeks at least? Haha...so many familiar faces..some I just didn't bother to say hi because I din really know them well anyway.

Saw Amalina@City Hall MRT where I found out she was in polytechnic studying Physiotherapy. How cool it is to study that kind of subject! Haha..Anyway, she said I looked different because it had been such a long time since we last met. And really she looked so much prettier now..If I were a Malay I will probably get smitten by her wonderful looks! Hah. Anyways, was nice to catch up with her and I wanna wish her all the best in her poly days ahead. Pretty in Pink indeed coz she was wearing a pink top when I saw her...

Saw Jian Wei@ the area outside Ngee Ann City
Saw Favian and Wen Ting@the area outside Paragon, well they seem to be waiting for someone..
Saw Timothy@Lido, he probably didn't recognize me and why should he. haven't seen me since Primary Sch dayz haha...I guess I just got good memory.

Seven Swords was not a bad show, not fantastic but it's still ok to watch in my opinion. Personally I didn't find the movie as sucky as some other poeple might have thought, because I am a lover of swords. I was disappointed that they did not exclusively introduce each of the seven swords, but nevertheless I loved how unique each of the seven swords were.

[The Dragon] held by Chu Zaonan played by Donnie Yen
This is a damn fuckin cool sword. Donnie Yen deserved to hold this sword bcoz the coolest man in the show always gets the best sword. This sword is supposed to be the sharpest and can cut apart another sword. Apparently, the sound generated by hitting another sword is powerful enough to shatter a third sword. Powerful eh.

[The Transience] held by Yang Yunchong played by Leon Lai
This is my favourite sword. Simple-looking sword but actually it is one of the most powerful swords. The power equals to that of the Dragon. This is the only sword that the Dragon will never be able to break. What makes me fall in love with the sword is the name itself. So much meaning. Haha.

[The Heaven's Fall] held by Wu Yuanying played by Charlie Young
Oh a very unique piece of sword indeed. The attack of this sword is basically freestyle and follows the mind of the swordsman. Cool as it has no start and end. The blade of this sword can slip through its handle, making it a versatile sword indded.

[The Deity] held by Han Zhibang
No matter how powerful this sword is, it is still inferior to the Dragon. The nature of this sword is based on strength and probably is used in similar style like the Dragon.

[The Unlearnt] held by Fu Qingzhu
The name itself suggests this sword is a mystery. A sword that is black in colour, and it is an extremely long sword. It makes use of strong airstream to launch devastating strikes on its opponents. One of my favourites too.

[The Celestial Beam] and [The Star Chasers] held by Mulang and Xing Longzhi
I don't really know much about these 2 swords but I reckon they are really cool swords too judging by their names.

Movie Rating ---------> 3/5

Unfortunately the show lasted 2.5 hours which by then, was already 1145pm, which meant that I had no train home. So I had no other choice but to spend the night at Kai An's place.


Spent the whole afternoon with some of the HNF guys for karaoke singing @ cheap cheap Party World in ULU Loyang Point. The songs are surprisingly updated which really impressed me. Sang for like 4 hours and with drinks, tidbits and fruits included, each of us only had to pay 13 bucks. That is so much cheaper than KBOX. And remember KBOX don't serve you fruits. Also got a free '4 hr singing@Party World' voucher and a $10 discount on my next visit to Party World. Quite worth it in my view la. But Sze Bee felt the prices were like comparable to that of KBOX..where got lor...haha.

Oh I am so happy Chelsea won the Communuty Shield. Not because I favour Chelsea over Arsenal, but becaused I gambled on Chelsea to win!! Haha good investment indeed, won $27. Gonna collect my winnings tomorrow I think...lalala...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Return to the cube

It has been long since I last put in an entry, so I shall just update what I have been doing these past few days...going all the way back to last Saturday. I guess there is only one reason that explains why I haven't blogged for the past week..I am just FARK SHIT LAZY. I admit. BEING SUPER LAZY is one negative aspect of me that I have to rectify..hopefully soon..haha.


Went with Mum and Dad to meet up with Dawn, Nick and Nick's parents so that the two families could get to know each other better. Lunch was chosen to be at this Japanese Resturant called Hanabi@King's Arcade around the Bukit Timah area there. It was a fantastic place to dine in at simply because of its reasonable price. Around $26 for the lunch buffet i think, and you get to order any amount of sashimi as you wish. It's really crazy. Think that day we ordered 4 plates of mixed sashimi, with each plate having the amount that serves for 5 people. And we just ate and ate the sashimi, never seeming to get sick of it. There was tempura prawns and other stuff too..bloody worth it. And I can assure you its so many times better than Sakae. So, if you want to have a Jap buffet, this Hanabi hideout is just the finest place for you. Later on went to meet up with Calvin, Jia Hao and Thiam Hao for mahjong AGAIN. But this time I decided to share with Calvin and indeed I learned lots from him. He taught me when should I play which style of mahjong and indeed it was really effective. Haha. We were the big winners for the day, after splitting we won $13 each. Now I will be more confident when I play mahjong next time haha. I will win. Haha.

---Fast forward to today---

Haha I passed my FTT!!
Now I can throw away those books!! So irritating that you have to go for all these theory tests..but I am just glad to have passed the theory side of driving already. Now just hafta concentrate on the practical aspect and of course the most important of all will be the practical test itself.

I am so gettin addicted to drinking Kopi C Siew Tai (Coffee more milk less sugar). So nice to drink.. Especially those which are freshly brewed at the coffeeshops haha..

Sometimes it's so frustrating when people do not appreciate the efforts you put in into organising a gathering. Organisers just want to make sure the turnout will be good so that it will be a successful event. But people tend to neglect this point and think that we can get so naggy at times. Do we want to be naggy? Take note we don't actually have to go through all this shit to organise stuffs, and to add to all this people think organisers are a pain in the ass. These minority should just try organising an event. I seriously scorn people who take organisers for granted. Just bloody hell do some soul-searching if you are these kind of people. Please. Appreciate.

No, I am not pointing fingers at anyone so please don't get any wrong ideas about this.