Monday, January 23, 2006

Digging out past photos

Meiqi would kill me if she saw this entry, I think.

I was just bored sitting in front of the computer when I decided to look through past photos that I have taken and oh my word! I saw one photo which probably stood out from the rest that I saw haha. Here it is:

What were we thinking? Haha..


Rio Ferdinand and the whole Man Utd team can go fuck off.

I hate Man U.

Yes I do.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Idol fever


Today I watched American Idol and Star Idol on Ch5 and Ch8 respectively.

I don't know whether is it because I haven't been watching AI for ages already or wad, but I really LOL throughout the whole show. American people are the best. They are like a zillion times more exaggerated as compared to Singapore Idol wannabes when participating in the auditions. I really enjoyed laughing throughout the show. Therez this particular one I wanna highlight. Paula and Randy actually allowed this guy I only know as 'Crazy Dave' through to the next round. What were they thinking??? He was awful and I bet they did this just to spite Simon. Haha. But when he went thru the audition I laughed like mad and almost had a heart attack. Recall those days where William Hung was introduced to the world. I think this guy will be the next big thing on idol. Hahahaha.

Guess wad. Favourite Bryan Wong has been eliminated from Star Idol. Well at least Jacqueline is still in the competition. Out of the 6 left, if I can choose a winner based purely on acting skills, it has to be her. So I will be supporting her all the way! I just can't believe that Leo Lam and Lincoln are still inside the competition. Their acting is too fake and I can't stand it when Leo gives that smug expression on his face. Wish he'd get out soon.

Monday, January 16, 2006



* Nussini is a hazelnut-covered crispy wafer bar filled with fine hazelnut cream that is so splendidly delicious and addictive. Covert with rich and tender Milka alpine milk chocolate, I have to say that this is heavenly tasty.

Thanks Grace! :)

I cannot understand how 8 Days rate movies. How can they give 'IN HER SHOES' 2.5 stars and give 'WALLACE N GROMIT' 4 stars? Incredible. Though I have not seen the latter, I think it's really kinda ridiculous to give it 4 stars right? Who watched it already? Please tell me it's a good show. As good as 'SHREK' or 'FINDING NEMO', perhaps??

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'll be waiting

Have you watched 'In Her Shoes'?

Not bad a movie really..I liked it. If you are looking for something heartwarming and touching and anywhere near that line then you should catch it. If you are expecting a thriller or horror, don't even think about it coz I doubt you will appreciate the movie.

I will give it 3.5 stars. Haha.

Sent my cousin Kai An off this morning at the airport. Only the closest to him went to send him off because he claimed he didn't like the presence of too many people seeing him leave. I will probably have the same thinking as him if I ever get the chance to go for any overseas exchange like him next time. All the best to him and I figure it will be a torturing one-year for more Saturday more meet ups for movies others don't like..I will definitely miss your presence come this Chinese New Year coz you will not be back for the cruise vacation..Oh wells.. I'm sure you will enjoy it there...and how lucky la you! I will never dream of myself doing an exchange at UPenn! So you had better cherish it..Haha..

I hope one year will be over soon.... :)

Here are two pix from the latest 'class gathering' which took place on the 5th.

Ken and Me

Kian Hean, Ken, Jan, Me

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Left knee

My left knee is still a lil fucked up. Especially when I stand up after sitting down for a long time..

Still freakin contemplating if I should seek the help of a Chinese physician to see if there are no severe complications of any sort.



Did you people watch Channel U's broadcast of the Ren Ci Charity Show on Sunday evening? I watched only certain parts of the show but what really caught me thinking hard was actually how the head of Ren Ci (Ming Yi Fa they call it) was encouraging everyone to call in and make donations. Given the recent hype over the TT Durai-NKF case, I guess Singaporeans all over the island have probably lost a tremendous amount of confidence in charity organisations. People do not know if their donations really reach out to the needy...And that is completely justifiable. But Ming Yi Fa Shi never gave up. He had to do one of his two stunts under harsh weather conditions that night, and if not for the crew who did not give the go-ahead for the 2nd stunt, he would have braved the rain and went against all odds to complete the stunt..all in the hope of touching more people's hearts out there and gather more calls. Instead, he made use of the allocated air-time to plead with TV viewers to donate. And I believed he was really sincere in his speech:

1. He assured donors that every cent of their donations will definitely be used to help the needy patients of Ren Ci hospitals.

2. He explained that we should not condemn every charity organisation just because of one person's misdeeds in the management of a certain orgainistion.

3. He broke down in tears in front of all of us watching that night. If you watched and you didn't feel anything at all after hearing what he had to say then I think it's pretty sad for you because you are as good as a cold-blooded person.

4. He emphasized that we should not give up calling to donate at such a turbulent time with regards to charity organisations becuase the patients are still hoping hard that we who can donate have not given up on them.

5. He said that us viewers and donors were not the only victims, and instead, the patients and those who need help financially to treat their illnesses feel most cheated by the fact that a certain oragnisation managed their funds in such a manner that they do not receive maximum benefits from donors.

His words really made me reflect on this issue heavily. My mother was so moved by what he said that she called in on the spot to give her full support. Plenty to ponder...Often we claim that we are victimised, but I bet many of you have never put yourselves in the needy's point of view...they too feel extremely cheated. So, what is your take on this issue?

Ming Yi Fa Shi. He deserves my utmost respect.

Currently watching this recently filmed HK Drama that I rented. 'Revolving Doors Of Vengeance', and I'm loving the show so much! The theme song is so nice and I love main actor Joe Ma(Ko Fung). Hez just too cool to be true. His charismatic nature really brings out the charming persona in him. If I were a HK woman I would have idolized him. Haha.

Oh Sanjiv/Sanjay, when do you want to start our fitness program proper? I'm all set to go man. Fix a time and we can all head down over to your place to do some good workout dudes! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nose-digger of the millenium

Recently on my travels to work I have been seeing this particular old man at this certain bus stop almost like everyday. He is the most disgusting, gross, fucked up person I have ever met in my life so far. He makes me sick, and totally pisses me off most of the time. I don't know why do I have this huge amount of hatred against this old man, of all old people, you might ask?

1. He digs his bloody nose like nobody's business. And when I say that, I mean it. On the average, he has to stick his finger up his nostril like every 30 seconds.

2. If that is not bad enough, his way of digging his nose is totally fucked up. He digs so hard, that everybody can see his nostrils rotate 360 degrees with the nose bone acting as a pivot. I dunno what's he looking for, but oh my god I suspect he thinks there is something really valuable up his fuckin nostrils.

3. I had a very bad encounter with this old man on the bus. He just doesn't care. Apparently the bus I take is always very crowded so we gotta squeeze. And this old man unfortunately always alights a few stops before mine..and there was this particular time he just forced his way thru a very packed bus and in the process he knocked into me rather strongly and I got realy pissed off. It was not as if the bus was gonna leave without him alighting, so why can't he just wriggle his way out slowly?

Sad to say, until today I still see this nose-digger often and I dunno if it's just me or what, I will try to distance myself away from him because I get really disgusted by his actions. Granted, people do dig their noses, but please if you want to do it, do it DISCREETLY for hell's sake! Not in front of so many people! Everytime I bump into him, I foresee a bad day at work..