Thursday, January 19, 2006

Idol fever


Today I watched American Idol and Star Idol on Ch5 and Ch8 respectively.

I don't know whether is it because I haven't been watching AI for ages already or wad, but I really LOL throughout the whole show. American people are the best. They are like a zillion times more exaggerated as compared to Singapore Idol wannabes when participating in the auditions. I really enjoyed laughing throughout the show. Therez this particular one I wanna highlight. Paula and Randy actually allowed this guy I only know as 'Crazy Dave' through to the next round. What were they thinking??? He was awful and I bet they did this just to spite Simon. Haha. But when he went thru the audition I laughed like mad and almost had a heart attack. Recall those days where William Hung was introduced to the world. I think this guy will be the next big thing on idol. Hahahaha.

Guess wad. Favourite Bryan Wong has been eliminated from Star Idol. Well at least Jacqueline is still in the competition. Out of the 6 left, if I can choose a winner based purely on acting skills, it has to be her. So I will be supporting her all the way! I just can't believe that Leo Lam and Lincoln are still inside the competition. Their acting is too fake and I can't stand it when Leo gives that smug expression on his face. Wish he'd get out soon.


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