Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nose-digger of the millenium

Recently on my travels to work I have been seeing this particular old man at this certain bus stop almost like everyday. He is the most disgusting, gross, fucked up person I have ever met in my life so far. He makes me sick, and totally pisses me off most of the time. I don't know him...so why do I have this huge amount of hatred against this old man, of all old people, you might ask?

1. He digs his bloody nose like nobody's business. And when I say that, I mean it. On the average, he has to stick his finger up his nostril like every 30 seconds.

2. If that is not bad enough, his way of digging his nose is totally fucked up. He digs so hard, that everybody can see his nostrils rotate 360 degrees with the nose bone acting as a pivot. I dunno what's he looking for, but oh my god I suspect he thinks there is something really valuable up his fuckin nostrils.

3. I had a very bad encounter with this old man on the bus. He just doesn't care. Apparently the bus I take is always very crowded so we gotta squeeze. And this old man unfortunately always alights a few stops before mine..and there was this particular time he just forced his way thru a very packed bus and in the process he knocked into me rather strongly and I got realy pissed off. It was not as if the bus was gonna leave without him alighting, so why can't he just wriggle his way out slowly?

Sad to say, until today I still see this nose-digger often and I dunno if it's just me or what, I will try to distance myself away from him because I get really disgusted by his actions. Granted, people do dig their noses, but please if you want to do it, do it DISCREETLY for hell's sake! Not in front of so many people! Everytime I bump into him, I foresee a bad day at work..


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