Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Choon Guang, who I believe turned 20 yesterday...May you have many returns! Although we do not see each other often, but you've been one great pal and it has been my pleasure knowing you..missed those 3 months in VJ where we bullshited crap together...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Twins Jiv and Jay, who will both turn 20 on Nov 10 2006. Hoped you like the T-Shirt man Jay! I chose you betta wear it the next time round we meet up. And Jiv, you hairy-chested niggy, you betta wear those shorts we bought for you..I chose it too! Thank me first for not letting Henry do the choosing...haha..anyway just like to let you know you have been such a busted but I like people like you because that means I have one more person to crap with! Haha...You twins enjoy your upcoming 20th and we'll continue tormenting Henry ya? :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do You Still Dare To Wear CROCS?


Before I start on the main topic for this entry, I'd like to recommend a recent movie I've watched: THE GUARDIAN starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.

I'll skip the storyline and stuffs la, you can always read those in other websites that offer better content. But the director's pick for Ashton Kutcher to be one of the movie's main actors was spot-on. His acting definitely surpassed my expectations and I can't think of anyone else that can do his role at this moment in time haha. I really want to recommend this show because I enjoyed it throughout. Go watch it if you haven't before it's too late!

CLEMCUBE rates THE GUARDIAN: 4.5/5 for it's great storyline.

Pity I did not have the time to watch THE PRESTIGE and THE DEPARTED because I also heard from my friends that they were great shows to watch as well. And I've decided to give THE COVENANT a miss becuase Qisheng told me it wasn't good. Guess I don't want to waste my precious money on bad movies...I've had bad experiences haha..need to spend the money elsewhere :]

Well, on to the main topic..not to sound offensive or anything...but what's with toddlers losing their toes these days? 2 cases in 3 days is a worrying sight, hopefully not more to come man..I feel sorry for those two kids who lost their toes, and if they are still suffering from their traumatic experience (come on, wouldn't you be shocked to have lost a toe to a seemingly harmless escalator?), I wish for their speedy recovery.

The question now is: Who is to blame? The escalator? The kids for sticking their feet near the sides of the escalator? Or the type of footwear they were wearing? Coincidently, the footwear of the toddlers who lost their toes were believed to be wearing CROCS, you know, the very popular rubber sandal-like footwear with many holes for your feet to breathe (If feet could breathe haha)?? Yeah that's it. If you read The Straits Times Nov 7 edition, there was an article in it which quoted experts saying that studies have shown that rubber-material footwear are more prone to get stuck at the sides of the escalators as compared to normal footwear material like leather or canvas.

Well, personally, I do not want to condemn those people who spent $50 for a pair of poser footwear but don't you think it's really dumb to get footwear which endangers your feet? Yes, I admit I was once fascinated by it's design when it first came out but after seeing the amount of people blindly following the trend it really began to put me off. And, after thinking long, I began to question myself on why I even contemplated on getting a pair for my own use. $50 can give you 25 plates of delicious Chicken Rice ya noe? Haha..

Now, with toddlers increasingly facing the risk of getting their toe severed, who dares to purchase any more CROCS? I bet sales of CROCS have significantly plunged down by at least 50% after the first incident. I even hear that imitation CROCs have decreased their sale price as well...if it ain't cheap you can get them for $3.90 instead of $5.90! Haha...roadside vendors do follow news too, apparently..Are the parents of the toddlers affected now going to file a lawsuit against CROCS? Hehe..that would be interesting eh..although highly unlikely becuase there is no real solid argument to justify how CROCS have caused the unfortunate incident directly... ultimately the toddler's legs are controlled by himself/herself..not CROCS! Haha..

CROCS seems to be the next bubble tea phenomenon in any way you look at it. People are going crazy over it, and it will just die down soon enough..maybe faster than expected due to such unforseen ciurcumstances.

Will you still buy CROCS? If they slash their price by 50%? Will it still appeal to public?