Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Choon Guang, who I believe turned 20 yesterday...May you have many returns! Although we do not see each other often, but you've been one great pal and it has been my pleasure knowing you..missed those 3 months in VJ where we bullshited crap together...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Twins Jiv and Jay, who will both turn 20 on Nov 10 2006. Hoped you like the T-Shirt man Jay! I chose you betta wear it the next time round we meet up. And Jiv, you hairy-chested niggy, you betta wear those shorts we bought for you..I chose it too! Thank me first for not letting Henry do the choosing...haha..anyway just like to let you know you have been such a busted but I like people like you because that means I have one more person to crap with! Haha...You twins enjoy your upcoming 20th and we'll continue tormenting Henry ya? :)


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