Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Blog I Never Should Have Read


As usual, I'd like to start my post on a rather happy note, since this entry is going to be one that will have different kinds of feelings running through me as I type it down.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made my sister's wedding on 25 Nov such a success, especially Nick's 'brudders' and Dawn's 'sisters', and those who attended the dinner, as well as any other people who helped in the cause in one way or another. Really appreciate every individual's efforts, including those of the hotel staff. It felt great to sit at the VIP table, and I was glad my sister was a very happy woman that night. Although I had to spend on my suit and other stuffs to prepare for this wedding, it was all well worth it as I was glad to receive positive comments that night hehe. Anyway, will update once the pictures are ready.

Next, to those who remembered my 20th birthday, I sincerely thank you all and appreciate it lots. To those who didn't, it's ok..I still love you all :] well I am guilty of forgetting some of my frens' brithdays too at times..but I want to thank these people especially: Henry, Jiv, Jay, ZZ, Simon, Albin, Wei De and Victor..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL PRESENT and I really love the Adidas Bag that you all shared to buy for me..bloody hell you all are my great buddies man!

Ok, with that, let me start. What actually inspired me to finally blog after such a long absence was the fact that I had chanced upon my former classmate's blog. You see, he was one guy who apparently hated me during our JC times (I only knew that he hated me so much after reading his blog) because he thought that I had backstabbed him in some sort, and pointed me out especially for the split-up of my class into two main factions: he claiming his 'gang' and my 'gang'. Initially, when I read his blog I was really hurt, or rather, affected by some of the things he said about me. Well, things like Bast***, Shi*, Fuck*r,and more vile words aimed at me, as well as occasionally blasting my other classmates whom he thought made him like a total fool. I really didn't think he disliked me to such an extent, since he DID NOT express it so explicitly when we met in school. Guess he vented all his frustrations on his BLOG and criticized me for alot of things..I shall not go into it here.

I just want to make it clear to HIM although he most probably won't see this entry:
1. I am NOT what you described me to be as in YOUR bloody blog
2. All the time you lambasted me on your blog that I speak with no actions, how about you, if you aren't happy with me, tell me IN MY FACE!
3. Regarding your saga with a certain gal, I did what I thought was right and please, DO NOT MAKE IT SOUND AS IF you are a fucking victim out of everything. I can't possibly tell you to stop liking someone so I encouraged you out of goodwill to keep going. Is THAT wrong?
4. IF YOU CAN'T GET A GIRL, don't blame others. Ask yourself why the girl wasn't attracted to you and try to improve on it. QUIT COMPLAINING that others are handsome and that you are fuckface.
5. For the record, I DID NOT usurp the 'throne' as you said of being the CT Rep in class. PLEASE, like I give a damn about that title. You can have it all you want.
6. YOU GOT YOUR STORY WRONG. You were NEVER the class mascot at the start of the term and neither everyone's best friend, at least not for me.
7. And quit your paranoia. Since when do I always stare at you during lectures? For fuck's sake if I wanted to stare you'd be the last person I'd stare at. Crazy.
8. You ASSUME too much. Very interesting story of me trying to upset your GOOD FRIEND by taking the same bus as the girl he liked. Dun be childish can, so I can't go near a girl that you or your fren has a liking for? Moreover, we both stay in the east and are classmates so I don't get your point seriously.
9. You claim I go around telling people I will fail my tests and results, and then I end up with full marks for my Chem Prac. And, you keep harping on that...no other examples to quote? That was the only occasion FYI, the rest of the times I said I would do badly and I really did, at least not to my expectations. FYI I got D E O O for my prelims, you cool with that? So BLOODY ASS STOP using the same example in like 200 of your entries?
10. Don't let your jealousy get the better of you. Touching a girl on her shoulder is an outrage of modesty? THEN THE WHOLE OF VJC males has committed it at least once. I'm surprised you even bother to count and observe the number of times the guys in my 'gang' did that. And there is a difference between molestation and making fun of them. DUN EXAGGERATE.
11. If you hate me that much, why haven't you deleted me on your MSN contact list? Thanks to Meebo, I discovered you still have me. For bad-mouthing me behind my back, you deserve to die and I have already removed you from my list.

The bottomline is, I think you should go do a reality-check on yourself. I don't hate you for writing such vile comments about me, but after reading your blog, I've learnt something really valuable: You can't please everyone in life. Some will hate you, some will like you.

You are the first person I know that really hated me so much. If you count your two good friends in your 'gang', I guess that adds up to 3. And all because of the girls you and your friend liked that caused so much unhappiness between us.. enough for you to conjure up such a wonderful storyline that had me as the main actor, and with other classmates not in your 'gang' serving as a marvellous supporting cast.

For my former classmates who happen to be reading this, you should know who I'm referring to.


Anonymous Sherm said...

i think hor. you shldn bother with such pple la. i think he's having a severe inferior complex. his kind often needs to blame someone for his apparent failures in life, and you happen to be the unfortunate target. he doesn exactly hate you. he's more of using your persona as a target for his self inferiority complex...heh

4:56 PM  
Blogger Clement said...

maybe...but if u saw his blog...the words he used were really bad.. and I can't help but think he really, really hates me.

12:11 AM  
Blogger dawndie said...

Hey got link?

Sigh, Clement, Clement, Clement. Why let kids bother you? Moreover, this fella you described obviously have deep-rooted issues and like I've told you many times, there will be people in life you come across who will dislike you for no apparent reason and make up more to convince themselves.

Haha, and I thought I was paranoid. This guy is hard core compared to me.

5:53 PM  

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