Thursday, January 11, 2007

ORD Thoughts


It has been a long long 2 years to say the least, and I'm grateful that it has finally ended. To say that time flies would have been incorrect, but indeed I could still recall the moment when I was still lamenting on my first day after being enlisted that serving NS was a total waste of my time, my youth and wadever. And right now, that pink IC which smelled so good is back in my wallet! Haha...ORD LOH!!! Embrace 2007!

2007 has not been a good start for me in terms of $$ haha...lost quite alot in soccer betting and as eager I am as to recoup my losses, I know I must be patient and wait for the right chance to bounce back haha...anyway, back to the main topic:

I just wanna take this chance to thank some ppl in my camp for these 2 years for making my life so interesting and vibrant, you guys have been my greatest buddies and hope we do keep in touch in the times ahead...

Henry, lover of Agnes
Sounds cliche, but you have been a great friend really. You better be honoured that you are first on my thank-you list, haha but really...I enjoyed 'bullying' you and you also inspired me to take up tennis. OK lar, you may be better than me in terms of tennis but that's about it haha.. Outings with you, the twins and Hian Liang have been great. And thanks for the rides home after our tennis sessions...Buying soya bean for me at times in office and in return you steal my jacket to wear in office rite. See? I knew you had an ulterior motive! Haha..but I know you gonna leave soon for Aussieland to pursue your medicine studies and that totally sucks. Which means I can't thrash you in tennis already moppet. You better remember me because if you don't, I'll KILL U! And please don't deny you like Agnes because I know you do! Haha, anyway just wanna say that without you, 2 years would have been slow coz there no one I can bully! =)

The famous twins, Jiv/Jay
Well loved in VJ and well loved in *** as well. It's a shame I only got to know you guys more in *** but it's never too late. Jiv, you have been a crazy guy to hang out with, and I'm sure we enjoyed bullying Henry..Haha don't think I dunno, you act hardworking in *** only, actually u have been slacking all these while and surfing forums rite? Haha u slacker! Delegate your work to Mark think I dunno! =) And dun worry coz u'd get laid pretty soon! When you go overseas to study I'm sure you will be so popular among the girls coz of your chest hair and cheeky characteristics, you will find yourself spoilt with choices haha! As for Jay, SOTY!!! Forever dedicated in wadever you do, it has been a pleasure knowing you. Your unselfish attitude and generosity has really impressed me. Thanks for always booking the tennis courts for us to use, look forward to meeting up with you twins soon again! It'd be fast, ORD LOH!

Shaun, Workaholic in the day, party animal in the night
My fellow colleague in my department and it has really been my privilege to work with you. This man is crazy. He is so organised with his work (which earned him the title SOTY 2005) that I can't believe he says he is so stressed in SMU right now. Haha...anyway thanks for visiting me near my ORD and such a pity I won't be able to be you schoolmate at SMU...But do keep in touch!

Hian Liang, Slacker Club President
You must be enjoying your bloody time in Edinburgh right now brudder! Still remember I dared you to lie down right at the centre of the bridge at Clarke Quay for 5 minutes? Can't believe you did it for $10 man...all was well worth it! All the people who passed by tot u were nuts! HAHA..been great slacking and hanging around with you...stay cool and remember to contact me when you return!

ZhongZheng, King of Pang Seh
Oh yes you always pang seh one lor.. lazy ass..raining den dun wan to come out of your house..haha..and I dunno why you love flirting with Henry in office everyday. Go toilet also must go together. Haha..anyway you too are going to ORD soon, so all the best and keep in touch!

Tech Support and Simon
My bowling khakis! Haha...and I will definitely miss those late night drive arounds to eat supper, play pool, go KTV..must have such outings again soon! To Victor, thanks for always burning TVB Dramas for me I really love TVB shows! To Albin and Weide, thanks for always being so nice and always letting me slack in tech support room and everything! And of course Simon, thanks for being the never-complaining driver during our late night outings! Forever BRUDDERS!

Like to thank all those people whom I didn't mention too, like Benison(thanks for the Emma Watson portrait! I think I still have it with me!), Sherman, Dhruv and alot of other past seniors who really helped me settle in *** along the way. Thanks Tracy, Chye Joo, Ivan, Chye Ping and Mike for being very nice regulars and offering me food occasionally, I too deeply appreciate it.

To those I absolutely disliked(I won't use 'hate' because that's too strong a word to use), I won't mention my grudge against you but these idiots are only a rare minority so don't worry because if I say hello to you if I see you in office you are probably not on my 'dislike' list.




Blogger Sanjiv said...

oh my goodness - i've been exposed! hahaha. =) cheers man. it's been nothing short of awesome having you around. :) we'll miss these days!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Clement said...

yeah...i'm sure we'll miss those times..
maybe we can get together one day and head back there for a visit in months to come!! =)

11:26 PM  
Blogger henry said...

good, at least you know i'm better than you in tennis lol. gonna miss thrashing you! And please, i bought the soya bean out of goodwill ok? And that pirated jacket from Vietnam? I had lotsa trouble convincing myself to wear it :p Anyway, been great knowing you ru hua, still can remember the qi tian da sheng videos we used to watch in office! haha. yep, the fun times in *** will definitely be etched in my memory. stay in touch on msn!

12:09 AM  
Blogger Clement said...

that jacket is not from vietnam you KOKsucker! it's authentic ok!


12:55 AM  
Blogger Sanjiv said...

henry, can you imagine what would happen if one of the regulars see this? you're publicly admitting to watching videos and slacking! bad boy! might as well admit to all the meeboing, youtubing, and (fill in illegal activity here). Er, oops. =D

1:38 AM  
Blogger henry said...

aiya emaciated kenyan, they most likely know la, haha, and don't tell me you're innocent! u and your tsr-ing.. :p anyway i'll be out by end jan, so there's nothing much to worry about already haha =)

10:42 AM  
Blogger Clement said...

emaciated kenyan?

that's a pretty good description man haha...

10:46 PM  

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