Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go The Extra Mile For Service


The GEMS movement, which stands for 'Go the extra mile for service' was meant to improve service levels in Singapore. I wonder how the campaign is doing right now.

As a service representative (I'm working part-time currently) myself, I hate to say that I will not go the extra mile for service, simply because the customer won't go the extra mile to be nice to us service representatives. If the customer presents himself/herself in such a rude manner, how do you expect me to give you good service? In such scenarios, expect me to be hostile to the customer, simply because I don't need such a arrogant buyer to patronize the shop. He/She can take the filthy money and spend it elsewhere.

In sales, it is true that we are 'high-class beggars' in a sense, because ultimately if customers refuse to buy your goods, as a boss of the shop, you probably will be threadin in deep shit. But that doesn't mean customers can do what they want right? Why can't some idiotic customers just learn to be more polite towards the salesperson and if need be, bargain in a mild-mannered way?

My colleague was an unlucky victim of an Australian customer in the shop today, who was fuckin rude to start in the first place, and he named a last price immediately for the suitcase he wanted which was ridiculously low and barely above its cost price. When my colleague refused to give in to his demands, he raised his voice and said he'd take the suitcase now, but he will never return to patronize the shop ever again. According to my colleague and aunt, they said he was a familiar face and the former remembered him coming back weeks ago saying the same thing. HOW COME HE IS BACK IN OUR SHOP PURCHASING SUITCASES IF HE SAID HE DIDN'T WANT TO RETURN? Obviously he is such a shameless loser who does not keep to his word and is one very very unreasonable customer.

As a customer, if you want good service, you must be polite to start with.. it's a two-way thing. Too bad some idiots just don't get the point.

Talking about attitude, I'm still feeling upset about a certain friend's 'cannot be bothered' attitude. The way he conveyed his message to me via SMS was shocking to say the least...I really thought he was kinda rude. If hez readng this I hope he can sit down and think about it.

Maybe he just didn't think his SMSes were, sort of, insensitive. And he needs to know I'm working as a salesperson which means he should stop calling me because it's not nice for my colleagues to see me on the phone when I'm supposed to be at work. It's not *** you know.


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