Monday, December 26, 2005

Are you psychic?

You Are 60% Psychic

You are pretty psychic.

While you aren't Miss Cleo, you've got a little ESP going on.

And although you're sometimes off on your predictions...

You're more often right than wrong

So go with your instincts - you know more than you think.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!



Thanks Colin for inviting me to your party! It was great to see so many people there, and I got to know some fantastic people, got to know others betta through this gathering and I really enjoyed it...pity I could not stay longer coz I gotta rush to somewhere else...Din eat much also but it was a great party! Oh and I saw my senior Fengling as well as eliminated STAR IDOL contestant Terence! Amazing links everywhere man haha...

Grace's party wasn't so lively as compared to the former, but the food there was great! There was the honey ham and also very delicious curry...although I have to say the drinks were kinda weird, or maybe it's just me who dunno how to appreciate sour plum...haha. Anyway, thanks Grace for inviting me to your party too! A worthy mention would be the carolling in Grace's place..haha..the first time Grace organised xmas carolling in her place I think...haha... :)

Then I went to meet the class guys@ Russel's place. Reunited with Lamuda as he came back to Singapore and also met Yi En, Leon and Nigel there. Together we drove to Bedok Blk 85 for if I was not full enough, I had to gobble down more food...Hwi Jong was like some hungry ghost just released from Changi Prison..he ordered Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Fried Oyster...and to add to it we had Minced Pork Noodles, Stingray, Sambal Sotong, and BBQ Chicken's just crazy. I think 70kg is inevitable but I must be determined and fight on not to exceed the limit! Thereafter, the girls went home and we stayed on at Russel's place. Russel introduced us to his silly game and we all started playing for like 1.5 hours long haha! It was called '007 BANG!!!' Haha..that game was kinda funny and Leon was the big loser all night, and you will never guess what forfeit he was forced to do!!! Haha...I shall keep that a secret though...:) By the time everything finished, it was 5am...and Russ fetched me back... Here again I want to thank Russel for being so nice... :)

I want to make use of this blog entry to also thank everyone who gave me best wishes for the holidays and also those who gave me cards and gifts!! Thank you so much and I really appreciate it! Let us all enjoy the occasion and be MERRY!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Nasi Lemak

Spoilt for choices?

Here are two stalls which I will strongly recommend from the many NASI LEMAKs I have tasted around this small bloody island:

[Dishes]---> 3.5/5
[Value For Money]--->4.5/5

If it helps, this stall is also recommended by Makansutra, a former programme on Channel i featuring good foods around Singapore. :)

[Dishes]---> 4/5
[Value For Money]--->1.5/5

This stall is well-known and actually needs no recommendation. But such a pity that the prices are just crazily expensive. A chicken drumstick can cost 2 bucks. The rice is freakin fragrant though and the chilli is absolutely fantastic. But, business is business, it is just logical for them to jack up their prices since the food is so irresistible.

Good food doesn't neccessarily have to be expensive


It just takes a lil effort to go find that place, hidden amongst the rest..
Benison introduced me to this one, and I brought Meiqi, KY to test out the food there..

5, Purvis Street
Near National Library

Set meals for $8.80 all day! Been there twice so far, and on both occasions the food and friendliness of the staff there didn't let me down at all haha..So, if you are looking for a spot for daily lunch and happen to be loitering around that area, go giv it a try! Bring your laptop, FREE BROADBAND over there! :)

Meiqi hasn't changed abit ever since she left for London. Haha still so crappy as ever :)

Christmas celebrations and lunch in office was great far betta than the previous one. Chandan was the overall in-charge and I guess the difference was the games. Fun and everybody could participate in it..Hez a great organiser and I think he should continue being organiser for the upcomin parties or celebrations in office haha...Pot luck lunch wasn't too bad either. Special praise goes to the bee hoon prepared by Gerald's Mum, and the curry too..which was a lil spicy but nevertheless delicious..

I seriously dunno if I should attend what party tommorow. Why does it all have to fall on the same day? Shucks. I have 2 parties and I'm supposed to meet up with the class guys and I really want to because it's been so long since we met up. Guess I will just show my face at Colin's place then head down to the other party and hopefully by 10+ I can join the guys there..I dunno how I'm gonna balance my time man.


PLEASE JIO ME FOR MAHJONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY HANDS ARE ITCHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Lorry Experience


I think SuperHost is a pretty good competition to watch because of the way they carry out the elimination process. Watched yesterday's episode which featured the guys and they had ninety seconds to show what they can describe about a ridiculously shocking human art piece. I think it's really extremely difficult and I laughed throughout watching how some of them performed. Personally I felt the guys will make much better hosts as the girls and so if the final winner turns out to be male I won't be too surprised because they are much more entertaining. Haha..

Went out with Calvin, Qingyong and Zhenzhong for supper at the stretch of Prata shops which were situated near Anthea's place. Had my usual favourite Tissue while the rest feasted mostly on kosong and cheese. Not the best Tissue I have tasted...The one at Toa Payoh still rocks most so I'm looking forward to staying over at Kai An's place again for another round of tissue prata haha! It's a great feeling to sit at the back of a lorry again because as the lorry moves, the wind that blows at you really makes you feel very comfortable. I still remember the last time I sat was like 2 years back, on Ken's father's lorry when almost the whole class sat behind the lorry and played the number game as he fetched us back to a more convenient location from Marina South where we had JTS in the form of steamboat. Haha. Those memories ring back indeed..

Anyway, Calvin's lorry finally arrived at Changi Village where we took Qingyong to explore gay prostitutes. Yesterday night was one of those better nights because we saw quite a number. Some were just perfect in their figure..and if no one told me about what roams about in Changi Village, I would have mistaken some of them as pure females.. serious. Haha. Then there was one that I want to mention. This particular person wore this mini-skirt so short that really appalled me and QY haha. Shortest mini I have ever seen on a 'female'. Haha. Also, Calvin let me and Qingyong drive the lorry around the Changi Village carpark and I must say, lorry is so much different from the car. Especially steering wise. You need to know when to turn because of the different position of the wheel for the lorry as compared to the car. Haha. Oh, and I miss the gear and the clutch! Haha..The last time I touched it was like when I passed the driving test? Haha.. Anw.. it was a great night to just meet up with a few guys for supper and chat and whatsoever.

Today is the last day of my allowed leave for this year which means I have no more leave to clear...:( sobz...

And to make things worst, I fucked up my left knee while playing floorball@VJC on Saturday. It was fun nevertheless. Just hope my knee recuperates soon because everytime I walk it's kinda uncomfortable. Might consider heading to a Chinese physcian to check out the damage..

Friday, December 16, 2005

The coolest song on earth

This song is so farkin farny!!!

I lovee it!!!

Machi - Wo Ai Zhou Xing Xing

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sorry readers, if you even bother visiting my website

Yeah just wanna apologize to all readers out there, of course, I'm not saying as if lots of people visit my freaking blog haha, but for those who expected me to update at least once in a while, sorry but I have been doing the disappearing act haha. Lots of things happened throughout this 3 week absence, things like chilling out with some friends, celebrating my birthday (Thanks Benison for introducing such a great restaurant to me! Damn cheap and good..) and of course playing mahjong and losing...AGAIN and much more that I can't remember for now. Anyways, I would like to thank everyone who remembered this ignorant lil boy's 19th birthday and many many thanks to those who gave me best wishes, be it belated or not. Haha. Yeah, don't really feel like writing much today too..

I miss the JC times....

Meiqi is comin back from UK...if I'm not wrong it should be in the wee hours of 16th Dec haha...Lamuda is also returning...So I'm hoping for another gathering real soon! Mei-mei must meet up once you arrive k coz I'll be on leave for the next few days so I'll be kinda free to entertain :) I'm sure all of us miss you!

Warning to those who haven't watched AEON FLUX, if you intend to watch it, please do not. I watched and I certainly think it sucked. Yes it sucks. But Theron's body still rocks hell! Haha...