Friday, December 23, 2005

Good food doesn't neccessarily have to be expensive


It just takes a lil effort to go find that place, hidden amongst the rest..
Benison introduced me to this one, and I brought Meiqi, KY to test out the food there..

5, Purvis Street
Near National Library

Set meals for $8.80 all day! Been there twice so far, and on both occasions the food and friendliness of the staff there didn't let me down at all haha..So, if you are looking for a spot for daily lunch and happen to be loitering around that area, go giv it a try! Bring your laptop, FREE BROADBAND over there! :)

Meiqi hasn't changed abit ever since she left for London. Haha still so crappy as ever :)

Christmas celebrations and lunch in office was great far betta than the previous one. Chandan was the overall in-charge and I guess the difference was the games. Fun and everybody could participate in it..Hez a great organiser and I think he should continue being organiser for the upcomin parties or celebrations in office haha...Pot luck lunch wasn't too bad either. Special praise goes to the bee hoon prepared by Gerald's Mum, and the curry too..which was a lil spicy but nevertheless delicious..

I seriously dunno if I should attend what party tommorow. Why does it all have to fall on the same day? Shucks. I have 2 parties and I'm supposed to meet up with the class guys and I really want to because it's been so long since we met up. Guess I will just show my face at Colin's place then head down to the other party and hopefully by 10+ I can join the guys there..I dunno how I'm gonna balance my time man.


PLEASE JIO ME FOR MAHJONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY HANDS ARE ITCHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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