Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sorry readers, if you even bother visiting my website

Yeah just wanna apologize to all readers out there, of course, I'm not saying as if lots of people visit my freaking blog haha, but for those who expected me to update at least once in a while, sorry but I have been doing the disappearing act haha. Lots of things happened throughout this 3 week absence, things like chilling out with some friends, celebrating my birthday (Thanks Benison for introducing such a great restaurant to me! Damn cheap and good..) and of course playing mahjong and losing...AGAIN and much more that I can't remember for now. Anyways, I would like to thank everyone who remembered this ignorant lil boy's 19th birthday and many many thanks to those who gave me best wishes, be it belated or not. Haha. Yeah, don't really feel like writing much today too..

I miss the JC times....

Meiqi is comin back from UK...if I'm not wrong it should be in the wee hours of 16th Dec haha...Lamuda is also returning...So I'm hoping for another gathering real soon! Mei-mei must meet up once you arrive k coz I'll be on leave for the next few days so I'll be kinda free to entertain :) I'm sure all of us miss you!

Warning to those who haven't watched AEON FLUX, if you intend to watch it, please do not. I watched and I certainly think it sucked. Yes it sucks. But Theron's body still rocks hell! Haha...


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