Monday, July 25, 2005

5 lessons for driving module 1


Today I need not report back to camp coz I had the day off. So I rested at home in the afternoon and then went to meet Calvin for dinner@Tampines. We originally planned to meet@OSC to have a game of badminton at the Air Force Sch but unfortunately for us the courts were all fully booked. So, in an attempt to kill time, Calvin pleaded with me to have dinner with him whaha. Halfway through I received a call from the tuition agency informing me that the China guy didn't want tuition anymore. Hate them. They are so indecisive. They can just go piss off. One moment say want, one moment say don't want. Catherine told me the mother called to say she had found someone better..well, that better be the case..coz if they come begging me to teach the guy again I am not going to. Mark my words. Poor Xiu Feng. I don't even think he knows the mother made the decision for him. Anyways, think on the bright side. More time to spend at home after work and I won't be so tired travelling from place to place. :) But gutted coz that's gonna be $200 less a month. I need another assignment and hopefully nearby to fund my driving lessons haha!!

After that I headed to driving center for my 5th lesson. Guess who is the instructor?? HAHA IT IS THE BENG-LOOKING, LOUD-SPEAKING AND CAN'T STOP TALKING VINCENT!!! Hez a good instructor la, he makes sure your fundamentals are good before proceeding further...but he just can't stop talking haha. Today was quite special coz it was raining rather heavily so I had to be extra-cautious and drive extra-slowly, as if L-plates' speed limit were not slow enough. Heh. Anyways, finally completed Module 1 after 5 lessons and now I'm looking foward to Module 2. Thanks to Vincent I improved significantly on my low-speed control, knowing when to use half-clutch. Haha. But personally I din really like the car coz everything was like goin to spoil. The speedometer was like flickering non-stop and the headlights were like useless. Haha. Car50. I remember. So folks if you are reading this don't ever kena Car50 or you are just darn suay haha.

I watched Incredible Tales just now on Channel5. Not bad. Haha, very incredible indeed.
(If you think I am trying to be lame, the answer is yes, haha)

I am gonna check out by the way for some more of these stories.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Farewell BBQ for Jacq


Yesterday I was a happy man. But not today. Let me elaborate.


Had a wonderful barbeque at Russel's place. Apparently our class decided to have a barbeque because Russel's gonna move out soon so he wanted to organise one before he left the Waterside for good. The reason for barbeque was made even more meaningful coz Jacq was goin off overseas for her studies already so we wanted to do this for her. Also, the girls in our class will be starting a fun life in the university very soon on Monday already, meaning we will have less time to meet up I suppose.

I went over early coz I thought Russel would need a lil bit of help and as expected I was the earliest. When I met him, he shocked me by telling me he hadn't bought charcoal, ice and lighter yet. Hahah how unprepared. But, it's Russel. Luckily all these things were available at the minimart at the ground floor so that really wasn't much of a problem. It was kinda stupid coz we bought charcoal which cost 8 bucks a pack. BUT, the price comes with quality of course, and indeed Russ, me and Lirong were impressed as the charcoal was 'cleaner' than usual and also easier to use, especially when starting the fire. Everyone came late, so no matter how unprepared we were, we had ample time to get ourselves ready thanks to the latecomers. Haha.

Then came the people. The turnout was OK, and the one surprise was Rebecca, who came all the way from Bukit Panjang to attend this barbeque. Very nice of her yeah. The usual people came...of course..and we chatted till late midnight, where Ken and Russ fetched most of us home. thank you to them again.

In the car when Russel fetched me home he told me he was very happy because everybody who came to the BBQ was very happy. And we both agreed that as long as the people appreciated our efforts, no matter how hard we worked didn't matter. I, for one, was glad that everyone enjoyed the food that the guys barbequed. Leon psycho-ed all of us to put BBQ sauce, butter and honey in excess and in the end we really did. But the end-product was great. Haha. At least the comments we got were.." Oh the food is great!"...haha..."Delicious!"...and many other positive feedback. So I guess I had to say I really enjoyed myself that day.

When I reached home, I was very happy the BBQ was a success. Looking foward to catching the friendly between Liverpool V Olympiakos at 2am. But with 30 minutes to go, I couldn't fuckin help but dozed off with my room lights and radio set switched on till early morning. Haha, darn. I was so looking foward to see new signing Peter Crouch play. Nevertheless I was happy to know the next day that Liverpool won 4-3.


I was on duty sad to say. And shit happened.

Crap. I just don't feel like writing it down. It makes me mad.

You just have to know that as I sit down here to pen this entry, I am not a happy man. Just hope that when I return to camp on Tuesday I don't have to sign an EXTRA.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lenard the busted ORDs

All the best in whatever you do Lenard. Thanks for the chicken rice treat yesterday. I am sure the whole of OSC will miss you and do come back and visit if you have the time. =)

Yesterday Ngai Han fetched me, Shuan and Amanda out of camp so that we didn't have to waste time waiting for bus 94. Got the chance to chat with Amanda in Ngai Han's car. It was actually my first time chatting with her, and shez rather a nice lady to talk to I have to say. To think last time I thought she was towards the 'introvert' region. Oh by the way, Amanda is just one of the regulars workin in my camp. Pretty? Oh sure...shez pleasant looking, in fact the only one in camp. Haha. The one question I really want to ask her next time if I have the chance to (Oh I'm sure I will coz I will still be caged there till the end of next year) is.."Amanda, why did you choose to work in the SAF? Surely there are better job prospects waiting for you outside the SAF?"

Go check out Straits Times 23th Jul 'SPORTS' section. A wonderful peekture of Michelle Wie. Gonna cut it out later after my family finishes reading the papers. :)

Friday, July 22, 2005


The medicine given by the National Skin Center is making my skin peel like fuck!!

I dunno if this is supposed to be the case but its peeling really badly right now...oh no...I had betta call up NSC to ask about this..I certainly dun want the condition of my skin to deprove. After all, that's not supposed to be the case..

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A doze of Melissa Theuriau

Introducing Melissa Theuriau, in my opinion the hottest news presenter in the world. Oh, she's French. I am beginning to like her so much...haha.

I've got more pix of her of course, but I am not going to post it all out..haha. That will be too many. Haha..dedicating this post just for Melissa Theuriau. What a babe.

One sweet day


Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
Cause you've flown away
So far away

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Darling I never showed you
Assumed you'd always be there
I took your presence for granted
But I always cared
And I miss the love we shared

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Although the sun will never shine the same again
I'll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say

The day I woke up to find out I was late for driving

Shit happens.

I was scheduled for driving lesson at 6.50pm yesterday over at Ubi, but because I ended work rather early to go there straight from camp, I decided to take some rest and go get a nap in the bunk for awhile, stupidly forgetting to set the alarm on my handphone. Anyway I was so confident that I would not oversleep. But damn it god had to prove me wrong and yes, I fucking overslept. By the time I woke up and checked the time, it was like already 6.56pm! Momentarily shocked, I quickly woke up from my slumber and changed up as fast as I could, and got out of camp. I so wanted to catch a cab to save time, but there was no cab in sight. In the end, the bus came just at the right time and so I just took it. Met my head there and I told her why I was still hanging around in camp. Met ZZ, TH and Shaun on the way too and they asked me the same question just as I expected. Yeah yeah and they went on to laugh. I have only myself to blame. Camp was the last place that I should oversleep in. Yet I did the impossible. As the bus arrived near the driving centre, I alighted and I ran my guts out. Luckily I knew the driving instructor who took me yesterday. It was dear Steven who was my previous instructor. Haha. Hez quite fun and good I would say..will joke here and there, teaches me well too...and also instructs me to drive till like the Tampines area before going back to Ubi. Heh. What I was relieved to hear yesterday was that he commended that I had made significant progress in my driving. Haha. The whole time while driving we were talking cock, and he was telling me about his experience with his other students, ogling at chio-bus and stuffs haha. Hope I will get more of him in my future lessons. Hez really fun. Haha.

Today I came in and received some bad news.
Will be on duty this coming Sunday which totally sucks. Concludes what a bad week this is for me. Hopefully next week will be a better week, but by the looks of it...nah...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A tall freak for 7 million pounds?

Yes, that's right. Peter Crouch is coming to Liverpool. I don't know if this will be a good signing or not. Hopefully Rafael Benitez knows what he is doing. Seriously I don't mind him as an option upfront but to buy him over from Southampton for 7 million pounds?? I think that is crazy. Given that money if I were manager of Liverpool I could have got a more established striker, maybe Sydney Govou from Lyon. But I am sure Benitez has his reasons for putting this beanpole on top of his wish list. Maybe the fact that he is good in the air? I have no idea, but I will need plenty of convincing for me to feel that hez a good acquisition for the club. With him arriving at Anfield, it might be a good thing too, this opens the door for Milan 'misfiring' Baros to leave..haha. More signings pleaseee..Rafa! Haha..

I had a new tuition assignment yesterday and it was around the Katong area near Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice. It was a China student who seriously needed some help in studies. He had no fuckin notes or textbook to start with, luckily he had an old Chem textbook that his friend passed down to him, and I was relieved I was able use that to guide him, if not, I really wouldn't have known how to tutor him. His English is bad, and he told me that most of the questions asked he didn't have any fuckin idea what they were talking about. So I guided him along and went throught 2 Chem papers with him. Well, if it weren't for the good pay packet, I guess I wouldn't have wanted to follow up. Haha wadever. Anyways I am ending my association with Zavier like next week so I guess I will have sufficient time for him. Heh. Well, at least he gave me the impression that he was willing to catch up with his studies for the sake of his 'O' Levels after so honestly telling me that he fuckin slacked throughout the year without really giving a damn about Chemistry..haha..I guess I should try to help him to the best of my abilities..

Had an interesting encounter while travelling to work this morning on the MRT..
The person sitting on my right had perfume on which smelt like bananas. Serious. Haha.

Monday, July 18, 2005

New skin

So how is my new blogskin?

Plain and simple.....I LIKE!!haha

Caught in the middle

Have you ever got caught in the middle?
It's a terrible experience..
And I've been constantly been caught in the middle..
I really can't take it sometimes..
But can I blame my life for all these shit?
No one will understand the amount of shit I face..
But I always tell myself to be strong..
I will conquer, I hope.

You can't choose how your life starts, but you have complete control of how it ends.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A lucky draw winner for a first time!

So, the NKF CEO and the board of directors stepped down. I guess it was expected. They had to do it, with this whole issue becoming such a big talking point in Singapore. Anyway, I shall not really go into this coz all is over, and besides an interim CEO has even been named. Hopefully he will do the necessary adjustments and the main priority is to ensure people's faith in NKF is restored.

Friday me and my other colleagues celebrated OSC Day. It was rather fun I thought, but really tiring cos we went to many places. You see, we had this 'Amazing Race' thingy in Sentosa where we had to solve clues and find the correct destination to go. Initially my team was doing so well as we led the race. But then we had problems trying to solve the 4th fucking clue which I thought was a very bad clue. That, ultimately slowed our progress significantly. And in the end we finished a lowly 5th. Well, at least not the last team haha. That would really be quite embarrassing. Haha, well pity we didn't make top3, I mean, who likes to lose? Haha..After that, we had buffet lunch at the River Boat Restaurant, complemented with singing performances by Su Chang, Alex, Hao Fatt and Zhen Zhong. Afterwhich was the prize presentation and the lucky draw. LUCKY DRAW!!! Haha guess what I was the lucky one can you believe it?!!?? Haha my first time to win in a lucky draw, after 19 years, well I guess it was time whahaha. Well, the prize wasn't too bad at all! Haha..Takashimaya Dept Store $30 voucher..well I shall go there to do some shopping someday. Haha..anyway, the buffet lunch was not bad too, I liked the corn chowder and the crispy chicken. Thereafter, we headed to Palawan Beach to get a doze of some beach soccer. Very fun indeed, with my team (Alex, Calvin, Tian Hao, Gavin and me) winning most of the matches....until something happened. Tian Hao and Shaun collided and the former suffered a fractured nose. The impact was really great and we could tell because there was a large footprint imprinted on his face after the collision. But I asked if he was alright later that night and was relieved it ain't too serious. I was really beat that night and dozed off just like that...

And today I met up with the usual gang. Russ Ken KY Janice David Rebecca and me. We originally scheduled to meet at 1pm@City hall, but habits fucking never change. And most of us only reached like close to 2pm. I reached at around 1.30pm and I wasn't really very paiseh about it. I learned my lesson and was smart this time of not being so punctual. Hah. Anyway we had lunch together at Cafe Cartel@Raffles City. We sat there till like it was almost 5. Eating bread, drinking water and just plain chatting to catch up with each other. I always looked foward to such meetings, but the girls are now all going into university start a fresh education, so we will probably meet up less frequently..but they are still my great buddies, and here I just want to say that I feel so blessed to have known them and have them as my good friends. (Oh my god this sounds so fuckin cheezy) I am so looking forward to our next meeting already haha! After Cartel we continued to walk and eventually landed up in Suntec Fountain Food Terrace where Becks ordered some fruits to eat and again we just sat there talking and chatting and taking photos with each other. We just never seem to get bored haha..SH KH and Greg chanced upon us and joined us for awhile..that was about it for the day.

I bought Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code to read.

Dreading tuition tomorrow. But for the sake of money, I have to persevere.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1900 112 ????

Be it NKF cancer shows, President's Star Charity, or even Ren Ci charity shows. Don't you think charity organisations in Singapore are trying too hard? In my opinion I think there seems to be too many charity shows being held in a year. Which explains why people are so unwilling to donate nowadays. And year after year these organisations becoming more 'demanding'. I understand organisations are eager to help raise money, but i think they ought to understand the donor's point of view. Donors are doing what they do because their hearts go out to all the unfortunate, but being increasingly 'demanding' only serves to irritate donors. My opinion is that a limit has to be set. A majority of the donors aren't rich to start with, which means they have their own financial woes to deal with. To ask for 1 or 2 calls should be fine, but 8 calls!?!?? Thats totally absurd.

I remember... 5 years back they had only 1 hotline: 1900 112 6868 thats for a $5 donation. 3 years back, I think they added two more hotlines. Now you can call 6868(1 call for $5), 6833(that's 3 calls) and 6855(now that's 5). And now they outstandingly added a fourth hotline, for 8 calls...1900 112 6888. But what annoys me and I think everyone is the fact how they try to mislead you during the shows. They show one hotline on the TV screen only(8 calls), leading people to believe that is the number to call if you want to make a $5 donation, when you are actually calling to donate $50 if you blindly follow the numbers to call on the TV screen. Well, that, was what happened to 2 of my silly friends who got 'conned' by NKF. A true intention to donate 5 bucks to the organisation, and in the end they paid 10 times the amount. When the bills came they were so shocked to see the amount being charged to their accounts! Today I am blogging about this in light of the NKF cancer shows that they are currently airing these few weeks.

Well..the main point I am trying to convey is: We want to donate. We know the misery that the unfortunate have to face in their lives. But during charity shows we shouldn't be misleaded to call a specific hotline. That's just not right. They should show all 4 hotlines CLEARLY on the TV screen and that is just fair to us.

Besides, if you are really keen on donating, charity shows should not serve as an incentive for you to make your donations. True charity comes from the heart right?

I chanced upon an article in the New Paper which was titled: 'NKF chief executive earns 25K a month'. I guess the title says it all right. Do i need to explain?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quote of the day

A very beautiful quote from the upcoming movie 'Crash':

Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other..

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The beautiful game of Mahjong

Well, playing Mahjong really requires experience, and simply lots of luck.

Lost $35 yesterday playing Mahjong with Jia Hao, Tian Hao and Calvin at my place. Luck was just simply not on my side. Everytime I had nice tiles I thought I would game, but everytime someone had to thwart my plans by gaming first. Pure unlucky yesterday, and considering that it was at my place I thought it was fuck shitty to lose hell lots of money. I throwed out tiles that I felt was totally safe to, but somehow someone had to pounce and game. Think I only gamed like 3 times for the whole of yesterday's session.

Perhaps I need more exposure to the different ways people play, cos Jia Hao and Calvin were really masters in Mahjong, knowing how to guard their opponents from gaming. They told me I had an ultra-attacking mindset and tend to lose my guard on other players. Guess I still have much to learn, especially the 'gurading' area which I really need improving on. The whole day I sat on Calvin's and Jia Hao's right respectively, and they fed me shit tiles all the way through. So the tiles were definitely not coming my way and it was really tough to game. How I wish I sat on Tian Hao's right, well at least I think he could have fed me better tiles haha.

And to round up a stupid Saturday. I failed my Final Theory. It totally sucked. Now I have to wait a month before I can do a retake. I thought I was kinda unlucky coz I got a seriously tough set of questions. Perhaps I need to go for more practical lessons to gain real-time knowledge of the theory, so that I can grasp the facts better. After all, prior to the test I only had one practical lesson. The next time I go for the test, I did better pass. I won't wanna fuckin fail again and drag this shit on and on and on. I just wanna clear this obstacle fast so that I can book the practical test date without any hindrance.

Really sucky mood.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terror in London

Looks like terrorism is still very much alive.

A day after London officially won the right to host the 2012 Olympics, the unthinkable happened.

According to London Time, here is what roughly happened:

09:15 British transport police say an explosion was reported in London's financial district in the area near Liverpool railway station.

09:27 Metronet, the subway maintenance company, says power surge has caused explosion in London tube station.

09:41 London Underground reports a second explosion at a subway station in northwest London.

09:53 Metronet says the entire London subway network has been shut down. Police say incidents were reported at the Aldgate station near the Liverpool Street railway terminal, Edgware Road and King's Cross in north London, Old Street in the financial district and Russell Square in central London, near the British Museum.

10:14 News agencies reported a bus has exploded in central London.

10:24 Scotland Yard says "multiple explosions" rocked London.

10:25 Police confirmed explosion on bus in central London in the area around Russell Square.

10:46 Police say serious casualties in London

I seriously think that the Al-Qaeda network is very extensive and extremely powerful. Terror has already struck in New York, Madrid and now London is experiencing the power of the terrorists. Gut feeling tells me that this has been in the making for quite some time, where terrorists have planted bombs in the 5 candidate cities. So, if Paris had won the right to host the 2012 Olympics, it might have been very much a different story. The Eiffel Tower could probably have been destroyed. In any case, it was very saddening to see innocent people losing their lives. In the news on TV I see everyone running for their lives, some seriously injured, blood covering their heads, trying to figure out what happened. Sometimes you really wonder what you would do if your country were facing such a crisis.

Are we losing this fight against terror? All the money spent on fighting terrorism, has it all been worth it?

Then you think from the terrorists' point of view. Why do people idolise Osama bin Laden? Why are they willing to sacrifice their lives to be suicide bombers? And all these actions by Al-Qaeda..what are they trying to show? The world really consists of very very different types of people indeed.

And thanks to these London bombings, I am on overtime again. Sigh..

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gerrard U-Turn

Went to check the soccer websites again and was quite surprised to see the new developments of the Gerrard transfer saga.

Well..he is staying after all...
what a cheebye..
scare us for nothing..

Whatever. OK hez staying. So i guess my previous entries about him should now be deemed void. Hah.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

2 different fonts

I have no blardy idea why there is a change in my fonts.

But I don't fuckin care.
Its just a blog. As long as it can be read I think its fine. I'm just too lazy to go find out why and too lazy to go rectify the problem. Whatever. Bleah.

Steven Gerrard

I have been reading a few Liverpool FC forums discussing on Steven Gerrard's decision to leave this morning and here are my findings:


1. He is a shitbag.
2. He is a twat.
3. He has been brainwashed by Madrid fuckers Owen and Beckham, or brainwashed by Chelski freaks Lampard, Terry and Mourinho.
4. This idiot has just lost his head, thinks he is GOD and thinks Liverpool is not offering a good enough contract.
5. Gerrard thinks Liverpool are not goin to win any more trophies. So hez goin off to Chelsea. LFC is so goin to prove this dumbass wrong.
6. Gerrard thinks Rafa is signing the wrong players, thats why hez not going to stay.
7. Gerrard is goin to be another Owen, when we get the Premiership title next season, I hope he doesn't come begging back on our door!
8. Boyhood Red? Yeah rite...hez just a disloyal and an impatient dumbass..
9. He probably made up his mind long ago, winning the CL confused him abit, and so he took 6 weeks to get back to his senses.
10. He should just so eat shit, suck shit and drink shit.


Gerrard is quitting Anfield

05 Jul 2005

Steven Gerrard has spoken of his anguish at quitting Liverpool - but that pain is nothing compared to the misery of the supporters he has rejected.

Just 41 days after he lifted the European Cup and declared his intention to stay at Anfield, Gerrard has told Reds officials he wants to leave.

While his precise destination remains unknown, it appears to be only a matter of time before Chelsea increase the £32million offer which was rejected by Liverpool this morning and add the England international to their Premiership-winning squad.

After Gerrard's agent Struan Marshall informed Reds chief executive Rick Parry of the 25-year-old's decision to snub a £100,000-a-week contract offer which would have made him the highest paid player in the club's history, Liverpool insiders privately claimed it is immaterial whether a formal transfer request is lodged or not. The battle to keep him is lost.

``The last six weeks have been the toughest of my life and the decision I have come to has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make,'' Gerrard told Sky Sports News.

``I fully intended to sign a new contract after the Champions League Final but the events of the past five or six weeks have changed all that.

``I have too much respect for the club and the people at it to get involved in a slagging match.''

It is now obvious Gerrard was starting to have doubts over his long-term future even as the celebrations following Liverpool's stunning triumph in Istanbul began.

Those fears were exacerbated by a failure to open discussions over a new deal.

And when he arrived for negotiations with Parry last Wednesday to extend a contract which still has two years to run and instead of being offered a deal he was asked what terms he wanted, the player's patience snapped beyond repair.

Stunned by such a swift downturn in the relationship, Parry had hoped to salvage the situation with his big-money offer last night, but the news he dreaded was relayed to him by Marshall at lunchtime, shortly after Gerrard had driven out of Liverpool's Melwood training complex - possibly for the last time.

``We have done our best but it does look pretty final,'' a dejected Parry told Sky Sports News.

``He wanted success and presumably felt he would get success elsewhere - it is our job to prove him wrong.

``I did say to him, think of Istanbul, think of the fans.''

Those fans, who believed they shared a common goal with a player they regarded as one of their own, are now freely venting their disgust.

A shirt bearing Gerrard's name was burned outside Anfield and if he subsequently opts to stay in the Premiership, Gerrard can expect a hot reception when he returns.

``He is supposed to be a boyhood Red,'' said Les Lawson, spokesman for the Liverpool International Supporters' Club. ``As far as I am concerned he is not.

``He has turned down £100,000 a week; I am still paying off my credit card bill from going to Istanbul to cheer him on and thousands of Liverpool supporters are the same.

``He is turning down £100,000 a week to play for the team he is supposed to have supported since he was a kid. Where is the loyalty in that? He is going, but he is not going with his head held high.''

Only yesterday, with Parry's backing, manager Rafael Benitez stated his desire for Gerrard to stay with Liverpool for the remainder of his career, possibly eventually as manager. That dream lasted less than 24 hours.

With Gerrard highly unlikely to consider a move to Manchester United even if long-time admirer Sir Alex Ferguson was prompted into making a cheeky move, and Real Madrid unwilling to make overt advances to a player they believe is heading elsewhere, Chelsea appear to be the only plausible suitor.

So, far from finding themselves at the centre of a bidding war, Liverpool could now discover they are engaged in a high-stakes game of brinkmanship.

Now resigned to losing his captain and talisman, manager Benitez will be eager to use the cash to reinforce his squad still further following yesterday's arrival of Bolo Zenden, Jose Reina, Mark Gonzales and Antonio Barragan.

But the Spaniard knows Chelsea can afford to wait and test Liverpool's patience by refusing to go anywhere near the British record £40million Parry and his fellow directors are looking for.

If the matter drags on another week, Benitez would be in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether to name Gerrard in his side for the Champions League qualifier against Total Network Solution, a move that would cup-tie him from all European competitions for the remainder of the campaign.

Such a move would appear unlikely given the massive effect it would have on Gerrard's value and all the indications are the issue will be resolved far more speedily, probably by the end of the week, much to the frustration of everyone at the Merseyside giants.

``I don't imagine it is just going to be one club bidding for Gerrard,'' added Parry optimistically.

``It is only one day, although one day makes a big difference in negotiations as we have seen.''

What can I say? This was the last piece of news every Liverpool fan wanted to hear. So now what? Do I say Steven Gerrard is an asshole? Rejecting a six-figure wage per week deal when he said he would be staying just after our dramatic win in the Champions League Final in Istanbul. I reckon hez gonna head to Chelsea and join the Lampard gang. Sometimes I really wonder if hez truly committed to Liverpool..can't he be like Jamie Carragher? Nobody can be compared to him in terms of loyalty towards Liverpool Football Club. Now that Gerrard is leaving, who is going to fill in the damn slot? The only plus point now is to use the fee received to bring in some more top-class players into the club, people like Aimar, Vicente, I won't mind you know really..haha. Besides statistics show that Liverpool get better results when playing without Steven Gerrard.

Well. Steven, if lack of success is your reason for leaving, then I am very disappointed with you. Ain't we moving in the right direction by winning the Champions League? Reina and Zenden arrives and thats not enough it terms of improving the squad? Wherever you go, Liverpool will prove you wrong. I am darn sure.

Thank you anyway for your great contributions to the squad, as a player, captain and motivator. However, after you leave, I think I will hate you.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Zoe Tay's believe it or not

starring Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning

Watched it with mommy yesterday at Tampines Mall, and I thought the show was quite bad. Maybe Spielberg should just stop directing movies. Maybe he is past his prime already, and things just doesn't work for him anymore. The much anticipated Spielberg-Cruise combination was such a turn off. Okay, fair enough, Cruise was again ever so good in his acting, but I must say that I am rather impressed with co-star Dakota Fanning, who acted as 10-year old Rachel in the show. Very pretty for her age I feel, and oh my god she can become the next Emma Watson. Haha imagine her acting as Hermoine in the 5th installment of Harry Potter!! Haha. But Emma Watson is still my favourite kid in the movies. Stunning beautiful...and just..almost perfect. Back to my point about the show, yeah, its bad. The beginning was cool, with aliens roaming about the town destroying everything in its way. But I thought the ending was pure sucky. I don't wanna be a spoiler, but its quite absurd. At the beginning of the show there were like 10+ aliens wondering about, and in the end they only showed how they killed 2 pathetic aliens. Its just bad i think. It ends just like that? I shan't say further....just watch it yourselves...some blockbuster my ass..

3/5 [Not the best of shows, I gave 0.5 more because I like Dakota Fanning..haha]

starring Mediacorp Celebs

Well I liked the Tay Ping Hui-Ann Kok stunt the most. Haha that was no fake definitely. I liked the idea and I thought the task of Ann Kok throwing a strawberry towards Ping Hui for his mouth-held short sword to pierce was very difficult. Good job anyway, cos you did it in the end.

The one stunt I was truly amazed was the last one unsurprisingly, featuring Zoe Tay. Hoping to convince the audience to call in she posed off as the 'Gambling Queen', in which she rolled several dices in an opaque cylinder(you see those in casinos) and tried to make the dices stack up in a straight line. She did it, but was it real? I seriously thought there was a trick to do it, like maybe there was something being done to the dices when she is shaking it in the cylinder...but how? Time and time again she made it look so easy to perform. I really dunno if its real..If it is I really want to learn also haha! But if it is fake I will be truly disappointed...Up till now I am still fucking figuring it how it is possible to just shake a few dices in a container and make it all stand up in a straight line...its so cool rite.

Well...Zoe Tay's stunt....
bluff or real?
You decide..

starring Andy Roddick and Roger Federer

Needless for me to say, Federer won. His 3rd consecutive title at Wimbledon. How the hell do you beat him? Such a complete player...hez gonna become a true legend of tennis one day...up there with the likes of Sampras and Agassi. Even Roddick said it himself that he is nowhere near Federer's league...but he will keep trying. His record against Federer says it all. 10 meetings between them, Federer won 9 of them.

Here is Roger Federer for you.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Batman Begins

4 out of 5 stars.
Truly good.

Spirit-ual Session

Got together to drink with a few of the OSC guys at Alex's place yesterday night and I only reached home like about close to 5a.m in the morning. Then I slept like a bloody pig till about 6pm. Just feel so angry with myself sometimes cos I feel that it is such a waste of time to sleep for so long when you could have spent the afternoon doing more meaningful things. Anyway had a great time drinking different types of stuff yesterday, which included Absolut Rasp, Baileys, Sapphire Bombay Gin, Vodka and several mixes. Tian Hao kept forcing me to gulp down Baileys with him coz he liked it so much and I think in all we had like more than 5 glasses of Baileys man. Crazy rite. But I thought my favourite for the nite was the "Absolut Raspberri + Lychee" that bartender Wong Keng mixed for all of us. He worked as a bartender b4 and I really wouldn't mind working as one too in the near future just for the fun of it. It would be great to know how to mix different types of drinks rite? Oh and the Heineken Alex sponsored was heavenly. So smooth you definitely can't resist drinking it. We just talked through the night and sunk ourselves in beer, liquor, pizza, chips and poker. Now Alex can't wait for the next session to take place. Haha.

And finally, I just wanna say "FUCK YOU" to the woman whom everyone hates at work (I dare say that coz I can't think of anyone who can tolerate her fuckin nonsnese). Everyone is getting punished when they do not even deserve it.