Sunday, July 17, 2005

A lucky draw winner for a first time!

So, the NKF CEO and the board of directors stepped down. I guess it was expected. They had to do it, with this whole issue becoming such a big talking point in Singapore. Anyway, I shall not really go into this coz all is over, and besides an interim CEO has even been named. Hopefully he will do the necessary adjustments and the main priority is to ensure people's faith in NKF is restored.

Friday me and my other colleagues celebrated OSC Day. It was rather fun I thought, but really tiring cos we went to many places. You see, we had this 'Amazing Race' thingy in Sentosa where we had to solve clues and find the correct destination to go. Initially my team was doing so well as we led the race. But then we had problems trying to solve the 4th fucking clue which I thought was a very bad clue. That, ultimately slowed our progress significantly. And in the end we finished a lowly 5th. Well, at least not the last team haha. That would really be quite embarrassing. Haha, well pity we didn't make top3, I mean, who likes to lose? Haha..After that, we had buffet lunch at the River Boat Restaurant, complemented with singing performances by Su Chang, Alex, Hao Fatt and Zhen Zhong. Afterwhich was the prize presentation and the lucky draw. LUCKY DRAW!!! Haha guess what I was the lucky one can you believe it?!!?? Haha my first time to win in a lucky draw, after 19 years, well I guess it was time whahaha. Well, the prize wasn't too bad at all! Haha..Takashimaya Dept Store $30 voucher..well I shall go there to do some shopping someday. Haha..anyway, the buffet lunch was not bad too, I liked the corn chowder and the crispy chicken. Thereafter, we headed to Palawan Beach to get a doze of some beach soccer. Very fun indeed, with my team (Alex, Calvin, Tian Hao, Gavin and me) winning most of the matches....until something happened. Tian Hao and Shaun collided and the former suffered a fractured nose. The impact was really great and we could tell because there was a large footprint imprinted on his face after the collision. But I asked if he was alright later that night and was relieved it ain't too serious. I was really beat that night and dozed off just like that...

And today I met up with the usual gang. Russ Ken KY Janice David Rebecca and me. We originally scheduled to meet at 1pm@City hall, but habits fucking never change. And most of us only reached like close to 2pm. I reached at around 1.30pm and I wasn't really very paiseh about it. I learned my lesson and was smart this time of not being so punctual. Hah. Anyway we had lunch together at Cafe Cartel@Raffles City. We sat there till like it was almost 5. Eating bread, drinking water and just plain chatting to catch up with each other. I always looked foward to such meetings, but the girls are now all going into university start a fresh education, so we will probably meet up less frequently..but they are still my great buddies, and here I just want to say that I feel so blessed to have known them and have them as my good friends. (Oh my god this sounds so fuckin cheezy) I am so looking forward to our next meeting already haha! After Cartel we continued to walk and eventually landed up in Suntec Fountain Food Terrace where Becks ordered some fruits to eat and again we just sat there talking and chatting and taking photos with each other. We just never seem to get bored haha..SH KH and Greg chanced upon us and joined us for awhile..that was about it for the day.

I bought Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code to read.

Dreading tuition tomorrow. But for the sake of money, I have to persevere.


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