Sunday, July 24, 2005

Farewell BBQ for Jacq


Yesterday I was a happy man. But not today. Let me elaborate.


Had a wonderful barbeque at Russel's place. Apparently our class decided to have a barbeque because Russel's gonna move out soon so he wanted to organise one before he left the Waterside for good. The reason for barbeque was made even more meaningful coz Jacq was goin off overseas for her studies already so we wanted to do this for her. Also, the girls in our class will be starting a fun life in the university very soon on Monday already, meaning we will have less time to meet up I suppose.

I went over early coz I thought Russel would need a lil bit of help and as expected I was the earliest. When I met him, he shocked me by telling me he hadn't bought charcoal, ice and lighter yet. Hahah how unprepared. But, it's Russel. Luckily all these things were available at the minimart at the ground floor so that really wasn't much of a problem. It was kinda stupid coz we bought charcoal which cost 8 bucks a pack. BUT, the price comes with quality of course, and indeed Russ, me and Lirong were impressed as the charcoal was 'cleaner' than usual and also easier to use, especially when starting the fire. Everyone came late, so no matter how unprepared we were, we had ample time to get ourselves ready thanks to the latecomers. Haha.

Then came the people. The turnout was OK, and the one surprise was Rebecca, who came all the way from Bukit Panjang to attend this barbeque. Very nice of her yeah. The usual people came...of course..and we chatted till late midnight, where Ken and Russ fetched most of us home. thank you to them again.

In the car when Russel fetched me home he told me he was very happy because everybody who came to the BBQ was very happy. And we both agreed that as long as the people appreciated our efforts, no matter how hard we worked didn't matter. I, for one, was glad that everyone enjoyed the food that the guys barbequed. Leon psycho-ed all of us to put BBQ sauce, butter and honey in excess and in the end we really did. But the end-product was great. Haha. At least the comments we got were.." Oh the food is great!"...haha..."Delicious!"...and many other positive feedback. So I guess I had to say I really enjoyed myself that day.

When I reached home, I was very happy the BBQ was a success. Looking foward to catching the friendly between Liverpool V Olympiakos at 2am. But with 30 minutes to go, I couldn't fuckin help but dozed off with my room lights and radio set switched on till early morning. Haha, darn. I was so looking foward to see new signing Peter Crouch play. Nevertheless I was happy to know the next day that Liverpool won 4-3.


I was on duty sad to say. And shit happened.

Crap. I just don't feel like writing it down. It makes me mad.

You just have to know that as I sit down here to pen this entry, I am not a happy man. Just hope that when I return to camp on Tuesday I don't have to sign an EXTRA.


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