Saturday, July 02, 2005

Spirit-ual Session

Got together to drink with a few of the OSC guys at Alex's place yesterday night and I only reached home like about close to 5a.m in the morning. Then I slept like a bloody pig till about 6pm. Just feel so angry with myself sometimes cos I feel that it is such a waste of time to sleep for so long when you could have spent the afternoon doing more meaningful things. Anyway had a great time drinking different types of stuff yesterday, which included Absolut Rasp, Baileys, Sapphire Bombay Gin, Vodka and several mixes. Tian Hao kept forcing me to gulp down Baileys with him coz he liked it so much and I think in all we had like more than 5 glasses of Baileys man. Crazy rite. But I thought my favourite for the nite was the "Absolut Raspberri + Lychee" that bartender Wong Keng mixed for all of us. He worked as a bartender b4 and I really wouldn't mind working as one too in the near future just for the fun of it. It would be great to know how to mix different types of drinks rite? Oh and the Heineken Alex sponsored was heavenly. So smooth you definitely can't resist drinking it. We just talked through the night and sunk ourselves in beer, liquor, pizza, chips and poker. Now Alex can't wait for the next session to take place. Haha.

And finally, I just wanna say "FUCK YOU" to the woman whom everyone hates at work (I dare say that coz I can't think of anyone who can tolerate her fuckin nonsnese). Everyone is getting punished when they do not even deserve it.


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