Monday, July 25, 2005

5 lessons for driving module 1


Today I need not report back to camp coz I had the day off. So I rested at home in the afternoon and then went to meet Calvin for dinner@Tampines. We originally planned to meet@OSC to have a game of badminton at the Air Force Sch but unfortunately for us the courts were all fully booked. So, in an attempt to kill time, Calvin pleaded with me to have dinner with him whaha. Halfway through I received a call from the tuition agency informing me that the China guy didn't want tuition anymore. Hate them. They are so indecisive. They can just go piss off. One moment say want, one moment say don't want. Catherine told me the mother called to say she had found someone better..well, that better be the case..coz if they come begging me to teach the guy again I am not going to. Mark my words. Poor Xiu Feng. I don't even think he knows the mother made the decision for him. Anyways, think on the bright side. More time to spend at home after work and I won't be so tired travelling from place to place. :) But gutted coz that's gonna be $200 less a month. I need another assignment and hopefully nearby to fund my driving lessons haha!!

After that I headed to driving center for my 5th lesson. Guess who is the instructor?? HAHA IT IS THE BENG-LOOKING, LOUD-SPEAKING AND CAN'T STOP TALKING VINCENT!!! Hez a good instructor la, he makes sure your fundamentals are good before proceeding further...but he just can't stop talking haha. Today was quite special coz it was raining rather heavily so I had to be extra-cautious and drive extra-slowly, as if L-plates' speed limit were not slow enough. Heh. Anyways, finally completed Module 1 after 5 lessons and now I'm looking foward to Module 2. Thanks to Vincent I improved significantly on my low-speed control, knowing when to use half-clutch. Haha. But personally I din really like the car coz everything was like goin to spoil. The speedometer was like flickering non-stop and the headlights were like useless. Haha. Car50. I remember. So folks if you are reading this don't ever kena Car50 or you are just darn suay haha.

I watched Incredible Tales just now on Channel5. Not bad. Haha, very incredible indeed.
(If you think I am trying to be lame, the answer is yes, haha)

I am gonna check out by the way for some more of these stories.


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