Thursday, August 04, 2005

Return to the cube

It has been long since I last put in an entry, so I shall just update what I have been doing these past few days...going all the way back to last Saturday. I guess there is only one reason that explains why I haven't blogged for the past week..I am just FARK SHIT LAZY. I admit. BEING SUPER LAZY is one negative aspect of me that I have to rectify..hopefully soon..haha.


Went with Mum and Dad to meet up with Dawn, Nick and Nick's parents so that the two families could get to know each other better. Lunch was chosen to be at this Japanese Resturant called Hanabi@King's Arcade around the Bukit Timah area there. It was a fantastic place to dine in at simply because of its reasonable price. Around $26 for the lunch buffet i think, and you get to order any amount of sashimi as you wish. It's really crazy. Think that day we ordered 4 plates of mixed sashimi, with each plate having the amount that serves for 5 people. And we just ate and ate the sashimi, never seeming to get sick of it. There was tempura prawns and other stuff too..bloody worth it. And I can assure you its so many times better than Sakae. So, if you want to have a Jap buffet, this Hanabi hideout is just the finest place for you. Later on went to meet up with Calvin, Jia Hao and Thiam Hao for mahjong AGAIN. But this time I decided to share with Calvin and indeed I learned lots from him. He taught me when should I play which style of mahjong and indeed it was really effective. Haha. We were the big winners for the day, after splitting we won $13 each. Now I will be more confident when I play mahjong next time haha. I will win. Haha.

---Fast forward to today---

Haha I passed my FTT!!
Now I can throw away those books!! So irritating that you have to go for all these theory tests..but I am just glad to have passed the theory side of driving already. Now just hafta concentrate on the practical aspect and of course the most important of all will be the practical test itself.

I am so gettin addicted to drinking Kopi C Siew Tai (Coffee more milk less sugar). So nice to drink.. Especially those which are freshly brewed at the coffeeshops haha..

Sometimes it's so frustrating when people do not appreciate the efforts you put in into organising a gathering. Organisers just want to make sure the turnout will be good so that it will be a successful event. But people tend to neglect this point and think that we can get so naggy at times. Do we want to be naggy? Take note we don't actually have to go through all this shit to organise stuffs, and to add to all this people think organisers are a pain in the ass. These minority should just try organising an event. I seriously scorn people who take organisers for granted. Just bloody hell do some soul-searching if you are these kind of people. Please. Appreciate.

No, I am not pointing fingers at anyone so please don't get any wrong ideas about this.


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