Monday, August 22, 2005

SBS Bus Drivers

Before I start on the main topic for today, I would like to comment on the Liverpool match I watched on Saturday night. Okay, although Liverpool did eventually win the match, I was disappointed with the team performance, especially when Gerrard went off. It just showed how much we need Gerrard to play every game for Liverpool and also our inability to break defences with good crosses. We are in serious need of a right winger. Rumours are spreading that Liverpool are lining up a bid for Cicinho, and I certainly hope we get the man. But whatever, I must reiterate my point that Rafa should stop playing Cisse out of position. Although his finishing was poor in the last game, I believe in him still and I know he can score. His pace is threatening enough to scare off opposition defenders. The best will be if Owen comes back to Anfield, then I feel goals won't be a problem anymore. To round up, Liverpool need to buck up if they want to win the Super Cup vs CSKA Moscow. I hope I can watch the match..Liverpool vs Sunderland is absolutely not the kind of standard us fans can condone throughout the whole season. We won, but the performance was disgusting. Seriously. I hope their next match they will be playing more fluent football.

Our saviour, Xabi Alonso, scoring the fantasic free kick, to secure Liverpool all 3 points against a determined Sunderland. Hez probably the only bright spark in the Liverpool team, together with Sissoko.

Anyway, to the main topic today. Bus drivers. What triggered me to write about bus drivers today was because I witnessed something that happened this morning on my way to work. There are indeed very nice bus drivers, but unfortunately there is probably an equal amount of unfriendly bus drivers around. The bus driver I saw today probably possessed both the good side and the ugly side. I originally thought he was one of the good bus drivers around by sparing a thought for people rushing to work and couldn't get on a saturated bus. But he helped out by asking the people in the bus to move in. That resulted in me being able to squeeze into the bus and I had a really good impression of this driver. But right after his attitude changed or something, for at the next stop when people were alighting he did not even bother to check if everyone has alighted or not. This resulted in an accident to happen, where one of the bus passengers trying to alight got his poor hands stuck in the doors of the bus. Worst still, that particular passenger had cried for help. Pretty loudly as I could hear it, so there was no reason why the driver couldn't have heard it. Maybe he pretended not to hear it, and he started to move off. Let's just say he really did not hear it. He could not have missed the stuck hands in the door for he had to refer to his side mirror in order to move off. I dont't know. But such negligence on the driver's part is totally unacceptable. In the end, the poor guy gotta to run with the bus for a relatively short distance before he could finally force his hand out of the doors.

I would like to express my thanks to those very nice bus drivers serving us civilians all over Singapore, and I know particularly one of them, driving service 359 in Pasir Ris. He never fails to smile at all his passengers and I really think it's very nice of him to do that. His golden pin worn on his collar probably shows that he is really a courteous driver. But I scorn those low-life unfriendly bus drivers who don't even give a damn and drive a bus for the sake of driving it. Shame on you. How in the blue hell can some bus drivers be so unfriendly? You mean the faster you reach your destination you get more pay? Nonsense. So why can't bus drivers stop at a bus stop in which someboday wants to get on? Oh yes you bet, I have experienced such situations before, where even though you stretch out your hand and wave at the bus driver, the driver ignores you and speeds past the damn bus stop. Worst, sometimes drivers ignore you even though they see you trying to chase the bus. They just purposely don't want to wait for you. These few acts by a minority of bus drivers really make me sick. It's unfortunate that such problems cannot be be tackled by the management because it is beyond their control to as it is human nature. Just sad that some of these bus drivers are even being employed coz they give bus drivers such a bad impression with their bad attitude.

This probably concludes my topic today on bus drivers. I think most of you who read this entry would tend to agree with me, I am sure that such situations happened to you before, at least ONCE..and don't you think such 'bad-attitude' drivers should be expelled from our society? These minority do not even deserve any respect nor do they even deserve to be paid because of their lousy service attitude.


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