Monday, August 08, 2005

Seven Swords

Had a very fufilling weekend, well at least I did not laze around at home, and instead made full use of my free time to go and meet out with respective friends.

Saturday morning I had driving lessons at CDC, and I learned the art of lane changing as well as how to negotiate right turns. Then rushed down to Changi after that to give Zhang Rui tuition. I am so looking forward to my fourth lesson with him so that I can get my deserved pay, coz right now I am so blardy bloke. I need funds to supplement my driving!!! Arghhh...

Meet Kai An@Somerset MRT and we decided to catch Seven Swords directed by Tsui Hark. Went to Cineleisure to try to get tickets but it was sold out, considered Wedding Crashers too but it was also sold out. Therefore, we decided to check out Lido for tickets, and walked past Paragon where kai An decided to buy a music CD. 'Funeral for a Friend' was the artist he bought, and he claimed that it was a very good band. Well, he let me listen to one of their songs later that night and I must say that it was a really good song. We queued at Lido, got our tickets, went over to Lucky Plaza to have our dinner and headed for pool@Mambo. I lost touch with pool for like dunno since when and indeed it showed very clearly, I was missing easy shots that I normally would have put in and it's really an off-form day for me at Mambo.

Anyway here were the people I met in town that day, realised I haven't been to town for like 3 weeks at least? many familiar faces..some I just didn't bother to say hi because I din really know them well anyway.

Saw Amalina@City Hall MRT where I found out she was in polytechnic studying Physiotherapy. How cool it is to study that kind of subject! Haha..Anyway, she said I looked different because it had been such a long time since we last met. And really she looked so much prettier now..If I were a Malay I will probably get smitten by her wonderful looks! Hah. Anyways, was nice to catch up with her and I wanna wish her all the best in her poly days ahead. Pretty in Pink indeed coz she was wearing a pink top when I saw her...

Saw Jian Wei@ the area outside Ngee Ann City
Saw Favian and Wen Ting@the area outside Paragon, well they seem to be waiting for someone..
Saw Timothy@Lido, he probably didn't recognize me and why should he. haven't seen me since Primary Sch dayz haha...I guess I just got good memory.

Seven Swords was not a bad show, not fantastic but it's still ok to watch in my opinion. Personally I didn't find the movie as sucky as some other poeple might have thought, because I am a lover of swords. I was disappointed that they did not exclusively introduce each of the seven swords, but nevertheless I loved how unique each of the seven swords were.

[The Dragon] held by Chu Zaonan played by Donnie Yen
This is a damn fuckin cool sword. Donnie Yen deserved to hold this sword bcoz the coolest man in the show always gets the best sword. This sword is supposed to be the sharpest and can cut apart another sword. Apparently, the sound generated by hitting another sword is powerful enough to shatter a third sword. Powerful eh.

[The Transience] held by Yang Yunchong played by Leon Lai
This is my favourite sword. Simple-looking sword but actually it is one of the most powerful swords. The power equals to that of the Dragon. This is the only sword that the Dragon will never be able to break. What makes me fall in love with the sword is the name itself. So much meaning. Haha.

[The Heaven's Fall] held by Wu Yuanying played by Charlie Young
Oh a very unique piece of sword indeed. The attack of this sword is basically freestyle and follows the mind of the swordsman. Cool as it has no start and end. The blade of this sword can slip through its handle, making it a versatile sword indded.

[The Deity] held by Han Zhibang
No matter how powerful this sword is, it is still inferior to the Dragon. The nature of this sword is based on strength and probably is used in similar style like the Dragon.

[The Unlearnt] held by Fu Qingzhu
The name itself suggests this sword is a mystery. A sword that is black in colour, and it is an extremely long sword. It makes use of strong airstream to launch devastating strikes on its opponents. One of my favourites too.

[The Celestial Beam] and [The Star Chasers] held by Mulang and Xing Longzhi
I don't really know much about these 2 swords but I reckon they are really cool swords too judging by their names.

Movie Rating ---------> 3/5

Unfortunately the show lasted 2.5 hours which by then, was already 1145pm, which meant that I had no train home. So I had no other choice but to spend the night at Kai An's place.


Spent the whole afternoon with some of the HNF guys for karaoke singing @ cheap cheap Party World in ULU Loyang Point. The songs are surprisingly updated which really impressed me. Sang for like 4 hours and with drinks, tidbits and fruits included, each of us only had to pay 13 bucks. That is so much cheaper than KBOX. And remember KBOX don't serve you fruits. Also got a free '4 hr singing@Party World' voucher and a $10 discount on my next visit to Party World. Quite worth it in my view la. But Sze Bee felt the prices were like comparable to that of KBOX..where got lor...haha.

Oh I am so happy Chelsea won the Communuty Shield. Not because I favour Chelsea over Arsenal, but becaused I gambled on Chelsea to win!! Haha good investment indeed, won $27. Gonna collect my winnings tomorrow I think...lalala...


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