Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend at a glance

Never would I have expected that I would have to use my knowledge of changing tyres to get back home on Saturday. Saturday was a well-spent day, in the morning I went to tuition Guo Xiang, and thereafter Mahjong wannabes Tianhao, Jia Hao and Calvin came over to my place to try their luck at winning some money. But in the end, only two prevailed. That was Calvin and me. WHAHAHA. The usually skillful Jia Hao actually had a bad day, as he was the biggest loser. Too bad we didn't play till late night coz I had to meet up with my classmates in the evening, if not I would sure be happy to continue the session till midnight even. An unsatisfied Tianhao called me soon after they left to ask me if I was available during early Sunday morning coz they wanted to play somemore coz they felt it wasn't enough. Thinking that Mommy won't be too happy about it even if I didn't mind, and that Dawn will surely complain about the noise, I had no choice but to turn down his request, but I assured him that we would have another session very soon haha.

Hurriedly went to take a shower and changed up and rushed over to town to meet my classmates. So long since we got together (That's what I think). Apparently this probably might be the last time we can hang out with Meiqi coz shez going to UK to further her studies. Lucky her how I wish I can go overseas to study too. But she deserved the place because of her excellent 'A'Level results, unlike me...haiz.. Anyway, we met at Marche@Heeren for dinner. Shared the total cost of whatever we ordered, which included pasta, calamari, pizza, crepes, rosti and of course soft shell crab. Haha. Thereafter, we walked around for a while before settling in at Party World Orchard KTV. Sang till like about 2am like that... Me, Russel, Janice, Jong and even KY really sang alot..but a pity Meiqi and David didn't like to particular Meiqi, we would have loved to hear her sing manz..We tried so many times to get her to sing but shez ever so stubborn and decided to just sit in and listen to our beautiful voices whahaha. Russel sang his favourite HEI SE YOU MO by JAY CHOU, then I duet with him this song by DONG LI HUO CHE, which we tot we sang really to great effect haha. And I was pretty honoured to sing ROOFTOP with Jan..although I slightly regretted coz I didn't sing that song too well that night. Well wadever haha. I'm sure we enjoyed the night@KTV..the song of the night was probably MR VAIN haha..Thanks to Russel Fong, who was able to find that stupid dumb song haha. Ken too found a farni song in FAST FOOD SONG...whose lyrics are just so funny..haha

Then shit happened. The ever so nice Ken decided to see all of us home coz he was the only driver, and I dunno for what reason, the tyre had to go flat on us. Probably because of our excessive weight, or maybe Ken drove onto something sharp on the road? It didn't matter, coz the tyre was already punctured. And we had to change it no matter what. Luckily I had my lesson on changing tyres at the driving centre not too long ago so I was roughly able to recall some of what I learnt that day. All of us guys helped to change the tyre except Hwi Jong who probably helped by safeguarding the wheel screws to make sure they aren't misplaced haha. As for the girls they just sat beside the kerb and watched on helplessly. By the time we finished replacing with the spare was already slightly past 3am. And by the time I got home it was 4. Haha. But I think all of us guys would have felt a sense of achievement that night, for we changed a tyre by ourselves. kOOL. Moreover the conditions in which we did the job weren't particularly favourable because it was late at night already and the place we punctured the tyre had no street lamps nearby to supply sufficient light. Our only source were phones and a torchlight provided by David haha. Guys, we should be proud of ourselves. Without our expertise, we wouldn't have got our asses back at home HAHA. But I really hoped Meiqi enjoyed that Saturday night..because it was sort of an outing organised for her before she leaves for UK. Hope Saturday is not the last time I see her, I will probably be free to see her off at the airport on the day she leaves...yep..:)

After that night, I was so beat. I slept like a log till it was time to give Zhang Rui tuition. After tuition with him I went back and I slept again. You probably can imagine how tired I was. Haha.



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