Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Robinho, Detective Mok and Mr. Wisely

I just finished watching two HK TVBI serials, namely The 'W' Files and To Catch The Uncatchable.


If you like the supernatural, you should probably enjoy this show. Well, as for me, it was quite interesting to watch the different types of weirdo stories, some they really portrayed very well...but overall, I kind of expected more out of this show, since it was Gallen Lo's swansong performance. Not fantastic, but good to watch in my opinion. My favourite actors will be Gallen Lo (Wei Si Li) and Michael Tong (Bai Qi Wei), actresses will be Tavia Yeung (HongHong) and Yoyo Mung (Bai Su). Ending was superrr crappy and I was rather turned off by it. But for the rest of it, it is really worth watching.

FINAL VERDICT -----> 3.5/5


Yeah yeah the title may sound extremely cheezy but I tell you this is one hell of a good show. If you want lots of humour you can definitely get it from this show. Perfect show, perfect cast. Favourites included the ever pretty Ada Choi who is really versatile in her acting, Huang Zi Hua aka Detective Mok, Michael Tong as Jim Jim, there is Mary and Mia in the show whom I don't know their real names, and also not forgetting Marco Ngai (Romeo) who will guarantee make you laugh like shit in the show. Really loved the cases they solved in the show, especially the Chan Wai Keung case and also the fake religion case. Strongly recommended..

FINAL VERDICT -----> 4.5/5


This guy was really impressive when I watched him play. He came on as a substitute for Real Madrid in the match vs newly promoted side Cadiz. Orchestrated the winning goal for Real Madrid and is simply unstoppable. Watch the video and you know what I mean.

Robinho And His Samba (Real Madrid vs Cadiz)

Now, are you impressed?


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