Friday, September 23, 2005

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging on a regular basis


Let's see...How long has it been? Slightly more than 3 weeks..

I really want to apologize..coz it's my entire fault that I haven't been doing some updating here. I have just been a lazy bum who can't even be bothered to update my blog. You should just kill me. I have no farking idea why I am so lazy. But whatever, I am seizing this chance to write out something since I am at home now nursing my illness. Before that, I want to thank Sanjiv for persuading me to do some updating and also apologize to my colleagues at work, namely Shaun and Ngai Han, especially the latter. He was not able to clear his leave today, I guess I am partly to blame. I am utterly sorry but I am really not feeling well, and I appreciate your kind understanding. :)

I shall write the things that I can remember..
We shall date back to....

Thursday, 1st September

I was clearing my off-in-lieus and decided to meet up with Meiqi to crash NUS together since both of us were free that day. Haha, in the end it wasn't a really pleasant trip to NUS. Well, before that we had lunch together at a hawker centre near Clementi Interchange. She had chicken chop while I had porridge if I remember correctly and the food was ok lah. Then we had to squeeze our bodies with the other students from NUS on bus 96 which really sucked. Luckily Meiqi managed to grab a seat fast enough and we had the luxury to sit through the whole trip to NUS. But, it still sucked because it was real stuffy in the bus. Bus 96 had to be NON-AIR CONDITIONED. Then, the tricky part came. We didn't know where to stop coz we were not familiar with NUS after all. Haha. And happiness, we ultimately found ourselves at the wrong bus stop. To make things worse, we had trouble navigating around campus and finally found central library. Well, we went in to dry ourselves coz by that time sweat was already pouring all over us. Haha gotta say the damn library is fucking grand!! I like!! we found ourselves at LAW faculty. Walk, walking and walked till we finally found BIZAD. We wanted to attend the lecture but it was too late. We din want to enter the lecture theatre making a 'grand entrance'. Haha. Decided to head back to the area near central library and check out the 'FORUM' bookstore. Then, I asked Meiqi how she felt about this whole crashing thing and she says it sucked. To think we travelled all the way here to lose our way. Haha. So funnie. Hence, we unanimously agreed to get out of this crappy campus since we weren't familiar with it at all and then headed down to Queensway to do some shopping. Haha. In the end, I bought a pair of shoes that I needed so badly and also a T-Shirt which I tot was really nicely designed. Meiqi wanted to go Holland V coz she heard of a factory outlet there which sells cheap and good stuff but it was too late and we didn't know how to go there. Haha. So, we didn't go in the end. We finally went our separate ways at Parkway, where I had Katong Laksa fer dinner while she met up with her frens. Throughout the whole bus journey from Queensway to Katong we both slept like a log...hahaha. But, it was a crazy afternoon man.

Sunday, 4th September

Well, after giving tuition I had a game of badminton with Xuan Yu at Paris Ris East CC which was near my place. It sucked coz I lost to him in 3 straight sets. Haha. Maybe I was too tired or something ..but my work rate is just atrocious. It caused my bloody downfall as I lost. I was pretty sure if I pushed a lil harder I would have won him. HMPH. But anyway, good game and rest assured I will beat you someday. Don't you swell kiddo. Haha.

Friday, 9 September [Ehh...I think]

After work I had tuition with Guo Xiang then I met up with some of my colleagues (Qing Yong, Thiam Hao, Ngai Han, Terence, Colin, Eugene, Shaun, Zhengzhong and Jian Xiong) for supper at CHOMPCHOMP@Serangoon Gardens (I hoped I spelt it correctly). Well, I was bluddy influenced by Qing Yong to turn up coz actually I didn't want to as I was really tired for the day already. But was glad I turned up coz it was really nice to chit-chat with the guys and try to improve some understanding between us colleagues. Well, and also I met my primary school classmate Christopher whom I glad remembered me. Haha. He happened to be Terence's junior I think. After all, they were both in RI so it's no surprise actually. Anyway, we ate and talked and wadever. Also met Janan and Xuan Ming there. Xuan Ming had a big transformation, well at least that's what I think. Haha. Not the normal XM that I knew in camp. But wadever. After that, Thiam Hao and me suddenly had an urge for mahjong so we proceeded to Eugene's house to try our luck. Calvin joined us there and once more I shared my capital with him, as we pit our mahjong skills against the likes of Eugene, Colin and Thiam Hao. Not knowing how skillful they were and knowing Thiam Hao's rash nature to throw out winning tiles, I really fancied myself to bring home at least 5 bucks that night. But it was not to be... Calvin was super unlucky that night. And Eugene just went mad. Sickening as everyone lost to him. He won a grand total of 66 bucks in the end. Just pure SICK. I tried to minimize our losses by winning a few games but unlucky Calvin lost them all AGAIN when he took over. What can I say? Haha. I am never gonna go to Eugene's place to play Mahjong again. It just sucks haha. Bad omen when you go there.

Saturday, 17th September

It was the day my sister was definitely looking forward to. It's the ROM of my sister and Nick. Her bestest friends came over our house to party the night before..Set at Goodwood Park Hotel, it wasn't the ordinary ROM that you would expect. The whole solemnization ceremony was held at this very nice garden, and there were minmal amount of people witnessing this. Due to the space constraint, my sister and Nick only decided to invite immediate family and some of our closer relatives. It was special I guess, and I can really sense the happiness in my sister's face. Dressed in a beautiful green gown, she was being walked down by Daddy..and it was touching to see Daddy hand sister over to Nick. I was the camera boy as sister put me in-charge of shooting photos from her Nikon Coolpix. I wasn't paying attention to the JP during the solemnization, jus busy taking photos. In the end..I am just really happy for her as a brother. I wish her eternal happiness and like all fairy tales say - to live happily ever after. Haha. I am truly happy for her and hope that she had made the right decision for herself. I hope that Nock is the right man for her. I give you both my blessings..:)

Thereafter, I went to Shaun's place for awhile to at least show my face at his birthday party. I congratulated him and ate his birthday cake. It was yummy choc fudge. Shortly after all the OSC people left but I felt rather bad to leave so fast, so I stayed on fer awhile more together with Eugene, Tucky and Thiam Hao. We just chatted and watched soccer while Shaun entertained his other frens for most of the time. I must say that Shaun has some crazie friends man. Haha. There is one called James, who really is insane. And then there's thsi Indian who also talks alot of stupid crap haha. These are the CHIONGSTERS that Shuan hang out with everytime he goes he told us..Like Eugene, restrained myself from drinking besides having only one shot of Raspberry Vodka mixed with a lil 7UP. Also, I was pretty amazed to see Tuck Chen pick up smoking. I never did expect that man and when I shared it with Eugene he told me that he picked it up for fun. Hopefully so, coz it's never nice when you get addicted to it. He probably learnt to smoke under some influence...I certainly hope I won't be the subject of influence. I hate smoking...and I can't imagine myself smoking next time man.

Sunday, 18 September

It was the day where Meiqi and Alison leaves for the UK to pursue their studies. As much as I hate to see them go, the inevitable has to happen. Before sending them off at the airport..I went over to Kiaying's house to watch soccer with her before we would make our way to the airport together. I can't believe Liverpool did not score against Manchester Utd again in the EPL, their 3rd 0-0 draw in 4 league games. It totally sucked. To think I was relishing the chance to play down Man Utd in front of Kiaying's face coz shez a Man U fan. Haha. But there was the consolation fact that Liverpool looked the more threatening. Haha. At about 945pm we found ourselves at the airport, and many other friends of Alison and Meiqi respectively. Well, a few of us came to send the two girls off..and we took our last photos with them...

Me, CP, KH and the girls

Together with Ally

Wish them all the best in whatever they do overseas...And make sure they don't forget us when they stay overseas!! Already I am looking forward to their return to Singapore during their holidays to visit us..

TODAY, 23rd September

I should mention that I watched Fear Factor on TV yesterday night and it utterly made me sick. Yesterday's stunts were just EeWwW. As if having to pierce 10 needles of varying thickness through your skin is not enough, the unlucky contestants for that show had to eat 4 ounces of maggot-infested cheese gone bad. That seriously sucked. You should have seen how one of them really had ultimate difficulty trying to gulp down the chesse. Oh my god. Seriously. EeWwW..

I just called Cindy to tell her that I will be withdrawing from tuitioning her problem kid anytime soon and never did I expect her to giv me such a fucked up reaction. She told me she was really disappointed. Well, you can't really blame me if your kid has no interest at all..because I would really love to continue the tuition if ur kid shows some bloody sense of eagerness to learn. But NO. When I asked Guo Xiang whether he wanted to do well for his PSLE, he had the cheek to tell me: "Well I dunno, go ITE is the best!" It makes it really hard to continue teaching him like that..I am sorry, but I don't regret my decision. I reached a compromise with her that I will tuition him till his PSLE is over..but I can sense that she really hates me to the core now..Oh wells..I don't care. I'm just gonna do my job and forget about this kid once it's done. But I have no idea how I am going to face her for the upcoming 2-3 weeks. I just feel sorry for Guo Xiang. If he had the slightest motivation to study, then maybe...just maybe..

That call just now made me understand.
It's not easy to be a tutor.
Parents are really becoming so demanding nowadays.
But maybe, I have to shoulder some blame.. maybe I just had no confidence and no interest in tutoring this kid becuase of his very bad attitude.
Now I am just worried that the agency will stop giving me assignments becuase of my lack of commitment...


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