Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saturday wrap-up

Despite not being fully recovered from my stomach flu, I still decided to go out and meet out with the usual suspects, this time it was to celebrate Beck's birthday - in advance. And I wanted to kill Hwi Jong for making me wake up so early. He suggested to Ken that we should meet early for lunch, since it was a buffet, so we should take full advantage of it. In the end, I dunno why, but knowing they won't be punctual, I still decided to meet at the time stated by Ken. But when I reached there, only saw Greg Ken and KH. Where was HJ? He should be the first to arrive since he wanted to meet earlier. That idiot. Haha. Anywayz we proceeded with eating first. The place was @Siam Kitchen housed in Parco Bugis Junction. It was ala-carte lunch buffet and Ken acted fast by ordering one of everything available. At first I tot Ken was crazy but when I saw the portions being served I realised it was not alot of food. I tucked in together with the other guys and liked the Green Curry and Thai Fishcake the most. As we were about to finish the first round Janice and then Jongy arrived. I didn't really eat to my maximum that day coz I was still feeling rather terrible. Anyway the other guys were chatting about army life the whole time and I couldn't really join in the discussion coz my vocation was an admin clerk after all...In truth, I was kinda sian listening to them cos I dunno what they were tokin abt. I looked across to Jan and I really wanted to ask her if she felt the same haha. Coz she was giving the sian sian look also. Maybe if I had sat nearer to her we could hav talked about other stuffs...uni life maybe haha..but I guess we endured thru till the main star for the day arrived at the scene. Becky arrived soon after SH and she was really really late. But, what's new? Shez always either late, or the latest. Haha. Wadever. We sat there for awhile usual..took some casual photos..and then decided to take a walk coz we were superrrr full. Crazy HJ and KH decided to kill so many chickens when they kept asking for chicken wings. Haha. I think in total we ordered around 50 chicken wings...and Kian Hean was the ultimate chicken-eater, he counted and he proudly exclaimed he ate 22 wings...haha...enough to form a chicken wing bone mountain on his plate.. haha.

Thereafter we walked around and as usual didn't know where to go. Oh KY and Russ joined us before that. And we stopped outside Hotel Intercontinental. After contemplating for a LONGGGG while, Russ made the final decision, to walk over to BREKO CAFE and hav some coffee. On our way there we really din expect to chance upon Choon Guang, who was waiting for his girl Fanny. Long time really neber see him already. Yah...hez still the same old him..always joking around. Oh saw Fanny too and I thought she really changed alot. Became prettier I guess..Shez got rid of her specs and really looked more feminine. Haha. wadever. Over@BREKO, I ordered Lemon Hibiscus Tea while others drank lattes and coffee ice-blendeds. My lemon hibiscus was really not bad. Haha. Over there, we just chatted and chatted and took more photos till it was like almost 6pm where most of us including me had to go. Yupp. I hope Becks enjoyed the outing today, coz it was for any of my classmates is reading this entry, can the kind soul please let me know if we are getting any present for her? Haha..

From Bugis I travelled to Eunos to attend Brent's birthday party. In truth I was kinda reluctant coz I din know if Brent had cable TV coz I really really wanted to watch soccer yesterday. I am glad he did and I was thankful I could watch the match. But his house was really cool, it was a condo-like building that was built by the Hotel81 president. And Brent's family was few of the lucky residents coz his father worked under the Hotel81 management. Very nice place. Swimming pool, table soccer, large-screen cable TV, gym and karaoke room were some of the facilities present on the ground floor. And in Brent's unit the toilet was open-air one. Unique but also kinda dangerous coz someboday could just easily peep at the person showering. But what the hell, who wants to peep at Brent??Haha.. anyway ate very little over there too because of my bad stomach and watched the Liverpool match there. Was absolutely gutted that Liverpool only managed to draw. The team must really start to win if they are to mount a serious championship challenge. Assholes Chelsea have won again..fucking lucky blues. But was ecstatic to hear that Man Utd lost and even Arsenal only managed a 0-0 stalemate with West Ham. Guess it was a bad weekend for the top teams excluding Chelsea. Oh wells. Felicia also forced me to buy a ticket for the movie premiere of "Into The Blue" starring the ever so sexy Jessica Alba. I really dunno if I can make it, but I still gave in to her constant persuasion and promised to purchase a ticket regardless of whether I can make it on Oct6 or not. Well, I will be consoled by the fact that I am killing 2 birds with one stone - Firstly, helping Breast Cancer patients coz its for charity. And secondly, helping a friend coz it's actually Felicia's term project and her grades are dependent on it. Oh wells.

ANYWAY, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DONATING TO THE BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION OR WATCHING THE MOVIE PREMIERE 'INTO THE BLUE' (starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker) , you can contact me via email( and I can help you get tix (each ticket priced at 15 bucks). Yup. Oh I think the $15 that you pay will also include popcorn discount vouchers. If that is an incentive to you. Haha.

TIME: OCT 6th, 7 PM.


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