Monday, October 10, 2005

Wake up idiots, September has ended


Just about a month ago Meiqi left for the United Kingdom to pursue her studies. 2 weeks later, another good friend of mine leaves for the same place to further her education. This time, her departure was much more emotional. Several of my other frens who went to see her off at the airport that day broke down totally. A tinge of sadness struck me as I just looked on as she left for the departure gate. The guy who probably was worst-hit was Daryl. Putting up a strong front, he refused to shed a tear in front of us, as she hugged Charlene for one last time. After she went in, Daryl was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he needed some peace. I did my best by sending him a message telling him not to take it too hard. But I know I can never fathom the deepness of the cuts he has suffered after that very night. I hope both Meiqi and Char are doing fine over in London.

Just last Saturday I played field soccer in what was my first time in 2.5 years...and as expected I didn't perform to my full ability. In fact, I played like a fuckin twat. I was used in 2 positions, RMF in the 1st half and LB for 2nd half. Fatigue set in quickly as I started the game on the right flank. Playing under the hot sun, my energy was draining fast and I knew I was lacking alot of fitness. Haven't been exercising on a regular basis so it was no real surprise actually. Missed tackles, lousy passes, wrong positioning, you name it. My performance was just sickening. And after 25 min I decided it was just too much for me and I told Alex to switch me out. In the 2nd half it was worse as I played in LB which I totally was unfamiliar with. I played the opponents onside and even failed to clear easy balls. What the fuck was I doin man. Luckily, our keeper Simon was fantastic that day and the match ended 0-0. At least the result wasn't wrong. If we had lost I probably was goin to shoulder much of the blame. But anyways, I would like to comment that Alex was shouting the whole time, which I really didn't like it at times. Just shouting negative comments all over the pitch is not goin to spur the team on, at least not me. Maybe....just maybe he can take a few pointers from Shawal, who was at least encouraging. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Alex is a bad leader, in fact he makes a good leader. Just that hez probably too overbearing at times. Alex, if you are reading this, no offence ok. But, please do know that passion is not anger. Do try to control your temper even though I know it's your nature. Chill dude. Haha. I guess it was a totally good workout and a valuable experience for me that day. Completed the afternoon when I lunched with Calvin and Gerald at some nearby coffeeshop in Cantonment Rd. The Lor Mee was really not bad. Maybe we were just hungry. Haha.

kOOLio!! I won 64 bucks over the weekend as I betted on some soccer matches.... International matches are easier bets I feel. Well...wadever.

Watched "THE MYTH" with Mum yesterday. Kim Hee Sun(I think it's spelt like that) is really gorgeous and Mallika Sherwat was another stunning beauty. I tell you if I were an Indian I would have gone crazie over her. The show was really not bad at all! Exceeded my expectations. The first movie where Jackie Chan actually dies, although it's just a myth n everythin haha.



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