Thursday, October 20, 2005

An interesting viewpoint about McDonalds

Was looking forward to my medical appontment at NSC this afternoon today coz it's always good to be able to get out of the office. Just a few outstanding stuffs left yet to do, and for once in my new vocation I feel at ease, a lil easier to breathe now that everything has been settled here more or less, and I'm gettin rather used to life over there. :)

Anyways, since it was on my way I decided to lunch on McDonalds to satisfy my hunger. Had my favourite burger - Mcspicy Double, and I must comment on the quality of the french fries today. Fried near perfection and even the colour was good enough to show that it was Grade A standard. Haha. If you realise that whenever you order somethin from McDonalds, there will normally be a sheet of paper attached to the tray and the contents written in the sheet of paper will be nutrition information about the various types of foods you can find in McDonalds. So as I was eating, I scanned through the nutritional values of the different burgers and found some interesting results from there:

McChicken contains 510kcal of energy, 30g of fat and 50mg of cholestrol, while Mcspicy Double contains 504kcal of energy, 22g of fat and 25mg of cholestrol. Hmm... notice any discrepancies? It's kinda weird rite, considering Mcspicy Double is made up of 2 chicken thighs and McChicken only contains a single chicken patty? So why does McChicken have more fat and cholestrol than McSpicy? Something to ponder...haha..will be great if anyone who studies nutrition can answer this query of mine. I tot it was kinda interesting so I should share it up on my bloggy. Maybe it's McDonalds providing incorrect values? Shouldn't be that huge a possibility rite, considering that McDonald's has an enormous reputation to protect. Hmm.....

Also, before I even had the chance to order my food in front of the cashier, one of their restaurant managers had already came up to me and asked me what was my order goin to be. Equipped with just a palm top, she keyed in the order and handed me a slip which had only numbers on it. 'Just present it to the cashier,'said the manager. Actually, this ordering system of McDonalds has been in place for kinda some time already, but it really caught me thinking as I analysed its cost-effectiveness. They implement such a system in place, and the obvious advantages will be to speed up orders and lessen queue time. More orders will result but can the profits from these orders offset the cost of this system? I should feel this system is very expensive, due to the mechanism of generating order codes and buying several palm tops for each and every restaurant, at least those in Singapore..therefore, if you would isolate this situation and not let other factors come into play, would you think it is McDonalds making a loss or a profit? I guess only those working in the higher ranks of McDonalds Coporation would know the answer. But nevertheless, I feel it's really interesting to weigh out the cost-effectiveness of various implementions by different companies, and from there think about the benefits that arise from such areas. Kool to really find out how different organisations work and create opportunities to earn themselves some big-money deals.

Hmm..perhaps....just perhaps....the blogger here has a business mind in the making....hahaha


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