Monday, October 31, 2005

Nervous about Wednesday


I'm very nervous about my driving test on Wednesday, definitely no doubt about that. Just had my final revision lesson yesterday at the test centre and luckily for me I got a pretty good driving instructor. He told me about my weakest points and advised me on the DOs and DONTs during the test. He also helped me master the parallel parking obstacle, and if I do really get through that with ease on Wednesday I will thank him lots man. Practically tried everything as he brought me to the more challenging areas like test routes 6 and 7 and Ubi Rd 4. I'll just be so thankful not to get the test route 6 and 7 because it's so fuckin hard. Especially the lane change part, oh my god yesterday was the first time I faced so much difficulty doing lane change. The whole place was experiencing a traffic jam, and the other cars were complete fuckers...all dun wan to give way want le..and it's really tough to judge the cars' speed. I think if I sway sway get 6/7 I'll just be mentally prepared to come back to Ubi for another test date. Seriously.


Received news on Friday that Mdm K will be treating us guys to a buffet dinner. It's to give ORD-ing boy Jia Hao a treat. An expensive one indeed. Place was at Clarke Quay, Swissotel Merchant Court to be precise. Haha. Dun frequent there really often so had to meet Calvin to ask him to lead the way there. Hence, met him@Parkway for some pool before we took bus 196 down over to Clifford Pier and walked all the way to the destination. I felt extremely gutted because I did not do any workout yesterday went I should have. When will I really get down to business?!?!? The tummy grows but I continue to ignore. Worst still, if you looked at today's Straits Times, Lifestyle section, on the cover page you will see 2 PANDA XIONG TIAN PINGs. One 60kg, the other 100kg. FucK. How did he become so fat?? Anyways, he looks so disgusting now and what I am afraid is that someday I will follow in his footsteps! NoOOOOOOO!!! Never!!!!! I've got to cut down SOON. Anyway, back to the main issue, we had buffet dinner and I guess Calvin and I ate the most. Damn full man. Liked their Chocolate Fountain and Crispy Platter. That's about it. The rest of the food was sub-standard. The sashimi was a total turn-off and the shark's fin soup tasted more like beansprout chowder. I'm serious. Not worth the money unfortunately. Too bad I couldn't appreciate oysters coz if there was one thing that looked really a MUST-EAT it was that. Anyways, thank you Mdm K for your treat. Really appreciate it. It was again the same situation as Calvin and I did not speak to Jia Hao. I dunno what's his problem but he seriously has mood swings because he can talk to you yesterday and treat you like a foe today. Craziness. Why he is not talking to us I donno, but if he wants this to carry on so be it, coz I dun think Calvin and I gives a damn about it. Such a pity.

One of my closer relatives left us on Friday. Din really expect her to leave us just like that but reality is that that has happened and we got to face it. Went straight to the wake after the Merchant Court dinner to pay my respects. I am just happy that I managed to chalk up some time to pay her a visit just last week, and I knew she was really happy to see me. My mum is really sad about this cos she was like a mother to her. I guess my mum will be feelin rather shitty about this but I will try my best to spend time with her over the next few days.. After everythin I stayed over at Kai An's place as we watched Liverpool win West Ham 2-0 and Boro thump Man Utd 4-1. Here is my conclusion about the Man U Middlesborough game:


Just finished watching ONG BAK on Channel U. Tony Jaa is a tremendous fighting machine. I dare say hez much better than the likes of Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Whoo...he just mesmerizes me with his superb fighting skills. Now I so want to watch, and die-die will watch the upcomin Thai Action Movie TOM-YUM-GOONG. Tony Jaa.. hez the man. Haha.


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