Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still nervous about Wednesday

Current Mood: Still Nervous

The day has finally arrived for me to face it - THE MUCH DREADED DRIVING TEST THAT I AM SO AFRAID I WILL FAIL.

Thank you to my dear cousin Grace for giving me a treat @Marche yesterday for dinner.

Yesterday I had to work overtime in the office because of the fact that I will be away for the whole week and will only be returning on the 7th. One of the leave combos I have taken..Tmr taken leave because of my driving test and Friday will be goin to Tioman with some of my camp mates. That reminds me...gotta go renew my passport validity tomorrow or I can forget about going on the trip!! Haha..

Anyway I worked till it was close to 6pm and Grace gave me a lift down to town for dinner with my sis, brother-in-law and also my GP teacher. Hasn't changed abit man..but I was impressed coz he has slimmed down alotz physically!!Haha.. Well, it was normal dinner I guess..therez really nothing much I can say about.. A get-to-know-you dinner between Grace and my teacher? Haha..wadever. But conversations were hard to come by..if there were any they always used me as bait haha. But anyway...everything turned out fine and it was just like any other dinner...

Today was the final day of the wake as I went down to see her for one last time. There were cries and tears from several people present there, obviously sad to see her go just like that...Even I felt a tinge of sadness in myself when her coffin made its way to the crematorium. Wish her well in her afterlife and hope her immediate family takes it easy. :)

Just received an SMS from Nagi Han and hez jio-ing me to Zouk tommorow night. Well, if I pass I will probably join them to partee...but if I don't I'm afraid I will have no mood to club. I think tomorrow's outcome should decide if I will be looking forward to the Tioman trip. Jeez.

Here's an interesting question which Yutian posted to me a few days back:

Would you rather live 5 years as a tiger, or 20 years as a sheep??

For me, it would be the former.


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