Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Funny Daqiu

I finally drove my papi's car for the first time since I got my driving license. I took the chance as I was on leave yesterday and we decided to have breakfast together at Loyang Point, thereafter I drove his car through the entire stretch of the PIE all the way to Jurong area to collect my DVD player which I sent for repair for like 3 weeks back. I miss my DVD player soooo muchh!!! Now I can switch back to the times when I can get to watch my dramas in my cosy room, savouring on my potato chips of course! Hahaz.. Anyways, driving was fun!...No clutch, no need to observe 50km/h and of course no more pressure on myself to need to pass any shit TP!! :) Still need to practise on my parking though, guess more practice will reach near perfection...yep. Looking forward to my next chance to drive papi's car againz..

I just finished watching TONG XIN YUAN on Ch8 and I was really amused by some parts of the show, particularly the scene which took place near the end of today's episode..Here is a brief take on what was shown (translated, of course):

Uncle : We shall use this idea for the upcoming food fair. These are some of the beauties I specially engaged to promote our fishballs.

Daqiu: VERY GOOD!!! To think you were able to come out with such an idea...

Uncle: Yeah, with this we don't have to worry whatever fishballs Dayang will be selling at the fair. Haha.

Daqiu: What??What is that idiot thinking? Hez selling fishballs too?

Uncle: Yeah, apparently hez making chocolate fishballs. It's quite nice..I have tried..


It's so fuckin farnie when they act the whole thing out!! Especially when Cavin Soh emphasizes on the word 'Stupid' and the way he told Dayang to go make fishballs stuffed with shit instead..Haha...I really LOL man! Hope during the upcomin Star Awards 2005 he will win the role for Best Supporting Actor which I think he duly deserves...Hahah.


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