Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Passed my driving!!!


Yeah and it's damn true!! Although it was a marginal pass, but who cares? Still a pass..and that is what it all matters...haha...I could have gotten 8 points if not for my fucked up mistake at the very last part when I was going to turn back into the driving centre...haha..Apparently I missed the driving centre coz I was too concentrated about the oncoming traffic on the opposite road, and by the time I realized it was kinda late but still I quickly turned back and the right turn back to the centre almost looked like a u-turn. Haha. At that moment, I tot I was goin to fail but luckily there were no pedestrians around so he did not jam-brake the car. Got 10 points for that stewpid mistake which eventually totalled up to 18. PASSED! And I was elated although he was still putting on that stern face coupled with that pair of sunglasses, as he kept scolding me for my mistakes but I just didn't care because all I was thinking of was a pass..Haha. There I exited the tester's office, and I couldn't hide my delight as I happily went to close my account with CDC, then waited to watch the video for newly qualified drivers. I am so looking forward to drive my dad's car now that I have passed! Haha....I just knew today will be a DAMN good day..

Watched 'Star Idol' on Ch 8 just now and the auditions were so funny as usual. Really enjoyed watching it. Chew Chor Meng was making a fool out of all the applicants and there were some people who really didn't feel shameless about taking part in the competition. They were so lousy I think I could have performed betta haha! Anyway, Mum showed me one of the pages in TODAY which showed the pictures of all the 20 contestants...and I scanned thru them..only to find Cheryl in there! Haha..Can't believe shez one of the top20 contestants! Back in VJ we were mere shez takin part in this competition! Truly wish her all the best...she has the 'Star Idol' face la...think she should be able to go far in the contest...and I will be rooting my support for her thruout haha! Jiayou jiayou! :)


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