Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One bus, one silent farter


Before I start on today's main topic, I would like to comment on the Korean drama I'm currently watching - Love Story In Harvard. The first few episodes have rather impressed me..Actors and actresses have their handsome and pretty faces respectively, but what I really want to say is that the theme song is really good!!! Haha..Soothing and the melody is perfect..I always sing along when it plays..haha :)

Okay, onto today's issue. Basically I would just like to share with everyone this experience that I often go through when I travel on buses. Have you ever been a victim on the bus such that whenever you travel on the public bus all of a sudden a smelly stench will somehow get to your nose, and it smells seriously fuckin sickening. Immediately you would think it's fart, which 99% I'm sure it is. Do you get pissed off with this? I sure do. Everytime this happens I swear I felt like strangling the idiot who was responsible, and just fuckin stab him with a knife on his chest. Often I will try to find out who the black sheep is but one will never know who was the one who actually farted. AHHHHHHH!! It's just so shitty when this happens. If this happened to you before, I'm sure you feel the same as I do. And the worst thing is, the smell stays there like forever, so more often than not you gotta live with that smell throughout the whole bus journey. There is no way you are goin to hold your breath all the way unless you are superman who needs no oxygen to live. Sometimes, I really wonder, what those people who silently fart in buses think of their acts? Two most common mentalities will be:

1. Oh my god, I need to fart. I can't help it. I'm so sorry to those people around me. Just endure the smell ok?
2. Oh man this is so funny. Everybody should get a chance to smell my fart...especially in silent mode. WHAHAHAHAHAHA.

As if to fart irresponsibly on the bus is not bad enough, if the farter has mentality no.2, he/she ought to die a terrible death. That is just totally DISGUSTING, SICK AND PERVERTED BEHAVIOUR.

I hope any one you readin this entry is not one of those whom I just described.

Imagine you were caught in one of these two situations. Which situation would you rather encounter?
1. To be sitting comfortably on the SBS bus only for a stench of blardy fart to disrupt your pleasant journey. And you gotta live with that smelly fart for like 45 minutes...


2. To be sitting beside a madman on the SBS bus, and that mad guy spouts all sorts of nonsense and rants all kinds of funny languages at you and unfortunately you cannot switch seats...

Time to :P


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