Friday, November 18, 2005

Time to keep fit

AHHH I am so happy I am going jogging every evening for this week. I have never in my life went jogging for 4 consecutive days. Let's make it 5 tommorow. Whahaha.

It's STRESS to be in my department HAHA. You have to give a treat for everythin. Pass driving gotta treat the people to lunch, get best personnel for the month also have to treat, ORD also have to treat. Haha. Poor Ngai Han. Think hez already mentally prepared coz Terence is demanding a treat at the Fullerton stretch. 30-40 bucks a person.... he can just die. Haha. If it were me I will just faint.

Oh and finally today I am done watching finish my KOREAN VCD SET. Nopes it's not Jewel In The Palace. It's FULL HOUSE!!! Very good. So hilarious and both female leads are so chio!! I luvvv them deep deep!!!! Haha. Muz watch if you haven't and especially if you are into Korean shows like my mum. Shez fallen in love with that Chengjun-Ge in Stairway To Heaven. Siao wan le she. Haha.

- Clement rates FULL HOUSE 4 out of 5 STARS -


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