Sunday, November 20, 2005

November's Chopin and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

I can't help but comment on the latest Jay Chou album coz it's really a great album to listen to. For those who haven't got November's Chopin, you must go get it now. This album is betta than the previous one by leaps and bounds and I am so totally WOWed by some of the songs in this album. Here are the songs that I highly recommend that you should listen to (in order of course):

1. Feng
2. Hei Se Mao Yi
3. Shi Mian Chu Ge
4. Fa Ru Xue
5. Shan Hu Hai


I watched the movie 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose' with Kai An on Friday evening. And I must say that this show is really not bad. Not the typical horror show that you would usually expect. This movie focuses more on what happened to Emily Rose when the exorcism took place, and how the Father who conducted that ritual was put on trial for negligible homicide. Anyways, some scenes were disgusting as expected. The body contortions were just pure sickening, plus when Emily chewed on insects it was just Eewww.. The best was of course the exorcism ritual of course. I loved it! Couldn't believe it when there were like a total of 6 demons that possessed her body. Emily should get an award for her excellent acting. Serious. Ohh...I must mention the lawyer who defended Father Moore too...the way she fought her case was simply breathtaking. Even Kai An told me he was impressed haha. Good movie to watch. Relax man, it's not scary a bit.

RATING ---> 3.5 / 5

That Friday evening before I watched the movie I also saw Felicia Chin in Town!! Oh my goodness shez so pretty and was dressed so elegantly!! I just love her lots n lots!!! My MEI REN YU!!! Haha..

Today I was at J8 so I decided to check out the auditions of Campus Superstar. It was fuckin crowded all right. And I simply can't believe so many students actually took part. Ok..fine, a minority really sang great but the rest were just bad. I can tell you 80% were just there for the sake of hoping to get their faces captured big on primetime television. Shameless people man. Why would people want to take part unless they are sure they have at least that bit of talent to sing?? Why?? Don't they feel embarrassed at all? I watched the auditions for about close to ten minutes then decided to leave thereafter. Now I just can't wait to see the auditions because I know it will definitely make me laugh out loud...Haha.. WANNABE STUDENTS..This show will surely attract many consumers..


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