Sunday, November 13, 2005

Back From Tioman


My skin on the neck and shoulder area is peeling like fuck. Man.'s been one week since I came back from the Tioman trip together with some of my closer buddies in the unit. It was a great experience for me, not the most luxurious of trips but it was still freaking fun because after I went with frens. Tried snorkelling for the very first time in my life (hope it's not too late, haha) and also swam with schools of fishes in the sea. Also gambled every night and it was full of fun. Although I lost quite alot, it didn't really matter coz even if I had won I had to treat the guys anyway, which was what Ngai Han and Calvin did. Haha. It was a pity though there was no BBQ on our 2nd night if not I bet it will be even better. The greatest spoiler during the trip for me was when the sea engulfed my cap when it flew away from my head while I was on the speedboat back to Mersing. Well..was sad initially but I asked for it really coz I should have listened to Yu Tian's advice to take off my cap before that. Oh. After this trip I have learnt to appreciate SBS buses alot. That's because when you compare SBS buses to those of Malaysia, they are worlds apart. Serious. And people from Malaysia dun fucking queue to board the bus. Throughout the bus journey I was feeling like shit coz it was so squeezy in there even though I had the luxury of sitting. Can't imagine those who stand and endure being sandwiched for the whole of the bus journey - which was like almost 2 hrs. It was absolute torture. So guys, appreciate what SBS provides you with man. They are tonnes better than those stupid buses you can find in Malaysia. Regarding what happened throughout the trip, I m kinda lazy to pen it down actually. Once I get hold of all the pictures from the trip, I'll post them up and let em tell you all about the trip.

Was on leave on Thursday and so I made use of the chance to meet up with Kian Guan to catch the movie 'TOM-YUM-GOONG' starring my idol Tony Jaa. Hez an incredible bone-breaking machine. A damn good show it was and definitely worth my 7 bucks. If you haven't caught it, you must.

- Clement rates TOM-YUM-GOONG 4 OUT OF 5 STARS -


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