Monday, November 21, 2005

I love Mahjong!!


Woke up bloody early today because I had plans to go Colin's house for mahjong. It was bloody hell far as I would have to travel from Pasir Ris all the way to Holland V, but thankfully Terence's mum gave me a lift as I went over to his place to meet him first before we proceeded to Colin's together. Finally got to play mahjong again in a very long time as it took me awhile to get warmed up. It was goin good during the early stages and I was winning quite abit until Colin began his crazy streak, lost to him twice in a row as I fed him the winning tile on both occasions. Disgusted with myself. That was when I started goin down and down. But I was not to be the biggest loser for the day, as Terence got crushed badly. Haha. Poor him did not even win a single round haha! I could hav recouped my losses in the last round as I was on my way to a maximum combination, but sickening Eugene was so fucken lucky I couldn't believe it. He won with a minimum combination and my money flew away just like that...Oh wells...Haha.

On my way home I passed by Janice's place by chance and decided to drop by for a little while since she told me she was at home rotting her time away anyway haha. Her bro wanted to play mahjong but he couldn't find enough people to play so in the end I was lookin forward to nothin. Haha..we chatted the whole time and it was really good to see her after we haven't contacted each other for quite some time already..In the end we were still so bored I suggested goin down to walk around, but unfortunately her neighbourhood had nothin interesting as well lol. Her exams are ending pretty soon so after that we must all meet up ok haha... =)

What a satisfying scoreline! Every Liverpool fan would love to see that!! Haha..


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