Monday, October 24, 2005

Finally started to do a little workout

It was a Saturday with a fully-packed programme for me as I started the morning waking up late, as a result having to take a cab down for my driving lesson. Talking about driving lessons, I cannot afford to fail my driving test this coming Nov 2 because I have no more money to set aside for another string of driving lessons plus another booking for the driving test. Besides, the reality of having to wait so long before you can proceed for another dig at the driving test is simply unthinkable. I don't care if it's 6 points or 19 points, damn it I just want to pass. Oh I saw Jeremias as I was leaving the centre, and he hasn't changed abit. A good lad, so easily recognisable. Haha.

After that I arranged to meet up with Xuan Yu to go for some swimming. I decided that I gotta start to do some workout someday and therefore decided to accept his very kindly invitation to join him. I swam a cool blue 22 laps in the olympic-sized swimming arena in Hougang Swimming Complex, and I felt really contented with myself. Swwimming this distance is by no means an easy task but I didn't gave up. Haha.

Then in the evening I went to visit this relative of mine who was really in quite a poor condition, therafter meeting up with Ken, Russ and Tze Hin in town. Found out about the new food court in Wisma Level 4, which I explored for a little while before I met them. It's really big as the food court stretches a whole level and I took a peek at the various types of foods they were selling and it's really not bad. I'm sure I will try out the food there pretty soon I would hope. Haha. We walked around after Russ finished his shopping@TOPMAN and thought of where to go. We stopped over outside Indochine to listen to their house band perform and, I must say they were really good. Finally decided to settle down in Russ's new house@Katong area. His new place was a dream really. A really nice 3-storey house and oh my god it was just absolutely astounding. The whole place had such modern design and how I wished I was living there too. Russ's room was even better. So spacious, and his king-sized bed was just laid on the floor. The whole layout of his room was simple yet beautiful. Equipped with the PS2 console and the plasma screen TV, I wished it was my room. Then, he brought us to the very top of his house which was equally kool. You feel like you are simply on the top of the world. Definitely near the standard of my dream house. Russel you lucky bitch. Haha.

We watched the Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur soccer match and it was rather entertaining. Jena's goal was a beauty and although we were disappointed Liverpool lost to Fulham, we were equally glad Manchester United failed to beat Spurs. We chiong-ed down to Teo Heng to sing about an hour of karaoke, and we tried to sing as many songs as we could, haha singing like one chorus for each song then skipping already. Never have we finished singing a song fully. Anyway what was so crazy about us was that Russel, the ultimate Karaoke King managed to search for one of those stupid songs again and this time it was 'Ai Bu Pa' by Grasshoppers(Cao Meng). The MTV was a joke and it was so funny and the lyrics are even worse. Haha, but that was our last song, and we sang it with a huge bang and I think everyone who could hear us tot we were nuts. Haha. It was fun though.

Our last stop was this Hong Kong eatery along Upp East Coast Rd - I think it's called 'Shi Nai'. Recommended by Tze Hin, we went there for supper. Before we even went in we saw a ferrari parked near the shop and immediately guessed that some big shot was dining in that restaurant haha. Guess wad, we saw Mediacorp Artiste Le Yao, and whether shez the one driving the ferrari, you can go ponder on your own. Haha. For this supper we must thank officer-to-be Quek Jongy, who offered to give of us a treat. We ordered food and beverages including Coffee-Tea Yuan Yang, Iced Mango Pomelo(My personal favourite), French Toast with Peanut Butter Spread, HK Cafe Noodles, Soya Sauce Noodles With Deep Fried Pork and some Deep Fried Wanton. The Wanton was exclusively expensive as 6 of them cost $5.80. Daylight robbery rite? Craziness. Russel also became infatuated with this girl whom supposedly was Le Yao's friend. Probably all of them just finished filming or somethin coz that girl was dressed in a uniform. No other reason to explain why rite, because she doesn't look to be like a student, at least to Russel. Haha. What a bummer coz I din get to see her face as I was seated such that my back was facing her back. Wanted to c if Russel's taste was normal or just totally fucked up haha. Hmm...the things there are pretty expensive, but they're good la. So maybe I'll consider popping by again. Haha. An ideal place to bring your girl to if you have run out of places to dine in. :)

Thank you Russel for fetching me home. Haha. By the time I stepped back home it was already 0345. Quickly washed up and got some sleep. Was originally scheduled to play mahjong with my army buddies Tian Hao and Wei Yang but we had difficulty finding the last leg coz Calvin was not available. Therefore, in the end we cancelled it. NVM. Plenty of time to win money haha. Next time I should jio Justin Neo over. It's just because his exams are underway tt's why I dare not really ask him out for mahjong haha. Prolly when his exams end we will meet up for mahjong again man...haha it's been long since we met up.


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