Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Korean dramas attract consumers

Drove Daddy's car and we went out for lunch together as I had the day off from work. We went to Ho Kee@Geylang Lorong 27 to eat. The Tim Sum there is just heavenly and I gotta say it's my favorite hangout for Tim Sum so far (I think this is really one of the best in Singapore). If you ever go there the fried seafood ball is a MUST TRY. Anyways, it was money well spent.

Headed over to Bedok Reservoir where I gave tuition to my new tutee, Guo Xiang. Hez an extremely hyperactive kid whose PSLE is just around the corner. That's why his mum requested me to tutor him 3 times a week. The pay is not fantastic but it's not bad either that's why I decided to take this assignment. I will probably take this as a challenge coz his results are horrendously poor. Extremely lazy boy, but well..I will just take things as it comes.

From there I headed over to Ubi to attend my driving lesson after a rather long abscence of 1 week. Reached pretty early so I decided to have a cup of coffee to keep myself awake and alert. What a coincidence it was as I met Amanda and also Moses a while later at the driving centre. I chatted with Amanda for a short while and she told me her test was tomorrow. Haha. Wish her all the best for tomorrow's test and hope her tester will be more lenient since it's already her 2nd attempt haha. She probably got to know me better coz she didn't remember my name before today. Haha just had to tell her I am the guy moving to Registry and she recalled. Anyways, was nice talking to her. Moses came too and it was really so coincidental..Later I had the session with beng-looking Vincent once more and thankfully he cleared my Module Two today so that I was able to book my practical test date. It is now official, 2nd Nov. Please wish me luck cos I think lots of it HAHA.

I have been following the Korean Show recently aired on Channel U at 10pm every Monday and Tuesday. It's a great show and I am just glued to it. I lurve the character playing the young Han Jingshu cos I think shez really pretty for her age..I feel so sad everytime she gets bullied by the disgusting Han Youli and also the horrible mum. They make me so angry everytime I watch the show. So the question is, what makes Korean dramas so successful? Answer? MAKE YOUR SHOW FREAKING SAD. Yes you and I gotta admit it Korean shows are dominating Asia right now with their melodramatic plots, and although we know their plots are so amazingly unrealistic, we still love to watch them. Because they make you bloody emotional. Oh yes it's true. Just look at the overwhelming amount of brainless Bae Yong Jun fans in Taiwan and you will know why Korean dramas are so successful. I hate to admit this, but I think that I am beginning to get infected by the K-WAVE and I even plan to borrow some Korean dramas from Calvin to watch haha. Anwyay, I must emphasize that the young Han Jingshu is really pretty! heh..

Isn't she pretty? Park Sin Hye is her real name, acting as the young Han Jingshu in Stairway To Heaven.


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