Friday, August 19, 2005

Project Superstar

I don't wanna watch the Grand Final of Project Superstar anymore.

Kelvin Tan Wei Lian got into the Grand Final at the expense of Hong Junyang? I was always so confident Junyang will definitely ease through to the final but Kelvin's fan base proved to be ever so powerful. Dun get me wrong. I am not looking down on Kelvin because of his physical disability. He sings great and I have to adnmit it, but to be a superstar, I seriously doubt he has what it takes...In my personal opinion I think he is far from fufilling the qualties of a superstar (if that is what they are looking for, of course). I hate to say this, I don't hate him, but I gotta say that I think at least 65% of his votes were based purely on sympathy. Well, yeah coming to think of it, I really feel so sorry for Junyang. I thought he really deserved to reach the final. Oh wells..all I have to say is..if Kelvin gets the honour of being named the Superstar, the show would have failed coz there is no way Kelvin can be groomed to become a Superstar I feel. Kelvin will NEVER be as successful as Taufik.

On the other hand, I was relieved Kelly got into the Grand Final, although I have to agree that Xinhui was a much better performer amongst the pair that night. I'm pretty impressed with Xinhui coz I really hated her the first few rounds for she was so lousy. But she really made the effort to improve and it's there for everyone to see. She just keeps improving and has even surpassed the likes of Kelly. Now that is one thing that I have to respect her for.

I don't really care who wins Project Superstar now coz I thought the deserving winner should have been Junyang. Bleah.

So looking forward to another week of Premiership football...

live on ESPN, Sat 10pm

I really hope they put Cisse on for a full 90 minutes coz I believe he is our main goal-getter. So Rafa PLEASE stop playing Cisse on the right wing. I don't like it and I don't think he likes it either.


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