Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lenard the busted ORDs

All the best in whatever you do Lenard. Thanks for the chicken rice treat yesterday. I am sure the whole of OSC will miss you and do come back and visit if you have the time. =)

Yesterday Ngai Han fetched me, Shuan and Amanda out of camp so that we didn't have to waste time waiting for bus 94. Got the chance to chat with Amanda in Ngai Han's car. It was actually my first time chatting with her, and shez rather a nice lady to talk to I have to say. To think last time I thought she was towards the 'introvert' region. Oh by the way, Amanda is just one of the regulars workin in my camp. Pretty? Oh sure...shez pleasant looking, in fact the only one in camp. Haha. The one question I really want to ask her next time if I have the chance to (Oh I'm sure I will coz I will still be caged there till the end of next year) is.."Amanda, why did you choose to work in the SAF? Surely there are better job prospects waiting for you outside the SAF?"

Go check out Straits Times 23th Jul 'SPORTS' section. A wonderful peekture of Michelle Wie. Gonna cut it out later after my family finishes reading the papers. :)


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