Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A tall freak for 7 million pounds?

Yes, that's right. Peter Crouch is coming to Liverpool. I don't know if this will be a good signing or not. Hopefully Rafael Benitez knows what he is doing. Seriously I don't mind him as an option upfront but to buy him over from Southampton for 7 million pounds?? I think that is crazy. Given that money if I were manager of Liverpool I could have got a more established striker, maybe Sydney Govou from Lyon. But I am sure Benitez has his reasons for putting this beanpole on top of his wish list. Maybe the fact that he is good in the air? I have no idea, but I will need plenty of convincing for me to feel that hez a good acquisition for the club. With him arriving at Anfield, it might be a good thing too, this opens the door for Milan 'misfiring' Baros to leave..haha. More signings pleaseee..Rafa! Haha..

I had a new tuition assignment yesterday and it was around the Katong area near Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice. It was a China student who seriously needed some help in studies. He had no fuckin notes or textbook to start with, luckily he had an old Chem textbook that his friend passed down to him, and I was relieved I was able use that to guide him, if not, I really wouldn't have known how to tutor him. His English is bad, and he told me that most of the questions asked he didn't have any fuckin idea what they were talking about. So I guided him along and went throught 2 Chem papers with him. Well, if it weren't for the good pay packet, I guess I wouldn't have wanted to follow up. Haha wadever. Anyways I am ending my association with Zavier like next week so I guess I will have sufficient time for him. Heh. Well, at least he gave me the impression that he was willing to catch up with his studies for the sake of his 'O' Levels after so honestly telling me that he fuckin slacked throughout the year without really giving a damn about Chemistry..haha..I guess I should try to help him to the best of my abilities..

Had an interesting encounter while travelling to work this morning on the MRT..
The person sitting on my right had perfume on which smelt like bananas. Serious. Haha.


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