Sunday, July 10, 2005

The beautiful game of Mahjong

Well, playing Mahjong really requires experience, and simply lots of luck.

Lost $35 yesterday playing Mahjong with Jia Hao, Tian Hao and Calvin at my place. Luck was just simply not on my side. Everytime I had nice tiles I thought I would game, but everytime someone had to thwart my plans by gaming first. Pure unlucky yesterday, and considering that it was at my place I thought it was fuck shitty to lose hell lots of money. I throwed out tiles that I felt was totally safe to, but somehow someone had to pounce and game. Think I only gamed like 3 times for the whole of yesterday's session.

Perhaps I need more exposure to the different ways people play, cos Jia Hao and Calvin were really masters in Mahjong, knowing how to guard their opponents from gaming. They told me I had an ultra-attacking mindset and tend to lose my guard on other players. Guess I still have much to learn, especially the 'gurading' area which I really need improving on. The whole day I sat on Calvin's and Jia Hao's right respectively, and they fed me shit tiles all the way through. So the tiles were definitely not coming my way and it was really tough to game. How I wish I sat on Tian Hao's right, well at least I think he could have fed me better tiles haha.

And to round up a stupid Saturday. I failed my Final Theory. It totally sucked. Now I have to wait a month before I can do a retake. I thought I was kinda unlucky coz I got a seriously tough set of questions. Perhaps I need to go for more practical lessons to gain real-time knowledge of the theory, so that I can grasp the facts better. After all, prior to the test I only had one practical lesson. The next time I go for the test, I did better pass. I won't wanna fuckin fail again and drag this shit on and on and on. I just wanna clear this obstacle fast so that I can book the practical test date without any hindrance.

Really sucky mood.


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