Monday, July 04, 2005

Zoe Tay's believe it or not

starring Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning

Watched it with mommy yesterday at Tampines Mall, and I thought the show was quite bad. Maybe Spielberg should just stop directing movies. Maybe he is past his prime already, and things just doesn't work for him anymore. The much anticipated Spielberg-Cruise combination was such a turn off. Okay, fair enough, Cruise was again ever so good in his acting, but I must say that I am rather impressed with co-star Dakota Fanning, who acted as 10-year old Rachel in the show. Very pretty for her age I feel, and oh my god she can become the next Emma Watson. Haha imagine her acting as Hermoine in the 5th installment of Harry Potter!! Haha. But Emma Watson is still my favourite kid in the movies. Stunning beautiful...and just..almost perfect. Back to my point about the show, yeah, its bad. The beginning was cool, with aliens roaming about the town destroying everything in its way. But I thought the ending was pure sucky. I don't wanna be a spoiler, but its quite absurd. At the beginning of the show there were like 10+ aliens wondering about, and in the end they only showed how they killed 2 pathetic aliens. Its just bad i think. It ends just like that? I shan't say further....just watch it yourselves...some blockbuster my ass..

3/5 [Not the best of shows, I gave 0.5 more because I like Dakota Fanning..haha]

starring Mediacorp Celebs

Well I liked the Tay Ping Hui-Ann Kok stunt the most. Haha that was no fake definitely. I liked the idea and I thought the task of Ann Kok throwing a strawberry towards Ping Hui for his mouth-held short sword to pierce was very difficult. Good job anyway, cos you did it in the end.

The one stunt I was truly amazed was the last one unsurprisingly, featuring Zoe Tay. Hoping to convince the audience to call in she posed off as the 'Gambling Queen', in which she rolled several dices in an opaque cylinder(you see those in casinos) and tried to make the dices stack up in a straight line. She did it, but was it real? I seriously thought there was a trick to do it, like maybe there was something being done to the dices when she is shaking it in the cylinder...but how? Time and time again she made it look so easy to perform. I really dunno if its real..If it is I really want to learn also haha! But if it is fake I will be truly disappointed...Up till now I am still fucking figuring it how it is possible to just shake a few dices in a container and make it all stand up in a straight line...its so cool rite.

Well...Zoe Tay's stunt....
bluff or real?
You decide..

starring Andy Roddick and Roger Federer

Needless for me to say, Federer won. His 3rd consecutive title at Wimbledon. How the hell do you beat him? Such a complete player...hez gonna become a true legend of tennis one day...up there with the likes of Sampras and Agassi. Even Roddick said it himself that he is nowhere near Federer's league...but he will keep trying. His record against Federer says it all. 10 meetings between them, Federer won 9 of them.

Here is Roger Federer for you.


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