Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1900 112 ????

Be it NKF cancer shows, President's Star Charity, or even Ren Ci charity shows. Don't you think charity organisations in Singapore are trying too hard? In my opinion I think there seems to be too many charity shows being held in a year. Which explains why people are so unwilling to donate nowadays. And year after year these organisations becoming more 'demanding'. I understand organisations are eager to help raise money, but i think they ought to understand the donor's point of view. Donors are doing what they do because their hearts go out to all the unfortunate, but being increasingly 'demanding' only serves to irritate donors. My opinion is that a limit has to be set. A majority of the donors aren't rich to start with, which means they have their own financial woes to deal with. To ask for 1 or 2 calls should be fine, but 8 calls!?!?? Thats totally absurd.

I remember... 5 years back they had only 1 hotline: 1900 112 6868 thats for a $5 donation. 3 years back, I think they added two more hotlines. Now you can call 6868(1 call for $5), 6833(that's 3 calls) and 6855(now that's 5). And now they outstandingly added a fourth hotline, for 8 calls...1900 112 6888. But what annoys me and I think everyone is the fact how they try to mislead you during the shows. They show one hotline on the TV screen only(8 calls), leading people to believe that is the number to call if you want to make a $5 donation, when you are actually calling to donate $50 if you blindly follow the numbers to call on the TV screen. Well, that, was what happened to 2 of my silly friends who got 'conned' by NKF. A true intention to donate 5 bucks to the organisation, and in the end they paid 10 times the amount. When the bills came they were so shocked to see the amount being charged to their accounts! Today I am blogging about this in light of the NKF cancer shows that they are currently airing these few weeks.

Well..the main point I am trying to convey is: We want to donate. We know the misery that the unfortunate have to face in their lives. But during charity shows we shouldn't be misleaded to call a specific hotline. That's just not right. They should show all 4 hotlines CLEARLY on the TV screen and that is just fair to us.

Besides, if you are really keen on donating, charity shows should not serve as an incentive for you to make your donations. True charity comes from the heart right?

I chanced upon an article in the New Paper which was titled: 'NKF chief executive earns 25K a month'. I guess the title says it all right. Do i need to explain?


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