Friday, June 24, 2005

Michelle Wie is my favourite women golfer

It's official.

I will be studying in NTU business sch. My appeal was successful. I guess business is the most suitable course for me, most importantly because I am interested in it. Its tough to say whether it is the right choice, certain people have been advising me to take accounting instead cos its a 'safer' degree, but what's done is done, since I opted for business I guess I should make the best out of it. I know I can make it right. Study good, study well, study smart in university next time and it shouldn't be a problem. I will always remember what someone said..

Whatever you do, as long as you really like it you are bound to be successful in some point of your career..

Was watching US Womens Open Championships 2005 just now..

I am so falling in love with 15-year old Michelle Wie. So pretty, so beautiful. And especially when she hits the ball, her posture is so elegant.

How can you not like her?

I am going to watch NBA Finals Game 7 now..
Go go Detroit Pistons!!


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